End of Line

The party's over.After nearly ten years, four owners, well over 2000 live TV shows, lots of laughs, a few tears, and meeting many many wonderful people, my time at TechTV has come to an end.
I could tell so many stories about the talented, committed, hard working, and hard partying people I’ve worked with there. Each and every one of them will always have a special place in my life . It was with great sadness that I walked out the studio door for the last time last night.

The reasons for my leaving are complicated. As I posted here a few weeks ago, management and I had come to a very satisfactory agreement about a new work schedule and salary, but at the last minute TechTV’s outgoing owner, Vulcan Ventures, insisted that I sign away all claims against them regarding shares they had given me some years ago. I was unwilling to do so, and they held my job as hostage.

My leaving has nothing to do whatever with G4 or Comcast. In fact, I’m very sorry that I won’t be around to participate in the transition. I’ve already contacted G4 to let them know I’d be glad to continue working at the new channel once they take over and I hope that I’ll get that chance.

Fortunately I still have a great job at KFI, a sweet book contract with Que, this thriving web site, and many requests for speeches and other appearances. My family will not starve, and I will be keeping very busy no matter what happens.

Call for Help will continue on the air without me. George Crowe, Dan Mitchell, Fawn Luu, Roger Chang, Cat Schwartz, and Ian the new guy, whose last name I still can’t spell, are still there working their tails off to do the best show on TechTV for the least amount of money. Nicole Guilfoyle and Rich Miglozzi are still slaving away to make the web site the best resource ever. Steve Porter, Rob D’Arcy, Bill Coen, Josh Villegas, Raevon Armand, Deb Croback, Jon Martin, Greg Tremelling, Brett, Fatty Matty, David Chung, Jim Smith and the best studio crew in the world are still there keeping things running light without overbyte. Please keep watching.

For the second time in as many weeks I find myself saying goodbye. My spirits were buoyed with the hundreds of wonderful messages I got last week. It’s so gratifying to know that the work we’ve done has made such a big difference in so many people’s lives. With apologies to Lou Gehrig, I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the Earth. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I won’t be on TV for a little while. But I do hope we’ll see each other again on the small screen some day. Until then, thanks for an incredible 10 years. I’ll miss you.

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  1. You will be very much missed. I have enjoyed both Screen Savers and Call for Help. I liked that you would bring macintosh tips to both shows. I do know about macintosh computers but you always brought something new. Good luck to you Leo you will be missed by this macintosh geek.

  2. Miss you Leo…I had a long comment, but I just cant get the words out right now. Good Luck to you, Sir.

  3. LEO please come back my friend is so despondent since hearing of the coup attempted by vulcan in my book this is just more corporate misconduct i will really miss your wit and tech savy help you were a “geek” icon and for the sake of my friends mental health i hope you reappear soon as nothing seems to cheer him up as of late it gets especially bad at 7 pm when we both are so dismayed to see the repeats WE MISS YOU !!!!!

  4. Comcast had something to do with this. Comcast has always wanted to own 100% of TechTV… and have as few minority shareholders as possible. Vulcan wants the shares back so they can sell them to Comcast…
    This creates an odd situation. Leo doesn’t work for TechTV anymore, but he’s still entitled to a small check every time Comcast tries to declare a profit from TechTV, Inc. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Good bye ๐Ÿ™ you have really helped out TechTV alot, thats to bad that you had to leave. i do hope that you come back eventually and youve been a great inspiration to TTV; Screensavers and CFH It was you and pat who insipired me to build my own computer.
    Thank you for all of your Help.

  6. You have been, are, and will always be an inspiration to many, Leo. You have done so much work and helped so many people with computers and technology, but most of all, you lift people’s spirits and put smiles on many faces, but do not let this stop you from achieving even more. Your potential in life is still great and I hope to see you again (soon) on the small sceen. Just always know that you are loved by many, many people.

