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The party's over.After nearly ten years, four owners, well over 2000 live TV shows, lots of laughs, a few tears, and meeting many many wonderful people, my time at TechTV has come to an end.
I could tell so many stories about the talented, committed, hard working, and hard partying people I’ve worked with there. Each and every one of them will always have a special place in my life . It was with great sadness that I walked out the studio door for the last time last night.

The reasons for my leaving are complicated. As I posted here a few weeks ago, management and I had come to a very satisfactory agreement about a new work schedule and salary, but at the last minute TechTV’s outgoing owner, Vulcan Ventures, insisted that I sign away all claims against them regarding shares they had given me some years ago. I was unwilling to do so, and they held my job as hostage.

My leaving has nothing to do whatever with G4 or Comcast. In fact, I’m very sorry that I won’t be around to participate in the transition. I’ve already contacted G4 to let them know I’d be glad to continue working at the new channel once they take over and I hope that I’ll get that chance.

Fortunately I still have a great job at KFI, a sweet book contract with Que, this thriving web site, and many requests for speeches and other appearances. My family will not starve, and I will be keeping very busy no matter what happens.

Call for Help will continue on the air without me. George Crowe, Dan Mitchell, Fawn Luu, Roger Chang, Cat Schwartz, and Ian the new guy, whose last name I still can’t spell, are still there working their tails off to do the best show on TechTV for the least amount of money. Nicole Guilfoyle and Rich Miglozzi are still slaving away to make the web site the best resource ever. Steve Porter, Rob D’Arcy, Bill Coen, Josh Villegas, Raevon Armand, Deb Croback, Jon Martin, Greg Tremelling, Brett, Fatty Matty, David Chung, Jim Smith and the best studio crew in the world are still there keeping things running light without overbyte. Please keep watching.

For the second time in as many weeks I find myself saying goodbye. My spirits were buoyed with the hundreds of wonderful messages I got last week. It’s so gratifying to know that the work we’ve done has made such a big difference in so many people’s lives. With apologies to Lou Gehrig, I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the Earth. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I won’t be on TV for a little while. But I do hope we’ll see each other again on the small screen some day. Until then, thanks for an incredible 10 years. I’ll miss you.

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  1. I will miss you Leo. I am hoping that you make a swift return to the small screen real fast. I’ts difficult dealing with people who don’t know how to treat really good people in the business. Maybe Comcast will do things different.

  2. I will miss you Leo. I am hoping that you make a swift return to the small screen real fast. It’s difficult dealing with people who don’t know how to treat really good people in the business. Maybe Comcast will do things different.

  3. Leo –
    Thanks for all your work de-mystifying technology for the everyday person – Over the last few years, I’ve lost count of the number of people whom I’ve suggested watch you on TSS or CFH… Whether or not you know it, I think that you’ve helped make the life of the IT professional a bit easier by helping the average user lose some of the “Black Freakin’ Magic” paranoia about the technology that has become so pervasive in our lives…
    Best Wishes for you and your family, and keep on keepin’ on!
    Thanks again,

  4. It is a good thing Leo is leaving Tech TV. He always seemed to interrupt everone else. He would constantly grab the attention from his fellow cast members. I don’t believe I was able to enjoy a review of a product unless Leo was absent from the show. He also seemed like the type who pushed himself on the much younger female associates. He did bring a certain aspect to network that now is lost. However in the long run this will probably be best for both parties.

  5. First, let me echo the feelings of everyone who has commented.
    Although we in Australia only have just recently got techTv via our satellite TV provider, in this short period of time my entire family has grown to love and look forward to Call for help.
    The friendly, helpful feel of the show is something that will be very very hard to match with an other host. We are already seeing this with The Screen Savers.
    Don’t get me wrong I have great respect for Pat, but I don’t think he and Kevin make a great team in the same way Leo and Pat did.
    How stupid must Vulcan be to fire Leo – he quiet literally is the glue that holds the station together.
    Until I watched Leo I had always remained somewhat anti-mac, but he changed all of this. I now am saving to by a G4 ibook.
    Dear Mr. Laporte, you have earned my respect in a way that few have. You have made me feel that I can be proud of being a geek, instead of hiding it. I, and my family (even my 9 year old sister) will miss you.
    We can only hope they realise what they have done and get Leo back before it is to late.
    Good luck Leo.
    -No. 1 Australian Fan.

