Monday’s Marsupial Madness

Easter ParadeDay 10 of Leo’s Job Held Hostage and I forgot to take off my Easter Bonnet.
Galileo was convicted of heresy on this day in 1633 because he insisted that the Earth revolved around the Sun. He spent the rest of his life under house arrest. The Civil War began when Fort Sumter was fired upon on this day in 1861. One hundred years later Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space. Harvard received the first genetic patent in 1988 for a mouse. It’s the 10th anniversary of the first widespread spam campaign by immigration law firm Canter & Siegel.

  1. That Mac OS X trojan I told you about Friday turns out to be somewhat bogus. The trojan exists, yes, but not in the wild. And it can’t be easily spread. Nevertheless Intego and Symantec have updated their virus definitions to protect against MP3Concept. Guess it gives them something to do. Macfixit has a folder action that can protect you, too.
  2. Chip maker AMD has settled with former chip manufacturer Intergraph for up to $25 million over the next four years. Intergraph claims key chip making patents. It won a suit last year for $225 million from Intel.
  3. Microsoft also settled a patent lawsuit today, paying $440 million to InterTrust Technologies to license its patent for digital rights management tools.
  4. Today’s the last day to comment on the FBI’s proposal to make it easier to wiretap broadband communications. As the use of the Internet for telephone calls (VoIP) soars, the FBI is worried it won’t be able to tap into those calls. Privacy advocates and Internet engineers say the proposal is a bad idea.

    Sony Airboard

  5. Sony is planning to introduce a wireless LCD TV that can be controlled via the Internet in October. Dubbed “Location Free” in the US, the TV is already being sold in Japan as the “Airboard.” The LA Times quotes Woz who says, “I loved my early Airboard. It was certainly impressive to … walk around watching TV. I would never have thought of that.”

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45 Replies to “Monday’s Marsupial Madness”

  1. I love how they’re still saying Leo is ‘vacationing’ or whatever on Call for Help. And man, is that painful to watch without Leo or what!?!

  2. Cheer up leo, dont look so bummed.,.,.. look how many FANS are kicking and screaming right now cause they cant see you on these days, we all await your return!

  3. Sounds to me like Vulcan Ventures realizes that they screwed the pooch on this one, and is working to get Leo back. Best of luck Leo! FWIW, I haven’t watch anything on TechTV but X Play since Leo announced that he left.

  4. I wonder if Leo would even return to TechTV? The way he was treated by the owner. I would love to see nothing more than Leo return to Call for Help or the Screen savers!

  5. Hey Leo, here’s the text of a comment that I just sent to Tech TV. You never know, one more voice in the cosmic fugue (to borrow a line from Carl Sagan) might make a difference…
    Leo being let go is simply unbelievable. He was the show, he was Tech TV and I simply won’t watch it without him. Bring him back, pay him what he wants and you will continue to grow as a network – simple as that. A new struggling network has to have an identity and Tech TV’s was Leo Laporte.

  6. Leo,
    My heart is with you & I feel strongly that you will return to TV. I miss you on TechTV & I’m grateful for your show on KFI. You’re the best!
    Hang in there,

  7. When the ratings come back and they see how the show has dropped, they’ll know that Leo is one of the driving forces behind T.TV. I still have a dream and I’m gonna stick to it.

  8. Got a survey in my email from Tech TV guess what I complained about in the comments section???? Probably will fall on deaf ears though,but I tried.

  9. miss ya leo… don’t let this nonsense get ya down…. keep fighting the good fight and we’ll hopefully get ya back on the tele soon 🙂

  10. Never let then see you sweat baby. Jump on a plane and start making the rounds. They’ll make a counter offer to buy the shares at a low percentage. It’s not about you, it’s the other shares they gave as incentitives. Has Micky, Erica, and John held on to shares,or did they cash out cheap? Could be a lot of cash if you can prove a profit.

  11. What is it all about? They keep referring to “filling in for Leo Laporte” on Call for Help. Definitely all of TechTV is less than it was with Leo.

  12. Leo:
    I have a feelign that you are on your way back. There are way to many of us TechTV addicts….scatch that…..make that Leo Lapote Addicts…that have made our voices heard to the powers that be. I have not….and will not…watch TechTV until I read in your blog that you have returned to the air. Keep a stiff upper lip Leo…we are all behind you 100%.

  13. Isn’t it illegal for TechTV to promote you as still being the host “on vacation” etc. if you no longer work for the company? You shouldn’t let them use your name and image to promote new shows, only repeats. Also it seems based on your Day 10 – Job held “Hostage” comment that there is still negotiations to get you back before Comcast takes over?
    I of course hope for a return of Leo to TechTV because as we all know… Leo IS TechTV.

