End of Line

The party's over.After nearly ten years, four owners, well over 2000 live TV shows, lots of laughs, a few tears, and meeting many many wonderful people, my time at TechTV has come to an end.
I could tell so many stories about the talented, committed, hard working, and hard partying people I’ve worked with there. Each and every one of them will always have a special place in my life . It was with great sadness that I walked out the studio door for the last time last night.

The reasons for my leaving are complicated. As I posted here a few weeks ago, management and I had come to a very satisfactory agreement about a new work schedule and salary, but at the last minute TechTV’s outgoing owner, Vulcan Ventures, insisted that I sign away all claims against them regarding shares they had given me some years ago. I was unwilling to do so, and they held my job as hostage.

My leaving has nothing to do whatever with G4 or Comcast. In fact, I’m very sorry that I won’t be around to participate in the transition. I’ve already contacted G4 to let them know I’d be glad to continue working at the new channel once they take over and I hope that I’ll get that chance.

Fortunately I still have a great job at KFI, a sweet book contract with Que, this thriving web site, and many requests for speeches and other appearances. My family will not starve, and I will be keeping very busy no matter what happens.

Call for Help will continue on the air without me. George Crowe, Dan Mitchell, Fawn Luu, Roger Chang, Cat Schwartz, and Ian the new guy, whose last name I still can’t spell, are still there working their tails off to do the best show on TechTV for the least amount of money. Nicole Guilfoyle and Rich Miglozzi are still slaving away to make the web site the best resource ever. Steve Porter, Rob D’Arcy, Bill Coen, Josh Villegas, Raevon Armand, Deb Croback, Jon Martin, Greg Tremelling, Brett, Fatty Matty, David Chung, Jim Smith and the best studio crew in the world are still there keeping things running light without overbyte. Please keep watching.

For the second time in as many weeks I find myself saying goodbye. My spirits were buoyed with the hundreds of wonderful messages I got last week. It’s so gratifying to know that the work we’ve done has made such a big difference in so many people’s lives. With apologies to Lou Gehrig, I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the Earth. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I won’t be on TV for a little while. But I do hope we’ll see each other again on the small screen some day. Until then, thanks for an incredible 10 years. I’ll miss you.

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  1. Leo, I am very sad that you will no longer be on Call for Help or Screen Savers. You brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm to both of the shows and you will be missed…it’s really not the same without you!
    I wish you well in your future endeavors and I hope you will find a new show in the future.
    Good luck!!

  2. Hey Leo, welcome to the club, I became a victim of work force reduction about a year ago. I looked forward to watching you on Screensavers every week day to keep up to speed with my computer talents. Sorry but Kevin does not have the personality to replace you. I am about your age. It was great to hear you talk about the old days. Took me back. And your interviews were so well researched. Take care buddy. See you soon on G4.

  3. What is going on ??? tech tv needs leo, i miss one of the greatest,funiest guy on tv.Yeah im french Canadian,and i watch screen savers,call for help,but with leo away its not the same.Good Luck Leo see you soon on tv.

  4. Sorry to hear about your leaving Leo. My dad was addicted to Tech TV. He died in January and one of the last shows I remember watching with him was about BLOGS. I started a blog for my dad.

  5. Sorry to hear about your leaving Leo. My dad was addicted to Tech TV. He died in January and one of the last shows I remember watching with him was about BLOGS. I started a blog for my dad.

  6. Floored me to find out Leo is done with Tech TV what more can I say, other than I am done with Tech TV as well!!!!!!!!

  7. Just found out Leo is gone from Tech TV. What can I say, Leo Laptop LaPorte was Tech Tv. Leo Gone, I’m gone. E-Mail when he is back and I will watch again. Cancelling all my news letters now.

  8. I knew it was bad news when you left TSS for Call for Help, but I didn’t realize how bad things were. They should have kept the old TSS set and gave you your stock options instead. The new set without you is like a fancy sport car without an engine — it may look nice, but it won’t go anywhere. You were the heart of TSS and of Tech-TV. Good luck with your current projects and as they say in Ham Radio, “hope to see you later down the log.”