  7. Leo, Dear Leo,
    Vulcan has made a HUGE mistake! You are such a remarkable person and hopefully,
    G4 will have the good sense to snap you up!
    Whatever lies ahead for you, let it be known that all of us here simply adore you.
    I, for one, will never forget the 3-3-04 taping of TSS! ; )
    All my best,
    “Jib” Joanne

  8. Leo, I hope you can work something out with G4 to come back after the takeover. You were the reason why I watched techtv, and my family and friends used to kid me about my loyalty to your shows. I was even on the screen savers once with my webcam way back in the Kate days. I live back east, so I will have to listen to your KFI show over the internet on the weekends to get my Leo fix. You are the best Tech guy on television, and it would be a waste for you to not show up somewhere on TV in the very near future.

  9. Oh God, I hoped it wouldn’t have come to this. Leo, I’m an intern at TechTV, and I had planned to meet you and shake your hand some time later this semester, but thought it could wait. Now I realize I should’ve made my move sooner.
    You’re one of the reasons why I wanted to work here. I’m so sorry to hear this. Please let us know if there are other opportunities for us to meet you, perhaps at a book signing or two.
    Best of luck in any of your future ventures.

  10. Thanks Leo, just thanks for all you have done for all of your viewers. Like you said, I’m sure we’ll see you again on TV somewhere, sometime in the near future! A couple months ago I thought we’d always have Leo to kick around and enjoy your antics but now we will most certainly enjoy your KFI show and chat all the more! Enjoy the time with the family while you can as today you are creating tomorrows memories! Keep us posted somewhere on how your little baseball player is doing too – we know you’ll be there rootin’ for him!

  11. Good luck with whatever you do Leo. I really hope you can come back and work something out because I just do not see TechTV going much further without you. I realize that there are a lot of talented people working there but you were the most important person there. I just do not see how they could ever try to force you into something you did not want. Maybe the new owners will see that you are the life of that new channel they just bought and without you they are wasting their money.

  12. Leo,
    What to say. you were the heart of TSS. I have been watching since Kate was on with you. I like Patrick but I am not thrilled with Kevin as your replacement. To be honest I have only watched this long because of you. You will surely be missed. I liked how much energy you brought to the show as well as bringing your expert opinions. I have been able to relate to you on many a topic. Oh well I find myself watching a whole show now in 15 minutes or so. Gotta love TIVO. Good Luck with everything Leo.

  13. leo,
    Your 10 years at TechTV not only helped many people but I believe that if you were not a part of the network there would be no TechTV. You have helped me in so many ways and impacted my life, whether it was answering a question, hearing a segment or helping me practice my PhotoShop and Web design skills when I did my Leo Fan site. Though I haven’t been able to watch as frequently as I used to or as I would have liked to, I still managed to watch when I could. Now without you, when I roll on past Channel 26, it will not be the same even knowing your not apart of it making TechTV happen. Ever since that day in 1999 when we first got TechTV or “some new channel about computers”, and I saw you helping others through Call for Help, and then The Screen Savers, I wanted to mirror you. You were and are still one of my role-models and I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without the example you set. Though “The Leo Laporte Fansite” left the net over 6 months ago, I haven’t forgotten about being a fan. Good luck to you and your family and thank you again.

  14. Thank you for the many years (even prior to ZDTV / TechTV) of extremely entertaining quality technology programming, and thank you in advance for whatever your eventual next television project will be. I’ll be sure to keep listening on KFI and downloading the audio archives (especially when I can’t get a consistant ‘net stream live). You’re one of the people I respect most in the world, right up there with Nolan Bushnell, Gunpei Yokoi, Steve Wozniak, and David Crane. Can’t wait to see what you’ll do next, here’s to many more years of giving technology personality!

