End of Line

The party's over.After nearly ten years, four owners, well over 2000 live TV shows, lots of laughs, a few tears, and meeting many many wonderful people, my time at TechTV has come to an end.
I could tell so many stories about the talented, committed, hard working, and hard partying people I’ve worked with there. Each and every one of them will always have a special place in my life . It was with great sadness that I walked out the studio door for the last time last night.

The reasons for my leaving are complicated. As I posted here a few weeks ago, management and I had come to a very satisfactory agreement about a new work schedule and salary, but at the last minute TechTV’s outgoing owner, Vulcan Ventures, insisted that I sign away all claims against them regarding shares they had given me some years ago. I was unwilling to do so, and they held my job as hostage.

My leaving has nothing to do whatever with G4 or Comcast. In fact, I’m very sorry that I won’t be around to participate in the transition. I’ve already contacted G4 to let them know I’d be glad to continue working at the new channel once they take over and I hope that I’ll get that chance.

Fortunately I still have a great job at KFI, a sweet book contract with Que, this thriving web site, and many requests for speeches and other appearances. My family will not starve, and I will be keeping very busy no matter what happens.

Call for Help will continue on the air without me. George Crowe, Dan Mitchell, Fawn Luu, Roger Chang, Cat Schwartz, and Ian the new guy, whose last name I still can’t spell, are still there working their tails off to do the best show on TechTV for the least amount of money. Nicole Guilfoyle and Rich Miglozzi are still slaving away to make the web site the best resource ever. Steve Porter, Rob D’Arcy, Bill Coen, Josh Villegas, Raevon Armand, Deb Croback, Jon Martin, Greg Tremelling, Brett, Fatty Matty, David Chung, Jim Smith and the best studio crew in the world are still there keeping things running light without overbyte. Please keep watching.

For the second time in as many weeks I find myself saying goodbye. My spirits were buoyed with the hundreds of wonderful messages I got last week. It’s so gratifying to know that the work we’ve done has made such a big difference in so many people’s lives. With apologies to Lou Gehrig, I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the Earth. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I won’t be on TV for a little while. But I do hope we’ll see each other again on the small screen some day. Until then, thanks for an incredible 10 years. I’ll miss you.

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  1. A fond farewell to mine, and many other’s, tv Dad ( Dick Van Patten’s got nothing on you), our loss is your family’s gain. I’ll miss seeing you daily. Here’s to your future, Leo. Salud!
    Much love,
    Chuck in Nashville

  2. leo,
    what has been said i aggree..
    It’s funny you not there but they are running your tips on TSS!!!!!
    you will bounce back or go a whole different direction.
    as i have said before..it’s not techtv or zdtv or the site that i follow…it’s you!
    viva LEOTV!!!

  3. Wow, like others have posted before, you have made a huge impact for me, career-wise and personally (your reporting through the 9-11 horror was very well done). I will miss your daily appearances and advice immensely, and hope they will return again soon! And my phone line will be occupied by my modem all afternoon on weekends with KFI!
    Godspeed, and thank you so very much………..

  4. Leo, you were TechTV, ZDTV…, without you the shows are nothing but typicall computer shows.

  5. I know we have been missing you on the screensavers. We at this house will miss you. We only hope comcast and G4 do the right thing with Tech TV.
    Thomas and Kathryn

  6. Love, luck, and happiness to you and yours. I’m sure Comcast is looking real hard at you for another great show.

  7. Thanks Leo- for all the years you kept us informed and entertained. Best of luck in whatever comes next.

  8. Well, Leo, it’s been fun watching your shows and your good sence of humour. I hope you will be able to go back on once Tech TV switches over. Best of wishes!

  9. I have seen Call for Help and The Screen Savers almost every single day,and it’s gonna be sad to lose you at TechTV.I Hope The Screen Saver stay on G4 or they have another Tech Show! I hope to see you in the near future!

  10. How sad Leo, I’m very sorry to see you go. You worked with talented folk but bar none, you were the best on that channel and they will feel the pain of your departure. God bless.

  11. TechTV will not be the same without you. There will be a void in both Call For Help and the Screen Savers. Your wit and knowledge made the shows. You will be missed.

  12. Leo,you are the man.
    No matter where you go,your fans will follow.You have done a great job on Techtv and I hope to see you back on the new Channel.!
    /me salutes

    Leo have watched you since ZDTV days,Have most on VHS tapes.
    You have brought me from newbee to dummie .
    Will mis you very much, Good Luck

  14. What a clown Vulcan Ventures. This is the saddest thing ever. I am glad you are on KFI and i’m very thankful for your show on MP3 format, I hope someday I’ll have enough files to fill my ipod.
    TechTV will not be the same without you and I assure you, they just lost another customer…

  15. Dear Leo,
    I want to thank you for the great television over the years and getting me excited about technology again. I also wanted to say that with all interaction on TV, Radio, Email, et al. you are like a part of my extended family. Hopefully we’ll speak to each other more than just on the major holidays. 😉
    All the Best!

  16. Nothing lasts forever, I know; but to us long-time viewers you ARE TechTV, Leo! I can’t listen to KFI here in Houston, so I’m going to think of this as Summer re-run season until the new guys take control. You will be sorely missed.