  9. I was in shock today when my husband told me Leo was no longer on Call for Help. We were already sad that he left Screensavers. My husband loved that show and the main reason that he watched it was because of Leo. I wasn’t really into Techtv until I started watching Leo on Screensavers then I looked forward to watching it with my husband everyday. Leo changed our lives especially mine. I went from really not interested in tech to addicted to the screensavers. Thankyou Leo we will miss you and hope to see you again soon!

  10. Hey Leo,
    I’m a reletively new fan, but I’ve always enjoyed TSS and CFH ever sense I saw you on there. It’s sad to see you go, but I shall look forward to your return after the merger. God Bless, Leo. You’re a great tech guru, and always so friendly.
    Keep up the great work!

  11. Hey Leo,
    As an avid viewer from Canada(north of Toronto), I was saddened to learn of your departure from both “The Screen Savers” and now “Call For Help”. I have learned many great tips from you, and the vast knowledge you have in the industry will be a hole in my world as well as others. I still remain an avid viewer of “The Screen Savers” and look forward to your return to TechTV in the very near future. I will try to listen for you on CFRB 1010, and check your blog regularly. All the best!

  12. You were the glue that held TSS and the rest of TechTV together.
    I am sure, we will see you on the tube again.
    From all the messages above, it is obvious that you have touched many people by your presence on TechTV.
    I hope that the ‘powers to be’ will see that as well.
    Good Luck.

  13. Oh, Leo. Your tech savvy and wit cannot be replaced. TechTV is a great reason to have satellite, but now that you are not on it, I realize that it isn’t the channel I would miss if I switched to cable, but your presence in my living room every night on TSS. I do hope the channel can pick up the pieces and get together an on-screen team that can hope to entertain and educate the way you did. Good luck with your projects, and hope to see you again very soon!

  14. Leo, I’m looking forward to your next broadcast endeavor. You,I,and everyone else know that someone is going to camp on your doorstep until you are back on TV. Whether that will be TechTV or some other network, I hope that your show will be in the the same open format. Best Wishes.

  15. Leo I just discovered you are off both the shows I watch the most. As a 50 something year old guy I really enjoyed you’re wit and itelligence. Hope to see you back

  16. Leo I just discovered you are off both the shows I watch the most. As a 50 something year old guy I really enjoyed you’re wit and itelligence. Hope to see you back

  17. Leo I would just like to thank you for your time at Techtv, Call for help and The Screen Savers. Like Kate Botello and Chris Pirillo you will be well missed.

  18. Leo I would just like to thank you for your time at Techtv, Call for help and The Screen Savers. Like Kate Botello and Chris Pirillo you will be well missed.

  19. Leo I would just like to thank you for your time at Techtv, Call for help and The Screen Savers. Like Kate Botello and Chris Pirillo you will be well missed.

  20. Leo, I too am sorry to see you off the air, but I can only hope to see you soon somewhere else and in a better position to educate the computer savy. I recently learned a valuable lesson-Sometimes when a door closes, we spend so much time staring at the closed door that we fail to see the next door that is opened. Enjoy the day for thats all we have. JSR

  21. Hey Leo,
    I’ve only been watching you on TechTv for the past few months and I can honestly say that you’ve taught me alot about computers in that short amount of time. The Screen Savers and Call for Help are just not the same without you. At least I can still watch some classic clips of you on the DVD that came with your 2004 Technology Almanac.
    Best Wishes,

  22. Leo, i’m really going to miss you on techtv. I really enjoyed watching your shows. You were a good host and I really enjoyed watching techtv with you around. It’s really sad to see you go.

  23. Leo, I am shocked that they did not work it out with you. Its Tech TV’s lost. I still love the show. Pat and Kevin are great. But you were the Glue of the Screen Savers. The show won’t be the same with out you. I hope you come back to TV in some show that I can watch you on again. Canada will miss not seeing you in our living rooms every night. It was the screen savers that got me to order Tech TV from my cable provider here in Canada. Please take care. I think that Tech TV will soon realise there mistake in the coming weeks.