  15. This is a sad day. This event will unfortunately effect my viewing pattern. Leo you are call for help, you created the show and have devoted alot of time and passion to making sure it stayed on the air. You have made no secret that C4H is your baby, and when you saw it slipping you came back despite added strain on your family.
    Hopefully, within the next few months Comcast will find out how important you are to the techtv community, and will see you back on. Until then, there is always the BLOG and your Radio Show ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. Oh goodness. I don’t know what I will watch now and I’m serious when I say this. TSS and CFH are the only shows I’ve been watching since 1998. This is so sad. It’s like there has been a death in the family.
    Thank you, more than you will ever know, for all the tips, free files, and “very helpful” information. You have been greatly appreciated here in Killen, Alabama. (I even had my husband watching TSS and he’s not even in to computers, but he really enjoyed watching you.)
    We will miss you !!! Hope to see you on TV soon!

  17. Leo ( the leonator),
    this news is heartbreaking. i wake up early to see you, rush home from work to see you, and use my breaks at work to check your site for updates/inf. (not to sound all stalkerish, i am a true geek and crave knowledge) you have been like a mentor to me. i actually was in the process of planning a vacation for this summer and stopping by to see your show being taped was one of the highlights (at least for me). this sucks!
    because of you i made the decision to pursue technology and try to incorporate it with children with special needs. to your credit, my classroom is on its way, some of my children are actually using the net. (how cool is that!!!) thank you leo !!!
    i also am one of the 3% (a mac user) and really felt like you tried to keep all mac users informed and were so objective in your opinions between the three os’s. maybe you and woz can get together and do something great. both of you were the hard workers that got everything started but yet weren’t appreciated. ill stop babbling. good luck and congrats on the oppurtunity to spend more time with the family. thats what really counts.

  18. This really sucks. Its a shame that the people at VULCAN… (appropriate name – people with no emotions) are not seeing that YOU were the crown jewel at Tech TV . Now the channel just wont be the same without you. I wont be watching the new G4 channel if you are not on it.
    As Robby the Robot used to say on Lost in Space- THIS DOES NOT COMPUTE! My Tivo wont be the same without you Leo….

  19. I am deeply sadden to here this news. I take it that you will no longer be makeing your apperance in Louisville. You may not remember me. The second time you cam to louisvile the time with Megan m. I called your cell phone a number which I had attained from watching every single episode of the screen savers. I had a worderfull phone conversation with you on the phone and had another with you at the signing. I taped the conversation on my camera. You signed many things my ibooks battery your books and the only printed ad to my knowlege every put out for the screen savers an ad in computer shopper. I have since gone on an collected many pieces of zdtv swage. But I love all of your work. I wrote out what you mean to me in many other posts. I thought this story should be shared also.

  20. I feel like I lost a friend. Whenever Leo wasn’t on TSS I had a hard time watching. It became a dull, lifeless shell of a show. Leo was the energizer bunny that lit up the set and will be sorely missed. Since he left TSS I haven’t had any interest in watching, I turn it on but lose focus and turn it off. Tech TV lost it’s heart, and me as a viewer. Anything Comcast touches turns to garbage, and here is another example. They will destroy what was a great channel for us geeks.
    David Oropallo
    Maple Shade, NJ

  21. Leo,
    Call For Help, with you at the helm, has probably taught me more about computers than any other single source and I’m very grateful! Not only did you teach me a lot about the “personal confuser” but kept me entertained at the same time.
    I couldn’t care less about most celebrities and certainly wouldn’t stand in line to meet them. However, when you and Kate came to Michigan I drove for hours and stood in line for more hours because I wanted to meet you and say “thanks” in person.
    Hopefully it won’t be long until you are back on TV. Until then I’ll be listening to your radio show via the Internet and reading your comments here at Leoville.
    Take care.

  22. Vulcan’s actions are reprehensible and possibly illegal. To hold your job hostage in an attempt to force you to relinquish your shares probably breaks a few laws. Sue ’em silly if you can! I know that may not be your style, but they really shouldn’t get away with this.
    Leo, you helped many of us learn how to deal with our personal confusers. You worked like a madman to keep TTV afloat, and I know a lot of folks have their jobs today because of you (not to mention those you helped after they were laid off). You’re a class act, the finest pure entertainer on television, and I hope you’re back on the tube very soon.