  6. Best wishes Leo
    Watched call for help and the screen savers regularly since they appeared
    in australia with techtv… i have really enjoyed it
    Hope you will be back on air soon!

  7. Thats not cool, I know how you feel. I will miss you man. I hope you do return to call for help that show is you. thanks for the education you have given me.

  8. I am very sorry to see you leave Leo. Your one of my favorite persons on TV. I never got your signature!!! I’ve been watching you since you were with Kate (I miss her too). I’ve started working two jobs recently and havn’t had much time to watch TV. The only thing I tried to watch everyday is The Screensavers. I really hope that the new company can see your tallent and fan base and bring you back. Best of luck to you.

  9. Leo,
    I wish to second the comments of every person to speak thus far. To some of us you’re an idol, someone to look up to, a friend and extended family. I am speechless to hear that yor job was held hostage, especially over stock.
    Single handedly Leo, you have changed the lives of thousands, if not millions of people, including myself. You have shown me the brighter sides of technology, something no book has ever done. I felt inspiried to dig deeper and explore, and finally I have decided to get a Computer Science degree in college.
    Regardless of whether or not you’re on TV Leo, all of us will contiune to support you in whatever you decide to do. I live in Virginia, so I will listen to your radio show via the internet.
    God Speed my friend. Don’t let the bastards get you down Leo.
    Jamie from Virginia

  10. Leo,
    I am not sure if you will get this, or even read it, but I am truly sad today, to hear that you are leaving tech tv. When i first heard taht you were leaving the screensavers, I could not believe it, but felt that at least you would still be on call for help, and now, you are leaving tech tv all together….
    Though I consider myself tech savy, and know alot of things, watching you, learning new things etc, even though I knew some of them, you made it interesting and enjoyable. For the things I have learnt from you, thanks
    I am sad that you are leaving, but wish you all the best. hope that someday, I will see you again.

  11. I anxiously await news of your return to the TV airwaves. As so many have said here, you taught me more than anyone else. It helped advance my career, & I thank you for that. I’ll continue to watch TSS & CFH, but it won’t be the same without you. Good luck, & God bless…

  12. Well this comes as quite the shock; I’ve been watching cfh and tss since the old school days. Things change though and I’m sure in the end it’ll all work out. Anyway, I’m rambling I hope that Leo gets back on the air on be it on techtv, abc or mtv…anywhere.

  13. Leo, Best Wishes for your future endeavours! But it will be most un-cool not seeing you on TechTV anymore!
    We just got TechTV from our cable provider (COMCAST ironically) about 2 years ago. Pretty much fom the git-go, TSS became my favorite show, in large part because of you. I’ve continued to watch it regularly ever since. Even so, it wasn’t quite the same show when you weren’t there. I don’t intend that as a knock on anyone still with the show and I’ll probably still watch anyway. Just REALLY wish you were still there, or at least on CFH, which I watched less regularly until you took over and it (too) became a regular thing.
    FWIW my girlfriend has declared that she will NOT watch (TSS or CFH) anymore now that you’re gone ;).
    Anyway, Good Luck, Thank You, and here’s hoping we get to see you on the little screen again. And SOON!

  14. Leo,
    You were the only reason I watched CFH; even if I’ve been goofing around computers since 81, I still found myself learning something new with almost every episode. I was going to keep on watching TSS because I like Patrick. I do like Kevin as well, but I don’t know if he has the capabilities of carrying a show day after day. You and Patrick brought an air of respectibility, maturity and knowledge that a young Kevin just doesn’t have or bring to the show. But now, I’m seriously boycotting those 2 shows (I can’t give up the UK robotwars, so I can’t boycott TechTV as a whole 😛 )
    I hope that Comcast have their heads on straight and ask you back. You are truly a unique individual. Not everyone can talk about computers and technology on television and make it interesting and entertaining, but you do.
    Maybe one day, we’ll even see you in our neck of the woods (Ottawa, Canada AKA Silicon Valley North… or it was before the bubble burst). Good luck in all your future endeavors. You will be missed.