  24. Leo,
    You ARE TechTV. Or I guess I should say you were TechTV. Without you it doesn’t have 1/10 the personality and the appeal. You are the reason I am a computer technician today. You got me interested in computers and you taught me more than any of my teachers in school. As many have said before, I hope that TechTV’s ownere realize what a horrible mistake they’re making.
    Without you there, I have NO interest in TechTV.

  25. Stop the eulogies. Leo is a driving force in media coverage of technology. If Comcast doesn’t want formidable competition, they will reinstate him. Otherwise Leo will be the cornerstone of another technology show that will entice advertisers and cut a big chunk, if not a majority, from the TechTV audience. The kids are cute, but they visibly struggle in the absence of his veteran wisdom and composure.

  26. Wow, I guess they really don’t filter this message board. I can see TechTV can rely on a least one demographic.

  27. Leo,
    Your value to TechTV is surpassed only by your value to the thousand’s upon thousand’s of people that you have helped. I know you will continue to help us, regardless of whether or not TechTV is smart enough to retain your services. I will follow you where ever you go. I’m even going to start listening to your radio program over the net, since I can’t see you on TV for now. I’m writing snail mail to any address I can find that might help you out. Good luck.

  28. I can see what they are doing…trying to cater to the young hacker kiddies. Leo would never want to do shows about “modding your xbox” Good luck Sir Leo and I am sure we will see you soon. I would love to see you out there like your old friend Soledat O’Brien

  29. It’s so sad to see Leo go…..I got hooked to the Screen Savers about 2 years ago and Leo was amazing. I don’t think TechTV will EVER be the same without Leo. It’s such a shame to see him go and I appreciate everything he’s done. Leo, you have no idea how much you’ve influenced me and I have learned so much from you. It will never be the same without you. Best wishes to you and I know the future beholds many great things. Thanks again! Your fan, John

  30. You make me smile. I hope that you find a new home soon. I’ve cancelled my cable subscription and I’m about to cancel my daily emails. Good luck to you.

  31. TechTv is not the same without you. I hope Comcast has some common sense and brings you back, otherwise, they have lost another viewer. You were the reason I watched their channel. I loved your references to the old days and how things have changed. The twenties set just isn’t old enough to remember those days!! I remember my first computer and when being a female geek just wasn’t cool like it is today… Please come back… Geeks over 35 need you desperately!!!

  32. Leo, I am sorry to hear about your situation. I really enjoyed watching you on TechTV. Hope to see you on the air again soon.

  33. I’m still relatively new TechTV viewer, but I know even now that you’ll be missed. You are a true guru, such hasn’t been seen since the golden days of space-cadet keyboards and PDP-10s. Alas, I don’t live in that magical tech-rich San Fran, so I can’t get hear your radio. Looks like I’m finally going to have to start reading blogs 🙂

  34. Say it aint so Leo! Say it aint so…1 year ago I was a bumbling geeky fool with a malfunctioning Pentium II computer, now Im fixing all my friends and families computers. Thanks for all your help. I think the worst part about this is that they are still showing re-runs with you…I keep thinking your back. Good luck with all of your future endeavours.

  35. Hey LEO
    Sad day………but don’t stop teaching…..some would call you OG but i call You my OS.
    let me know what’s coming up?

  36. Leo I have been a follower since the start of Call for Help and Screen Savers ( even when Kate was on). I can’t count how many times, after a bad day on the job, my spirits were lifted by your humour and the contribution of others on the shows. I feel you will be contacted to continue your talents and further recognized as a wonderful human being. We all miss you and hope to see you soon!

  37. Leo,
    I have watched your shows for more than 7 years. I started when TSS was Kate and yourself; You were TSS and CFH. I am very dissapointed they have let you go and I just don’t watch the shows on TechTV anymore. Hopefully someone will change their minds, but if not good luck on your new adventures.

  38. Leo
    I’m sad… The Screensavers isn’t The Screensavers without you. My Husband & I do not watch the entire show anymore because your not on. I’m glad I was able to meet you in Maryland two years ago. You will be greatly Missed! Good Luck

  39. Thks for all the great shows Leo. We are still enjoying you on KFI and your MOB. is a blast.

  40. Leo-
    I remember the very FIRST show, when it was ZDTV. Having had a smiliar situation happen to me (notice how it seems to happen to those of us over 40?!?!?), I’m working from a home office now, and am happier than ever. It was always a good thing to have the TV on and DSS dish locked onto 354, TECH TV. More than once, you’d starting explaining an issue that was the very problem I was having, and you always provided a simple, clean, sane solution.
    I’m going to miss you, man.