  23. oh wow leo…so veryvery sorry to hear that…i always looked forward to starting my day with the screen savers reruns at noon (i work till the weeee hours of the am as a dj…gimme a break ๐Ÿ™‚ ) i was constantly and consistently impressed with your knowledge, wit and especially patience with all the tech questions on call for help…
    hope to see you back on the tele soon…until then i wish you luck, health and happiness ๐Ÿ™‚
    thanks again and cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. It is all about the Benjamins!
    I must say, that there must be a lesson in all of this. Yes, I am certainly very disappointed — this is a day I never thought I would really see. But, I must admit that when the KFI job came on line, and the most recent change, it has just seemed so obvious that there was lots of change at work.
    I have no doubt that Leo will have many options. He has built himself as a great product — well known in the tech community and is a household name in many cases. I am certain that there will be lots of opportunities whether it is G4 / Comcast, or in another market.
    I’m hoping that in the mean time, he can build his own “call for help” like product. Maybe from Leoville Labs.
    I too am very sad — quite an emotional time for many people, but for me the lesson is to have a plan B. So many changes going on now between technology, the economy, the way the world works. For me, it begs the question — what’s next? How can we be prepared for it?
    Ok, enough pontificating. Let us know when Live from Leoville Labs will air via the Internet… The journey continues ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Dear Leo, we knew something was up when you were not seen (live) on C4H. You are the reason that we continually watched Tech Tv. We would love to call down curses upon Vulcan, but in the same spirit that Leo has gracefully left Tech Tv; We suggest to everyone that they contact Comcast (http://www.comcast.com/Support/Feedback.asp) and let them know how important you are Leo.

  26. Leo,
    Wow. You’re right, two good-byes this close together is just too much. Like many others who have posted above, I can’t believe it.
    I still haven’t gotten used to TSS without you, and I was just getting back into CFH again. I’ll really miss you now, but I hope that the G4 people will have the wit to bring you back into the fold when the time comes.
    One final note that I should have added in my good-bye salute post when you stepped down from TSS: as the “help desk” guy for nearly my entire extended family’s IT problems, I must tell you that you have taught me so much over the last four years, which I have used to help others on countless occasions. Much of what I know about technology today I owe to you and your fellow Techtv geeks. “Saving the world, one computer at a time,” has now become MY motto.
    Somewhat more importantly, it was nice for me to turn on the TV and see people who were speaking my language. They may be able to do it without you, but for my part, you will be greatly missed.

  27. Hi Leo,
    Wow. That’s kind of hard to take. I’m still kind of stunned, so excuse the rambling….
    The way things have been working out since the G4 buyout pretty much stinks on ice. I started watching TTV because of you, and while I will probably still watch, it won’t be the same. Not even close.
    I’m pissed at them (TPTB of TechTV) for the classless way they have dealt with you. You aren’t one to wave your own flag, but you were without a doubt the most recognizable and popular person on the TTV roster, and they push you out so unceremoniously? Screw ’em.
    G4 would be damned foolish not to snap you up once the transfer has taken place. Perhaps if some of us knew who to direct snail-mail to, we can help guide them in that direction.
    Leo, I will really miss seeing your smiling face on TV, but I’m glad that you are on a radio station that also does a webcast. (Otherwise, I find it a little hard tuning in LA radio stations up here in Minnesota.) I’ll be “tuning in” when I can, and I hope to see you back on the small screen soon.
    Take care man.
    Darren Dewey

  28. I really enjoyed watching and listening to you on TechTV for the past three years. You’ve done a great job on The Screen Savers and Call for Help. I’ve learned alot since I started watching your shows. I’ll really miss seeing you on TechTV but at least I can listen to your show on KFI. I should’ve came earlier to see you in person at the Screen Savers. I hope you come back on the new channel. Good luck in the future!!