  15. Leo,
    I like to say I will miss you but I cant cause I will hear you over the wk/end. I know that G6/Comcast will come out with a deal that will not bring you back to TechTv but to the new station G4 (GTech4) Tv.
    Good Luck and See you Sooon

  16. Leo,
    I have been in a total “funk” since you mentioned it was your last night on TSS. Your kind remarks about TechTV reveal what I have always thought; You are a very special person.
    You **MADE** TechTV, and ZDTV before that. I know you will be back on the air soon enuf.
    The taped segs on TSS were soooo sad to watch. I have not been able (willing) to watch anything on TTV since I saw your final paycheck with ID card. TSS was one of the few assets of TTV. Its value now is zero. Comcast is now getting nothing… I like the sound of that.
    Paul Allen should split the $290MM with you.
    Thanks for the memories!!!!
    Good luck & God Bless you and yours!!!!

  17. Leo,
    This 73yo grandma will miss you on TechTV, but fortunately I will be able to continue to listen and learn on KFI. I’ve been computing since the ol’ DOS/CPM days and still have so much to learn. You really help keep “old-timers” from setting in. 😉 Hope to see you back on TV soon.

  18. I still have my kate and leo signed promo shot in my room from the early call in days of TSS on ZDTV. There is nothing left on that channel, and that claim is not an overstatement. The charismatic Leo was the only reason I still watched. The way the new G4 channel is framing up to target the 18-25 y/o demographic and focus on games, I don’t know if Leo would even want to go back.
    I miss ZDTV. Vulcan Ventures are a corrupt greedy mass of Paul Allen madness. Lets see how much TechTV is worth to Comcast when noone watches anymore.

  19. Sunday 2:00am I just read the news, I can’t bel… it I am spe..less,
    Leo is the reason I watch TechTv, just the other day I was saying “That guy Laporte is a real pro.” In my book 🙂 he’s the best as they get.
    From your fans in Trinidad GOD SPEED GOOD LUCK my friend…

  20. Leo, I’m sorry to hear about all of this. I’ll miss seeing you in the ever-increasingly rare times that I am simultaneously home, awake, and watching TV.

  21. LEO,
    i will miss you very much i’ve been wathing you from the start 10 years as been a long time .
    these people should know how you hold the love of you frineds and famaly in your heart you made tech fun and i and you also supported so many people in the tech world and had a air or respectility i loved your presonlty THANK YOU I WILL MISS YOU you inspiried me to go back to school and do the tech thing i am 44 years old thanks

  22. OMG! I watched techtv because of you leo, you make me laugh. i really hope that you come back to techtv soon, i know that kevin and patrick will do a good job with the screensavers. Bye for now.

  23. I was sorry to hear of your leaving Tech TV.
    I have been recording screensavers since patrick
    accidently(?) swore on live tv, reguarding windows doing
    freaky (BLANK). You know, just in case something happens on the live broadcast. I will contine to watch Tech TV.
    I hope that maybe, somehow you could return.
    You will DEFINATLY be missed.

  24. I’m So sorry to hear that you’re leaving, Leo. That was a pretty low blow by vulture… I mean Vulcan Ventures. You have to defend whats yours, Leo, and thats what your doing. We will miss you. Thanks you for the great shows. I’ve been watching for 5 years now.
    Hope you come back and BUY THE CHANNEL.

  25. Leo is the anchor of both shows in all the meanings. I like everyone else but Leo is the main professional that leads the crew.
    Sometimes when he took time off, the shows suffered. Segments werent’ rehearsed, mistakes made, questions unanswered. Not because they lacked knowledge but because being a TV host is a very particular skill and often takes years to refine.
    Leo obviously had these skills.
    Im been listening to both shows since I got Dish Network, the past 6 months or so and have been TiVoing both regularly.
    I do not have high hopes with Comcast. They are not the most consumer friendly, reliable outfit. They they can be shortsighted and cheap.
    But I sure hope they bring Leo back to the shows in founded.

  26. Leo … You made The Screen Savers show worth watching, as well as other TechTV programs. And no offense to anyone else on the show, but I doubt I will watch anymore. It wasn’t just your knowledge that made you great, but you could tell you really love technology, which is something I can relate to.
    Good luck with whatever is in store for you. I hope we can watch you on TV again.

  27. What a underhanded, disrespectful thing they tried to do you Leo….You were the reason I watched tech tv…you were tech tv…they will most certainly fail now with you totally gone..I will be listening on the weekends to your radio show…good luck with any new ventures..we will miss you greatly….

