Friday Frights

Happy Peeps Day!News is next.
It’s the 50th Anniversary of the first mechanized Peeps machine. But what happens when Peeps grow up? Subservient chickens!

Lee surrenders at Appomattox Courthouse on this day in 1865. The first issue of TV Guide hit the newsstands in 1963. The press conference, immortalized in The Right Stuff, introducing the Mercury astronauts, occurred in 1959. The first Boeing 737 came off the assembly line in 1967. The Beatles split in 1970.

  1. The Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) has announced a serious security flaw in Internet Explorer. Any program that uses the WebBrowser ActiveX control or the IE HTML rendering engine may be affected by this vulnerability – that includes Outlook and Outlook Express – in other words, once again, you can catch a virus just by previewing an HTML email message. There is no patch as yet, and exploits have already been seen in the wild.
  2. Did you buy anything online this year? Even if the site didn’t collect state sales tax, you owe it. California and New York are adding lines to their state tax forms this year asking for additional “use tax,” joining 17 other states that already do so. Leaving it blank could trigger an audit; lying could risk prosecution for tax fraud.

    Groovy mice

  3. How do you get people to buy new optical mice? Do what Detroit does: change the models every year. Microsoft has announced three special-edition mice, groovy, immersion, and night vision, and is soliciting more designs on its web site. Next year: fins!

  4. RCA has designed a DVD player that censors the naughty bits in movies. Wal-Mart will sell it for $79. Movie makers are suing, saying such devices injure their artistic integrity.
  5. Nvidia’s new nForce 250Gb chipset for the Athlon 64 has a built-in hardware-accelerated firewall and on-chip gigabit Ethernet. The chipset rocks on Quake III Arena.

    Tune in Saturday and Sunday for all the tech news and answers to your technology questions, KFI 640 AM in Los Angeles.

20 Replies to “Friday Frights”

  1. “The first issue of TV Guide hit the newsstands in 1963.”
    Err…shouldn’t that be 1953??? 😉

  2. I still see you on TechTV, did you settle or did they? Or are they just using old shows? Best………………….

  3. they are repeats. techtv is still apparently holding out hope they can reach an agreement with leo based on comments on their message boards as well as the “filling in for leo laporte” intros on CFH new episodes. however it appears leo has given up hope to settle until Comcast takes over in the next 30-60 days.

  4. I see that Chris Pirillo is gonna guest host the show for two episodes from what I read on his blog… He also seems to hold out hope for Leo returning too…

  5. It’s true Chris Pirillo will be in studio Monday to tape two new episodes that will air on Wednesday and Thursday! It will be great to see the little guy back on the small screen.

  6. Hi Leo!
    I just wanted to say that I really hope you come back to the screensavers. I really like that show, and I just don’t think it would be the same without you there. I was also upset when Sumi Das left, but at least that was her choice entirely and not due to the old owner’s greed.

  7. Quote: Next year: fins!
    I was thinking more along the lines of lots of chrome OR the bigger is better theology that seems to be inundating Detroit these days….

  8. Can someone help me? I want my Leo fix and I’m in Canada so I want to listen the live radio during his show…but I’m in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, so what time does it come on in Toronto-time?

  9. We’re all sure you’ll be back Leo. You might as well make the best of the time your off. How about a Mac book? I’ve even got a title for you. Mac by Osmosis. The few Mac books I’ve purchased all seem to have one flaw. The basic essentials you need to begin with are buried in the book. It’s just a thought. Anyway have fun on your vacation and hurry back soon!

  10. Since you are out of TechTv, what are you doing now Leo? Any chance we(malaysia)’ll be seeing you in TV again? ~

  11. People in high places have the tendency to respond to the masses. A one week boycott to Tech TV might get the message of how much we want Leo back. I’m in the middle of my taxes now. This would have been an excellent time.

  12. Does anyone remember the show with Leo and Sarah where he said her boots were made from peeps…that was funny….so here goes my attempt at humor..(L L L L Leo and the peeps……) Elton Johns Benny and the

  13. Leo, I didn’t think I’d become so philosophical, but, as they say, “When one door closes, another one opens!”. I know this will certainly qualify me as a geek, but I used to have two 12 foot C-Band Dishes and would regularly check the ZDTV (predecessor to TechTV) transponder just to see if anything was being shown, even before they went on the air! TechTV won’t be the same wtihout you, Leo. One day, one of the execs at TechTV or their successor, will wake up and say, “What the hell did I do?!!”. Best Wishes.

  14. Hi Leo
    Well, I guess I must have been living under a rock these past two weeks. I just found out today while at lunch that Leo has left TechTV. I know you have been gone but figured you were on vacation or something. I like the others hope you return to TechTV “Your Home away from Home”.
    We miss you Leo!!!!!!
    Jack A. Powers
    Chattanooga, OK
    Unique Photo’s

  15. I feel like a complete moron. I talked about one of those news pieces in my blog and the stupid trackback pinged you three times Leo! Sorry about that, I didn’t realize it pinged on each edit as well.

  16. Leo, I got back from vacation, turned on the screensavers, and there was no Leo. I couldn’t find out what had happened. You were not even on the new, snappy, show leadin. Its great to hear that you will be back. What were they thinking?? Didn’t they realize us older (65+) folks watch techtv also. Both of us 😉

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