  29. Wow. I feel like I won’t be seeing a member of my family any more. You will be sorely missed, Leo! You have had a HUGE influence in my life by creating a love and passion for technology in me. Thank you! The one thing that makes this much more bearable is knowing that I can still listen to you every weekend on KFI. Thank goodness for that radio stream! If G4 knows what’s good for them, I think we’ll be seeing you back on TV pretty soon ๐Ÿ™‚ While you’re off though, you could spiff up your look with a new hair piece!
    Enjoy some well-deserved time off, and we’ll see you soon!
    – Ryan

  30. Dear Leo,
    I’ve been watching you on Tech TV ever since you were co-hosting with Kate. You’re a class act and made technology interesting and understandable. I especially liked your interviews-always well done and entertaining.
    I am glad that I was able to see you and the gang on the screen savers back in September 03.
    I feel badly the way you were treated, but I respect the way you stood by your principles, a lesser man would have caved in.
    I’m sure that G4 and Comcast would be thrilled to have you on TV again and so would all of us.
    Best regards,

  31. Hey Leo
    Hope it works out when the new owners take over. I have been watching since ZDnet days, and if I have one complaint about Tech Tv, its the constant bleeding of the talent. It seems now, just as a viewer gets comfortable with someone, they are moving on, and Tech wont bend enough to get them to stay. IE Meagan, and the list goes on. Even with Pirillo, he was a bit odd, but added some spice to the channel and had lots of knowledge. Even if he left CFH, you think they could have found something for him.
    I have been watching TSS without you, and I really like Patrick and Kevin is getting better, but I dont think they can carry the show long term as a team. I must admit, I dont make sure the tivo is set anymore, if I see it, I do. I really miss your opinions about the top news stories, I found they balanced well with Patricks views. I like to hear Kevin, but I dont think he has been around long enough to really understand some of the background stuff.
    I hope things work out for you, Tech Tv really seems to be a messy place to work for. They sure have lots a lot of good talent, and now the anchor is gone, and I will be cancelling Tech TV on my dish. Good luck to you, hope we get the new channel in Canada,,,,even though some of us….have US dishes already,,,,,shhhhhhh,,,
    Good luck, and please keep the news updated, every morning I go to see your views on whats new. Cheers to the family,, your friends in Canada care very much !!

  32. Leo,
    The folks at Vulcan have just diminished the technical self-worth of TechTV. Your presence at TechTV is clearly felt by the thousands of users who have been consoled, loved, and assisted by you. You have become a mainstay in my technical world. You have made the Mac users feel that they are NOT second-class users of technology. You have shared your family with us, and in turn we have made you are part of ours. When you relocate to a compaany that appreciates you for who and what you are, I will be there to view you.
    Can you tell us what other books you will be authoring? Will you speaking at different conventions and symposiums? You need keep us informed what you are doing.
    I wish you and your family the very best.
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    P.S. I am a die-hard Mac user who appreciates the quirks of Windows.

  33. Leo, we will all miss you very much. It was because of you that I started watching ZDTV/TECHTV and tried to learn everything about computers that I ever could. It was because of you that I learned so much about computers and became tech support for my whole family. So it is a shock to me to find out that you are leaving Techtv. Vulcan Ventures is making a huge mistake and I hope you get a chance to come back and work at the new channel once comcast takes over. I would just like to say thanks for everything Leo and good luck in what ever you do now and in the future.

  34. Leo,
    I will be very sad indeed to see you leave the airwaves, however, I am glad you are still on the radio. Sadly, I work weekends during those times, so I will not be able to catch it.
    You are a great inspiration to me as a 20 year old Bay Area college student who is majoring in Computer Science. I’ve only had Tech TV for over a year, but I have learned so much from you and listening to you has placed more confidence in me in learning computers. One day in the future I was hoping to be able have the opertunity to call you and ask what would be a good Apple machine and software for an inspiring programmer such as I to look into and invest in. Hopefully one day that will be a possibility. Until then, I will pray for the best for you and for your family and I will be one among the many supporting you and behind you during this time and once again THANK YOU AGAIN SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!