  41. There are few people who knows everything, you can measure it by just hearing them what they say BUT NOT LEO, I’m a Microsoft Certified Pro but hands off to leo, he encouraged in a way he didn’t know that I still have a lot to learn. They there are smart, intelligent, brainiac people but at the same DUMB, i hope you people taking over at TECHTV are both or the latter. BRING LEO BACK, it wont hurt you but lift your ratings and earn more $$$$$$…..

  42. Those jerks that are talking smack are nothing but punks! What on earth is offensive about Leo Laporte? He is a very nice man with REAL tech knowledge! Leo is VERY tech savvy, one of the countries most knowledgable personalities! He knows soooo much about all things technical, it’s alright if he’s a jack of all trades…..that’s what makes him such a good host! I got Direct TV in December and have been hooked on Leo like Crack. This guy is sooooooooo smooth. His killer, soothing voice and witty commentary are FIRST RATE! The Screen Savers and Call For Help have become horrible! The call taking has become completely stiff and awkward. They answer a call and are completely devoid of personality when talking to live callers! TechTV has gone WAY down hill! I don’t even care to watch anymore! I just Dazzle the photoshop segments with Bert and Alex and say Forget it! Oh yeah, and it seems that TechTV only wants calls from people wondering about whether or not to BUY something! That is PATHETIC! Vulcan SUCKS! What is going to happen to all the cool stuff from the UK? What’s going to happen to XPlay? What the fuck happened to my new favorite TV channel? This Sucks……….I wonder if the whole thing is going to go away, I mean what Republican wants a bunch of Techie Democrats in of all places, San Francisco able to reach out and touch the hearts and minds of Americans and people all over the globe? San Francisco and Chicago are the last bastions of Democracy in the country! How many shows are coming out of Chicago except for Oprah (She has started shilling for the Republicans anyway, that sorry excuse for an African American role model!)? I am going to miss Leo Laporte and plan to catch him religiously on the Radio via his archived shows on the web and am going to BUY HIS BOOK! Leo is the man

  43. I obviously noted that Leo had been absent the past few days, but assumed that perhaps he was on vacation or off on an assignment. But today, I decided to do some checking, and found the sad news. As someone previously said, Leo was (and is) Tech TV. The rest of the crew are all very good in supporting roles, but Leo is the man. I have been watching twice a day (Call for Help and the ScreenSavers) for many years, and the knowledge and information that I have gained is invaluable. We need to get Leo back on the air.

  44. I never saw that coming. Those Guys at tech tv just keeping dumber, it seems like once a year they fire there best talent

  45. Leo will be sadly missed from tech TV. It was a dark day when I found out he was gone.

  46. Leo man, you were an awesome host (little corny at times lol) but its all good. I’m in Highschool and watched Call for Help and Screen Savers almost everyday when i got home. i learned alot from both shows and i wish you weren’t gone. But if you get on G4 that would be awesome. i’m thankful i got to watch techtv for this past year to see you before you left. i hope everything goes well for you.

  47. No offense to Patrick, Kevin, Sarah and Yoshi, but Leo made the Screensavers that show that it is. It’s just not the same watching now, not as much fun. It was kind of painful watching Kevin interact with the Giz Wiz yesterday, since that was Leo’s spot with him. We’ll miss you Leo, and hope you can come to the new G4 channel when that goes into effect!

  48. Leo, now that you have some extra time, could you please do a 15-Min. video segment once a week that we could click onto on Leoville and play anytime we want during the week. That way we can still see you Leo and get our fix!!

  49. Leo – Please know that I have written TechTV and it’s parent company to express my displeasure with your situation. TechTV is slowly losing its professional appeal by staffing its shows with inexperienced reporters. (Not that I don’t appreciate the current staff – but balance is a precious commodity.) I hope to find you on air again soon. You are the best Tech Reporter in the nation!

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