  17. Hey Leo,
    I got scared the moment the frontpage of your site didn’t have a TV section but I hope you’ll get a chance to host another TV show soon when the TechTV/G4 merger goes through. We’ll all miss you, your the one who inspired me to watch TechTV when I first saw “The Screen Savers”, then I saw “Call for Help”.
    It’s been great watching you Leo.
    See ya in KFI Chat tomorrow.


  19. That is a concern of mine, I get TechTV canada here, but no comcast or G4 so..erg…it’s frustrating considering leo’s been there since there start of my computing days and helped every step of the way.

  20. Leo, we will definitely miss your presence. You were the ONLY reason I watched TechTV. I’m bummed. I was down in LA a few weekends ago and got to hear your KFI show; good job. It’s sad you don’t have as much of a chance to talk about Macs now, but oh well, at least you are still doing what you like to do… best of luck and keep up the great work!

  21. This isn’t Goodbye. I’ll still be seeing you as much as ever, seeing as how I rarely see TTV. Good luck with KFI, Regis, WNN, and any other pursuits you may come upon 🙂

  22. Mayor,
    I will wish you all the best but I am not concerned about that, you will land on your feet. They just make a major mistake but whatever the reason, we can all catch you on the web (outside of CA) and I am sure you will find another outlet on TV for your brilliance. G4Tv would be smart to get in touch with you.

  23. I’ve been watching Call For Help, The Screen Savers, Fresh Gear since it was on ZDTV (Ziff-Davis) . CFH, TSS won’t be the same without Leo.

  24. Leo,
    I want to thank you for all the great television that you’ve given me for the last few years. You’ve personally inspired me to work and play with technology and I cannot credit anyone but yourself for that. We’ll miss you.
    See Ya

  25. So that’s why I can’t get in!
    Leo, sorry to hear about this sudden turn of events. The television landscape is now slightly darkened by this incident. Take all the time you need to relax (after 10 years you’ve earned it); just don’t stay away too long.

  26. Leo, I am speechless.
    There is life after Tech Tv …or after any TV for that matter.
    Have a cold one, take a deep breath… hug the kids, life is good.

  27. Leo I’m sorry to hear that you are leaving TechTv. I enjoyed C4H and TSS for years and years now. I hope that something can be worked out so you could come back to the new network whenever that starts. I will be listening to you on KFI640.Com tomorrow and Sunday and every weekend after that.
    Thanks for all the help.

  28. Leo, it sucks now knowing you may never be seen on TV for a long time. But the work you acheived at Tech TV was soem fo the most helpful work I’ve ever seen. I’d really like tot hank you for all you help with tech. Hopefdully someday you will return, maybe Comcast will invite you back to the Tech TV team. But I’d mainly jus tlike to say thank you.

  29. I am a 41 year old man and after reading about Leo leaving, I have tears in my eyes. It is a sad day, Leo start your own channel, you will be successful. I know with your great personality and the hard work you do, it will not be long before we see you back on tv. Best wishes Leo.

  30. Leo,
    There goes my reason for getting DirecTV!
    I hope to see you back on the air soon, and I’ll continue to listen to your radio show every week!

  31. Leo,
    That Vulcan guy is a moron. TechTV can’t survive without Leo Laporte. Hopefully G4 will realize that. I am sure that we will see you again on the TV screen. Till then, God speed Leo Laporte!
    All the best,
    Andrew Love
    LaVergne, TN

  32. leo my name is Nick Hemlepp
    i would like to thank you for saving me form my own suicidal tendenceies. your help along with the friend that had refered me to your show. I love you leo and i will mis you very vey much
    Much love,

  33. no way this is happening! Leo, you showed that being a tech geek can be fun and exciting at the same time. C4H and TSS…forget that…TechTv won’t be the same. i hope to see you again one day. Long Live TechTv!!! Long Live Leo Laporte!!!

  34. Dear Leo,
    I will miss you terribly! :~(
    I hope that whne the G4 Techtv Merger happens that Camcast will take you in!
    You Fan,

  35. Thank you for your wisdom, effort, kindness and time over these many years. You are the best man in the media.
    Just to think of the numbers of people you have inspired is amazing. I wish you the best of luck in the future. You are truly an amazing human being.
    Loyally yours

  36. I think you mean, “My leaving has nothing to do whatSOever with G4 or Comcast.”
    Regardless, its too bad.

  37. COMCAST has GOT TO KNOW that a big part of the TechTV purchase is getting the lead talent with it… that’s you, Leo Laporte. I have no doubt we’ll see you again soon on G4… BUT WHERE DO WE SEND EMAILS/LETTERS TO COMCAST to tell them just how much you mean to us? Does anyone have an email link where the messages will get to the right (read: important) people?

  38. very sad to see you go LEO , but i guess, it’s life.. Wish you good health and happiness.. There is no TechTV without you !!

  39. I liked you on TTv, but do your thing man. I know a lot more about computers, because of you. I hope you still get to teach other people.

  40. Thank you for devoting so much time to hosting those shows, I loved the energy you brought to TSS and CFH. I’m extremely sad to see you leave, and like David Oropallo said, I feel like i lost a good friend.

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