  35. Look at all these well wishes.
    Leo I’ve watched you since the first day ZDTV was added to Direct TV. You are/where that network for me and a lot of other people. You have provided me and my family with years of entertainment / education. We will miss the television shows, but at least we can still hear you over the radio/internet and read your books.
    Don’t under-estimate the effect you have an have had on family’s. My 9 year old daughter has grown up watching you. She is your number 1 fan and more importantly, years ahead of her classmates when it comes to the use of computers. Thanks to you (and maybe me) my nine year old has an understanding of Windows, OS X and Linux. Your influence reaches further than you can think.
    Thank you so much for all that you have done and good luck in the future..

  36. TTV has just lost one of it’s most valuable assets, and I’m not just saying that. You helped bring that channel to where it is today, and I can’t believe that they would let you go like that.
    I’ve been a faithful viewer of CFH and TSS since the early basement set days, and I want to thank you for teaching me soo much about computers and technology in general. I wish you the best of luck, and hope to see you on TV again someday.

  37. Leo, there are no words to describe the sadness and anger I am feeling at the moment, I had hoped things were going to work out. Though I would do just about anything for you I’m afraid I can not honor your request to keep watching CFH, not after this. I know those left are still working hard but quite frankly I no longer have a reason to watch either CFH or TSS now. Neither show is worth a nickle without you and I hope Comcast realizes quickly that Vulcan has just significantly devalued their recent purchase with this idiotic move. Though I like many of those still there I can no longer support a network that would, after years of faithful service keeping it afloat, treat the heart and soul of its foundation in such a shoddy, underhanded and down right disrespectful manor, you deserve better. My tech viewing is suspended until the joyous moment when you return to the airways. Whatever happens you have my total support in any way that might help.
    Forever in you corner, Daisy

  38. Leo,
    I can’t believe it !!!! I have been watching you every day since Tech TV became available in my area. With your inspiration (and books) I recently built 2 pc’s. With your insistance I just bought a G5 and 23in. display. You have helped me find sanity in the personal confuser world……Thank You Leo..I’m gonna miss you man…Now I can only look forward to a few hours on Saturday and Sunday. Good Luck to you brother.
    Joe Karecky
    Bayonne, New Jersey
    ps: If you need some help on the farm, please don’t hesitate to call for help.

  39. Just when I got the PVR all reprogrammed. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I know leaving the network was probably wrenching, particularly on top of the emotional roller coaster buyouts can be on their own. But, I for one am happy you held on to your shares (and I am glad they were shares that had some worth at the end).
    For now, I choose to be optimistic and look forward to you rejoining the new network once the merger is complete. Hopefully, Comcast will keep the San Francisco studio open for your return.
    Good luck, and we’ll be watching out for you.

  40. Leo,
    In your bio on the TTV web site, you listed “mediocrity” as your greatest fear. From what I’ve seen, you certainly have nothing to fear.
    Your charisma and vibrance has made TSS and CFH entertaining as well as educational. Your ability to conduct a serious interview one minute, crack a timely joke the next, and step in to help a nervous caller ask a question the next is the mark of a true professional. I have a great deal of respect for Patrick and Kevin and will continue to watch, but it’s just not the same without you.
    Hopefully, the good people at Comcast will have the sense to realize what an asset you are and bring you back after the transition. But if not, I’m sure you’ll land on your feet.
    I wish you the best,

  41. I know it’s just one guy leaving two shows, but I’m seriously bummed. Leo, you are the consumate professional, especially when you’re being unprofessional. You crack me up are an inspiration. I’m feeling a little ferklempt.
    Vulcan Vultures, or whatever they’re called, have seriously devalued their property after closing the deal with Comcast by failing to come to an agreement with you. Comcast should insist on paying Vicious Vultures a lower price due to the sudden change, and give half of the savings to you as a sign-on bonus. Just a thought.