  28. What are they thinking? They are damaging the goods they are selling before the transfer. Hopfully G4/Comcast will see what a great asset you are and make you an offer you can’t refuse. You are not only a very bright guy, you are “Leo”, a personality. The network needs more than just folks that can relate information. You all add something to the network and you’ve helped a lot of smart youngins gain their on air chops. What long time viewers don’t recall Pat being like a scared deer looking into the headlights on some late night dark country back road his first time on air and others have gone through that same awkwardness with you by their side to keep things flowing. Now they are smooth and a lot of that is owed to you.
    If it doesn’t happen, it will be the networks loss and ours. Good luck where ever this new path takes you.

  29. This just flat out bites the BIG one! Your the man that made me not fear technology!God that channel will suck air without you man! Early on its the only channel I’ve ever learned anything off of (other than this old house).Take care Buddy.

  30. If it wasn’t for Leo, I wouldn’t have had the courage to get involved with the working of my computer. At 54 I am still a geek in training because of you. It was fun, informative and I will miss you.

  31. Man, the shows (CFH & TSS) are gonna SUCK without you! You
    were the funniest, coolest host there in my opinion.
    Me and my little 13 yr old sister loved watching you – we’d be cracking up !
    Without Leo, what’s the point? 🙁
    You’ll be missed.

  32. Man, we will miss you Leo! As far as I’m concerned you are the only reason I watched Tech-TV! I hope that you make it back on. Best of luck.

  33. First, Chris goes, now Leo! Leo Rules. i really have no reason to watch now except to see if leo comes back

  34. Thanks for a great run Leo. You’re one of a kind.
    On the plus side, your departure should cure me of my TechTV addiction.
    Cheers, all the best.

  35. I plan on e-mailing Comcast and G4 and telling them what Leo has meant to me as well as all of us over the years, and hope that others will do the same. Call for Help and The Screensavers just isn’t the same without him!

  36. Leo,
    My family and I are just a small part of the silent masses, who have enjoyed you and your shows over the years. You are one of those rare individuals who make learning fun for all ages. Your charm, and sometimnes biting humor were adored here in Mobile, Alabama (Comcast 52). You will be sorely missed until your inevitible return.
    After it has all died down and the Vulcan folks capitulate after being shamed in a public manner. You should be able to negotiate a better package anyway. Use the uproar to your advantage and make them pay dearly for their greed and arrogance. Then again they may just blow it all off and leave Comcast to pick up the pieces.
    Anyway, suffice it to say that we miss you and hope to see you on the tube again. Helping us to more tech savvy, PC literate, and to be more light hearted. Good Luck!!
    Ok bye!

  37. The latest news from your blog saddens me, especially since I read the news well watching Call for Help. I have a funny feeling that even if I called for help on this issue it wouldn’t do any good. Here’s hoping that you can rejoin Tech TV after the G4 acquisition.
    -Nicolas Jackson

  38. I am sorry to find out that you are leaving Leo. I’ll miss you and probably not watch TechTV as much now. TSS and CFH won’t be the same without you. It won’t matter who they find to host the show now, it just won’t be as enjoyable. It’ll probably be like the boring CFH shows that Becky Worley and the dude with the glassess hosted. Those shows sucked and I was so glad when you came back to host CFH once again. I wasn’t a Chris Pirillo fan either. He just made me nervous and he always messed up what he was ging to say. I hope they come crawling back, in fact they probably will beacuse the shows won’t be as enjoyable to watch and I am tired of that many dark tips! TSS has gotten more shady now with Kevin hosting. I like Kevin and all but him hosting all the time now makes TSS a bit darker. Anywho, Mr. Laporte, I know we will all miss you, but thank God for Leoville dag nab it!!! Good Luck and best wishes in whatever you do!! God Bless you sir!!

  39. My few tiny shares in Zif Davis won’t mean a thing to them, but Monday morning I’m outta there too. I won’t put my money with people who screw the good guys. I teach computers at our local JC, and I learned how to put it in language they can understand from you.
    You will be missed.

  40. Leo, here is how I see it.
    You had a good run for the last ten years & it is time to get on with it.
    The new show is going to be called, “This Old Computer” or, “The Good-The Bad-The Geeky”, or;
    are you getting the picture?
    Get a good agent, a good show producer. The sponsers are Mac, Gates, Allan, Dell(maybe?) etc.
    Make it a Syndication format. Get your buddies Dvorak, Lauderback, etc.
    Start Leo’s library; print & ebooks.
    You have the personality & most important, the Respect, of the computer community.
    Email when the new show is on the air.