  14. Leo,
    You already know this story, but I am telling it any way.
    Remember when I went to NYC to see Alan Rickman? He performed the matinee and then came outside on the street IN THE RAIN to sign autographs, he clearly had a cold, which I couldn’t tell from his performance, … anyway when he came up to me to sign my Playbill I thanked him for performing the matinee with a cold and then also coming out in the rain to sign autographs… and as he was smiling and signing I mentioned that the day before I had lost my job of 19 years and he looked up shocked and amazed, and then he told me I was going to have a “whole new life.” That really cheered me up. And it wasn’t entirely true, but I did go buy a leather couch…. so it feels like a whole new life. :^)
    You’re going to have a whole new life Leo, enjoy every second of it!

  15. Simply put: We miss you Leo and hope things get straightened out soon. I loved hearing your voice and how you never made me feel dumb about computers and programs. I knew if you were explaining it, I would be able to understand.
    We Love and miss ya:)
    Mrs. Roger Dotson

  16. Hang in there Leo. It feels like those pointy hairs are acting like a bunch of ducks. Trying to remain calm on the surface and paddlin’ like a *beep* under the surface trying to cover their mistake. I read someone else’s comment about going to Disney for a show with a big budget. I second and third the nomination!! Both TSS and CFH have been very painful to watch without you.
    Basically, I think, basically, that TSS basically, now is like basically, a rehashed basically, version of a basically, two month old Maxium PC now, basically. Somebody please buy Patrick a dictionary or a thesaurus!
    Personally, I’d be fuming with their use of your name trying to cover up what they pulled.
    We are with you dude!
    Ask that radio station to PLEASE get a better interface for the internet. I never could get the feed. And one of their suggestions “turn off your anti-virus.” ??? What are they thinking?

  17. Leo, I think we were separated at birth. I am not a morning person, either. The do-rag thing, though…hmmm…

  18. Leo, I have to tell you that you made the personal confuser come into focus like no one else. I enjoyed learning everything you could spit out about them. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have cut the umbilical cord to my super geek friends that made my computer sing. Thanks to you I now get the calls from friends. You made learning fun and you are great to watch. Your energy and spunk are infectious.
    I would not have been a viewer for the past five years if you were not hosting the show. I won’t be a viewer for the next number of years if you are not helming the ship.
    I believe you are the one who can best interview the guests as you are one of the only people to have lived through the infancy of the mass consumer market for computers. This brings a unique insight and point of view that someone younger cannot possess. I believe the guests respect you as much as you respect them. Your experience and intelligence are always evident. I know the guests and the audience can pick up on these things. You are like a professional boxer in your field, you can trade punches with the best of them and dance around most opponents.
    Hope to see you back soon.

  19. Hey Leo,
    Cheer up dude you look so down. I miss you on TechTV, CFH and TSS. I quit watching CFH until you are host again. I still watch the Screen Savers tho, I only watch it for Sarah Lane, I dont even pay attention to Patrick and Kevin. I hope you return soon and you have more support than George Dubbya right now.

  20. My sister loved your 2004 technology almanac. I also got a copy for myself.
    That wireless tv looks cool. Now they just need to deploy ultra-wide band 🙂
    Hang in there,

  21. It’s all a marketing ploy. Leo is just on vacation and they figured they’d “fire” him to get more ratings. I’ve seen it all before. Remember Tupac’s so-called “death.” He’s living in my basement kids! Biggie Smalls too. We actually just finished making frozen margaritas while getting drunk to TechTV! We all take a sip everytime the Notorious R-O-G says “ummm.” Oh, by the way Leo, if you see Rog, tell him Biggie wants him to cease and desist from using the “Notorious” nickname. Oh and before you all start flaming me, I love Rog and his ummms. And with Tupac and Biggie in my basement I doubt any of you will be flaming me.

  22. To put it simply, TechTV is definitely less enjoyable without Leo. Hope to see you back there again sometime.

  23. So instead of watching TT every night, now I’ll come here and see what Leo has to say. Seems to me somebody just might notice the amount of viewers disappearing. Like digital TV really needs that! Hey, now I can catch Leo HERE every day and go back to watching what I was watching before I discovered TT. It’s not that I don’t like the other people there, it’s just that I don’t like dirty employer tactics. Hang in there Leo, what goes around…

  24. Leo.
    You are Tech TV’s Figurehead!!
    I am deeply saddened that those monkeys have not realised the error in their ways. Give them time though. Monkeys need to be trained, maybe if we send some bananas we can distract them enough to get you back on our screens. I have faith that you’ll be back flirting with Cat and dancing around like a loon soon.
    By the way, is it me or is Patrick Norton often rude and condescending to callers??
    Go Leo!!

  25. Don’t look so sad Leo, I am sure it is only a matter of time before the powers that be realise that TechTV needs you as much as the food channel needs food, or the sports channel needs balls of sizes. And if they don’t I am sure Comcast will.
    Oh, I ordered your book in! I can’t wait to get it! I looks excellent!

  26. is there a website up yet organizing efforts? I recall something like that when Leo up Late got the hit.
    Just tell me how I can help.