  42. Leo,
    I have watched you on “Call For Help” and “The Screen Savers” (back when you and Kate hosted it), and have learned SO much from you. You’ve heard from me before, but I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you once again, with all my heart and soul, for everything you are. You’ve not only taught me valuable computer skills, you’ve also taught me lessons I’ve used in other aspects of my life. And for this, I thank you too. You were a part of my everyday life. I will miss you very much. I wish you good luck and happiness with everything you do. And hopefully, we’ll see your sweet, smiling face again on TV somewhere soon. Thanks again.
    Love ya Leo,

  43. Hi again,
    I posted earlier, but some time has passed, I’m thinking a little more clearly and I need a break from cleaning/reorganizing “command central” here!
    First off, I have to say that your updates to your moblog after the (now infamous) pic of your id and letter from TTV warmed my heart. That pizza looked awesome too! ๐Ÿ™‚ After all this garbage, it really made me smile to see and hear you enjoying some quality time with the little guy. Enjoy your time off!
    Secondly, I swiped your pic of you waving goodbye on the CFH set – I made an avatar out of it that I use in the MacAddict forum. (I’m a moderator there.) If that’s a problem let me know and I’ll ditch it. I just wanted to find a way to let our regular users know that I’m going to miss ol’ uncle Leo. On the plus side, between shrinking it and using the Unsharp Mask (that I learned about on CFH by the way) it came out looking pretty good!
    Finally, I meant what I said earlier. I’d love to send a good, old-fashioned snail-mail to TPTB at G4. I think if enough people did the same it may help them to decide that getting you on board is a good decision. If they were smart, they’d be watching the viewer numbers very closely over the next couple of weeks… despite your well wishes for those you left behind to try to fill your shoes, I bet there will be a sharp drop-off. Anyway, I poked around on their site and found an address to write to, but it’s their generic PO box mailing address. Perhaps that’s better than nothing.
    Best wishes to you and your family, Leo. Take care and I hope to see you back on the tube soon.
    Darren in Minnesota
    PS: Not to try to take anything (or anyone) away from Leoville, but I have a thread started on all of this over at MA. Click my link below to get there. I’ll be posting the G4 address there shortly. Sorry if anyone thinks of this as “spamming” – this will be my one and only mention of it.

  44. I’m not much for words, but I always read your blog Leo and I’ve always loved to watch you on TV. I’ll follow you to whatever your future occupations may be and hope much success to you. Thanks for the years of entertainment and knowledge.

  45. Leo you have made me smile many times when i’ve been down. TechTV in general has
    been a source of joy for me on a daily basis. You just don’t realize how many
    people you touch, and make laugh on a daily basis. I Will countinue to watch TechTV, but there will be a void without Old Leo on TechTV.

  46. Leo
    You are the best.
    Four years ago, I bought an old house that came with a C-band dish. I saw this ZDTV thing on there, and sat down, instead of upacking boxes, and watched your show. I’ve been hooked ever since.
    Switched to Dish Network because my cable company, Comcast, doesn’t carry Tech TV.
    Bought all your books, and give them away as Xmas presents. And will continue to do so.
    You are the best guy on any of the TVs in my house period – though there was a time I thought you were also the CSI guy named Grissom that solves all those crimes. You are that good.
    Good luck, much love and keep us posted when next we can see you.
    A sad Mike

  47. Leo, this news came as such a shock this morning. I’ve found myself watching only bits and pieces of “The Screen Savers” recently, and am not certain I’ll be able to tolerate “Call for Help” any longer if you’re not the host–and those are the only TechTV programs that I watch with any frequency.
    Attempts to keep “Call for Help” going without you previously were not totally successful, in my opinion. There was no calm, reassuring “It’s not your fault” voice to greet us every day.
    This is a major blunder on the part of the new owners–alienate the loyal viewers that your channel has managed to acquire. It doesn’t bode well for the future of TechTV, and gives me one less reason to continue my DirecTV subscription.
    This decision is THEIR loss, not yours.

  48. Leo, this is what I get for posting before fully reading your comments…sorry. I see now that your decision to leave has nothing to do with the new owners.
    Sounds as if there may be a glimmer of hope after fully reading your latest entry, and I hope that Comcast will take you up on your offer to return once they assume ownership.

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