  41. Leo, I´m glad your brain and gutts
    ruled over this outrageous and
    blasfemous proposal made to you.
    Dignity with intelligence shall prevail

  42. Leo,
    Almost can’t believe that you won’t be one of the regular faces that Tivo captures and that greets me after work each day. (Nothing better than a nice cold beer and a little CFH!)
    Doubtless that the new owners will see the wisdom in retaining your services. In all seriousness, you are the “glue that binds”… the young people are fine and good, but they need someone of your professionalism to ground the show(s).
    While I’m sure your departure from TV (and my Tivo, (*snif* *snif*) will be short lived, you have my wishes for every success. Thanks for the all the great techno-help you’ve given over the years… most of all, thanks for the laughs!

  43. I was shocked to read your posting. You;ve taught me a lot, and made learning about my confuser a lot easier to learn than any book could! Wish you all the best, and I pray God keeps you well, safe, and happy.

  44. None of the other anchors have your talent and experience.
    Only The Screensavers, X-Play and Martin’s Unscrewed will ever get my attention now.

  45. I’ve enjoyed your work on TechTV for some years now, hopefully the new owners will have the good sense to bring you back. You are the kind of guy though who can find work anywhere any time so I’m sure you will do fine regardless, I just hope you have fun doing it. I’m just glad you have this site, when noteable talents leave shows you often never know the details or where else you can see them, but at least here you can keep in touch with the fans.

  46. Leo, best wishes and good luck with whatever life brings you. You helped me greatly in my life with your teachings. I had a job that was tearing my body to pieces. With your help I became middle management because of my computer skills. It was tough to explain I had no formal learning and all my know-how came from watching TV.
    Thanks for everything,

  47. I have seen EVERY Screensavers episide since April 15, 2000. Yes, I started watching on Tax day! Ok, i have missed 2 shows, but the Satellite was out! I really hope that you will come back for the comcast channel.. whatever it was or will be called (hopes the the channel will still be on Directv).

  48. Leo, Leo, Leo. Why don’t you go to New York City, and see “The Donald” and tell him “Your Fired” and take over his time-slot with NBC! You’re worth it! You’re witty, knowledgable, entertaining, versatile, and a whole lot more! You are the only radio talk-show host, that doesn’t drag us all through the boring, on-air tech-support calls related to WINDOZE bugs. You keep your shows moving and interesting, and could even be a director if you wanted. We’ll miss seeing you on TTV, but I believe this will be only a temporary displacement that will be fixed when the new owners take over. Keep on the Tech crusade and we’ll be behind you every step of they way! John Berry, San Diego

  49. that’s sad.i’m sad at this development.With Leo Laporte out of techtv,it will not be the same again.He made learning computer technology so much fun and easy!I wish Leo more success in whatever endeavor he embarks from now on,with a talent like that i’m sure he will find a new show.God bless.

  50. Their is no question that Leo was (past-tense) a advocate of all things mac. While some “mac-talk” is OK Leo had demonstrated behaviors of not only a mac fan but of a man obsessed with “name-dropping” and promoting mac at every last chance he gets.
    This is often at the expense of the 95% windows users. CFH went from a “mac tip of the day” to answering windows questions with mac answers, proclaiming “you can do that on mac too with….” (even if the question had nothing to do with mac to putting down anything Microsoft to help glorify mac.
    Some have viewed Leo on tech tv as a an excuse to promote mac to their target competitor. Leo has made comments like “I HATE WINDOWS”, I have heard this myself.
    This is not the behaviors of a fair and unbiased reporter on a computer show. The minute they had more mac segments than PC ones the show became very self-serving to the mac lovers… all at the expense of the Windows viewer.
    “Where does it say CFH is about ONLY windows users?”
    Is not but when Mac is being promoted more then “real Linux” that has more owners, market share than Mac their is a noticeable bias that is not good for ratings.
    I have watched shows where the majority of the “into segments” all were on mac or an excuse to show a mac laptop or name drop mac.
    “winders problems. It’s a show about computer problems in general.”
    Since mac fans seem to be under the false dilusion than macs never have problems and windows has tons and tons of problems you would think that would be another reason to feature windows more but the mac plugs keep coming and coming.
    Its all a sign of a host that has, or in Leos case HAD a personal agenda to promote… In Leo’s case the promotion of mac and slamming Microsoft.

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