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  1. After all Leo, you are ‘da man to so many of us.
    Keep fighting the good fight!
    We’ll continue to keep an ear on the radio shows and an eye out for you on the televison horizon.

  2. I had to stop watching the show with my girlfriend. She kept saying how funny you are and I should be funnier. 😉

  3. Leo your a good man you will be missed. thank you for teaching me how to use my computer.

  4. Leo, I sent a message to TechTV via their website and told them what I thought about you no longer being there. I told them they should beg you to come back because without you, it’s just not the same. Good luck with everything.

  5. This is truly a sad time for all of us “geeks” n “nerds” 🙁 Thank You Mr. Laporte for doing all that you have done. I hope that Tech Tv will realize the huge mistake they have made. Thanks for all the memories, laughs, and all the great info! Nobody did it better. I’m gonna miss you Leo. I wish you nothing but success in all that you do, and I will be keeping up with you EVERY DAY on Leoville & The Laporte Report.
    A Fellow Geek,

  6. I’m with Vicki! That girl is going to have to stand in one heck of a long line and she better not try to cut! 🙂

  7. Leo: Thank you for wonderful shows, please keep us all posted on an upcoming events where we can watch you in the future. Good Luck, hope I dont have to say will miss you, instead will say looking forward to seeing more good shows.. DABXFB

  8. TechTV just won’t be the same without you, Leo. You were always the Unix guy, making sure to point out whenever things work on “Windows, Mac AND Linux”… It was a bit weird though when you got all excited about this “Ultimate Paint” graphics program when The Gimp 2.0 was just released…
    Is it possible to get your radio show online?

  9. “My brain is hung like a horse”? I am suffering from the lack of “Leo fixes”, so I am not entirely sure of the concept of anything, but does that mean that you whinny while you think?

  10. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!………. LEO YOU CANY LEAVE! Well if you must Comcast or whatever they are better try and get you back 😉

  11. Hey Nathan, your blog looks similar to another blog that I have seen someplace else. I can’t quite place it though. Where did you come up the idea for it?

  12. Leo- you are missed!!! It’s the combination of being funny and very interested in all aspects of tech that drew me and then my family into watching Tech TV. Has anyone suggested a mass e-mail campaign to Comcast to get you back? I want to know who to send it to so I can get the most impact. Hope to see you back on Tech TV soon…

  13. Oh man, tell me this isn’t true! I’m sad, Leo, sad! Back in the good old days (i.e., two years ago) when I had access to Tech TV, “The Screensavers” was my favorite show. I think Scott’s description of “a security blanket” is a good assessment. It was fun, funny, educational, a joy to watch — even though I’ve been a professional in the software industry for seven years, I still learned something! Your rapport with everyone on the set was what made it for me, honestly.
    And now, just as I’m about to get Tech TV again, I find out you’re leaving the show?! Devastating!
    Well, good luck, and I hope your future takes you where you want to go! Thanks for all the good times!

  14. If you were real fans you would rent some buses, print up placards and picket Vulcan corporate head quarters. Call Michael Moore so he can have a camera there. He could get in a VP’s face and ask, “Well if the shares are worthless, how come it’s so important to give them back?” Somebody photoshop a picture of Leo wearing a old pickle barrel for the placards. Get organized people! Write some slogans and chants: “If Leo goes, then G4 Blows”. Call the FCC, SEC, FAA, and RSPCP!
    Leo, darling have you signed with an agency yet, just on the off case this plan don’t work?

  15. TechTV just won’t be the same without you
    thank you for teaching me how to use my personal Confuser i’m gonna miss you Leo I wish you nothing but success

  16. Oh yeah, tis true, tis true. I know a ton of women who feel that way. Just ask my jealious husband.

  17. Wait, on second thought, don’t ask him. It will just remind him. Since we haven’t been watching TechTV this week, he may he may have forgotten. 😉

  18. somebody tell patrick to wear all kilts all the time to make up for leo… i need to have a crush on somebody and patrick can only conquer… okay. i’m gonna stop now cause although the sentence was totally innocent, it didn’t come out sounding that way.

  19. Man, this is crazy. I was just about to get cable installed too! techtv is about the only good cable channel over here in New Zealand. Call For Help and The Screen Savers are the best shows – if only more people watched them maybe i wouldn’t get so many calls to fix peoples problems! Leo is a legend. I couldn’t imagine a better host for the show. crazy. anyways, good luck with future ventures buddy. Cheers

  20. Ooh, Leo – you studmuffin! There are kids who idolize that Timberlake guy, but we love Leo. What more can we say? =)

  21. You tell her Miss Daisy, she’s in line behind us, lol!!! We saw him first!
    I wonder how come she didn’t mention his cute butt?????

  22. I will miss you on the screensavers.
    I hope you get back on a TV show someday. I’ll be waiting.

  23. I don’t know what to do!?!
    I have so much to thank LEO for. I have been watching my “geek show”, as my wife and kids call, it since the ZDTV days. How much that little show means to me became very apparent five years ago when I became inflicted with a life threatening condition. It’ has been really tough to deal with some days. Because I had to leave my position as an engineer at a large Telco, I have a lot of time left over. Some days it’s just too much to face another day’s pain or the sleepless nights. I have gotten through many of those times due to the love of my family and because I was looking forward to seeing Leo on TSS or CFH. His soft voice, warm smile and genuine laughter have helped me to escape for a while. Look forward to the next day’s show, “Tomorrow we’ll speak to FCC Chairman…..” It’s strange but, Leo has helped me as much as some of the doctors or drugs. I have been trying to figure out how to get TVTech to change their minds or even reach them to express my feeling and tell them that TechTV is no longer a fixture on my Tivo or my life.
    I don’t know what to do!?!
    But today my physical pain is that much harder to cope with.
    Thanks bean-counters, junior execs and Mr. Vulcan for everything!

  24. i refuse to watch tech tv with out leo.ive learned so much from him i will even say i think he changed my life.the knoweledge ive gained from him has been a bigm value ty leo.

  25. The comic strip was funny. Nice to see them do a positive nod to you.
    I’ve chosen to keep my distance from TechTV lest I be dissapointed by
    the current situation’s outcome.

  26. I am with raggie I will watch TechTV/G4 less until I hear that Leo is back on one or more of the shows. Then I will continue to watch it. And as for ron’s comment I think we should start a petition to get Leo back. With all the fans out there it shouldnt take too long to get a whole ton of signatures.

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