  27. Hi Leo,
    I don’t know if I am off base here but I just watched todays CFH and the last thing Cat said was “heeeeees back!” I hope she’s talking about your return to TTV. It’s been a difficult couple of weeks as a viewer and I’m sure a much more emotional rollercoaster for you. The posts, petitions and letters must make you feel somewhat better, but we want you back where you belong.
    Yeah baby….oh please let it be so…
    Be seein ya I hope,
    Friend in Manitoba, Canada

  28. oh my leo….i miss you greatly!!!!…..screen savers, and call for help…well is just lame without you….and thats putting it very very very nicely….nobody can replace you, i’ve given feedback on techtv’s site…i want you on air asap!!!!…i work 10 hrs everyday, and when i get home and watch some tv tivo style…you bring me some joy and comfort in my day….you are priceless in my book!!

  29. Chris Pirillo let it out in Lockergnome’s Windows Daily he’s hosting a few shows this week. (yeah I know somebody mentioned it already) and at the end of CFH today Cat and Rog were all beating around the bush on him hosting. a combination of the bad (early) time slot, at least for me, and him hosting turned me off the show. Though I did watch his Call-For-Helpathon.
    I Started watching again when you came back, when I could, especially with the new time. Had to get my Leo fix what with you being off TSS and all. I was sad to see you leave like everyone else. and if Vulcan can’t clean their mess up, hopefully Comcast can. Unless they plan to really screw things up, which will be so much worse. But I have my hopes, you have to now a days. Good Luck Leo, and even if you don’t return to Tech TV good luck to everybody thats left.
    Hey if comcast can get you back, will you bring John C. Dvorak back with you? perhaps the two of you could get another show together… yeah, that would be awesome.

  30. i tried to watch the shows without you ,but it just isn’tthe same.the casts from both shows seem to miss you too,everyone seems to be trying so hard to act like nothing happened.i think they miss you also.hang in there leo we’ll all see you back on tv have a lot of talent a lot of fans we all miss you.

  31. Hey Leo,
    Just wanted to say what a stupid mistake it was for them to drop you. You are, and always will be the TechTV mascot, to those of us that have watched for so long. Hope that Comcast brings you back.
    Hope to see ya soon,
    Trenton 🙂

  32. Leo,
    I would like to think you are reading this drivel (-:
    Seriously, make optimum use of your time off. You have been busy entertaining and informing us for years. Surely there are a great many things you would like to do that you haven’t had time to do.
    Faster than you can shake a Quake, your opportunity to focus on “pet” projects will go away.
    Leo, you rock! You are the eqivalent of a Geek Rock Star. Don’t even think about being down about this brief pause in your schedule. I hope to meet you some day. Perhaps your schedule will bring you through Oklahoma some day…..

  33. TPTB at Vulcan are not only idiots for trying to force you into caving into their demands, they also appear to be cowards for not owning up to their miserly, underhanded tactics. How dumb do they think the CFH audience is? Do they really think the majority of the audience is buying the “filling in for Leo” company line? You’ve always taught us it’s not our fault well this one time it is their fault! Hang tough Leo, not only are your fans faithful, even going through serious Leo withdrawal, we can we can patiently await your return to our livingrooms on your terms.

  34. Leo, Miss you… It’s also sobering to realize that the Catholic Church did not rescind its condemnation of Gallileo’s discoveries until 1992! TECHNICALLY, if a person were to say in 1991 that the Earth revolved around the Sun in an elliptical orbit, he/she would be guilty of heresy. (I’ll bet you didn’t expect the Spanish Inquisition!) Hang in there Ãœbergeek!

  35. Just not the same,after a few of the shows -Leo,stopped watching,the shows look forced now,hope you get back or get a new show on diff chnl

  36. I watch the Canadian Tech TV up here n Calgary, Alberta Canada and I was upset when I did not see your smiling face on CFH or SS. I find that you are the most professional of the hosts on Tech TV and I am disappointed, but not surprised that the current owners are trying to screw you over. I hope that ComCast realizes the error of Vulcan’s ways and decides that their behaviour was “illogical” (It was dying to be said).
    Hope to see you up here in Calgary one of these days.

  37. Leo, I know that you have urged us to watch THE SCREENSAVERS but it is just not the same. Your smiling face, funny comments mixed with your unique style of teaching hold you close to our hearts. You and Patrick are a winning combination for The Screensavers show. Your CALL FOR HELP show just can not be the same.
    I can not imagine that this will go on for very long and hopefully you will be back soon or better yet a show will be created just for you. I send my best to you and your family and will keep you in my prayers.
    Jo An

  38. Leo,
    I have been watching you for years now, your a great guy and you know what your talking about. Do what you feel is best for you and your family. Even though it’s strange to watch TechTV w/o you, I hope you feel that you made the right choice in your heart. Do what makes you happy…

  39. Leo,
    I sure miss seeing you on either CFH or TSS. These shows seem like they are missing the glue which made them a great source for tech tips and information. As you stated in your blog I hope to see you soon on the old picture box. I hope is sooner not later.
    I was wondering have you ever thought of starting a web base CFH site in which you can answer tech questions at will and place links to other informative sites?(Like Maybe even Broadcast live shows like Waynes World via the net instead of the tube box. These are just some of my ideas I thought I would share with ya, maybe you can use them to keep your sanity.

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