End of Line

The party's over.After nearly ten years, four owners, well over 2000 live TV shows, lots of laughs, a few tears, and meeting many many wonderful people, my time at TechTV has come to an end.
I could tell so many stories about the talented, committed, hard working, and hard partying people I’ve worked with there. Each and every one of them will always have a special place in my life . It was with great sadness that I walked out the studio door for the last time last night.

The reasons for my leaving are complicated. As I posted here a few weeks ago, management and I had come to a very satisfactory agreement about a new work schedule and salary, but at the last minute TechTV’s outgoing owner, Vulcan Ventures, insisted that I sign away all claims against them regarding shares they had given me some years ago. I was unwilling to do so, and they held my job as hostage.

My leaving has nothing to do whatever with G4 or Comcast. In fact, I’m very sorry that I won’t be around to participate in the transition. I’ve already contacted G4 to let them know I’d be glad to continue working at the new channel once they take over and I hope that I’ll get that chance.

Fortunately I still have a great job at KFI, a sweet book contract with Que, this thriving web site, and many requests for speeches and other appearances. My family will not starve, and I will be keeping very busy no matter what happens.

Call for Help will continue on the air without me. George Crowe, Dan Mitchell, Fawn Luu, Roger Chang, Cat Schwartz, and Ian the new guy, whose last name I still can’t spell, are still there working their tails off to do the best show on TechTV for the least amount of money. Nicole Guilfoyle and Rich Miglozzi are still slaving away to make the web site the best resource ever. Steve Porter, Rob D’Arcy, Bill Coen, Josh Villegas, Raevon Armand, Deb Croback, Jon Martin, Greg Tremelling, Brett, Fatty Matty, David Chung, Jim Smith and the best studio crew in the world are still there keeping things running light without overbyte. Please keep watching.

For the second time in as many weeks I find myself saying goodbye. My spirits were buoyed with the hundreds of wonderful messages I got last week. It’s so gratifying to know that the work we’ve done has made such a big difference in so many people’s lives. With apologies to Lou Gehrig, I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the Earth. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I won’t be on TV for a little while. But I do hope we’ll see each other again on the small screen some day. Until then, thanks for an incredible 10 years. I’ll miss you.

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  1. That’s really sad, I always enjoyed watching you on Call for Help and TSS. Both wont be the same without you. Furthermore, this thing between G4TV and TechTV seems lame. I dislike g4tv very much because they’re a bunch of lame console gamers and they really don’t act like true gamers, to be honest. I hope to see you back on TV again soon!

  2. Today is 4/15/2004 and I just saw Call For Help… in the opening of the show they (Chris and Cat) talked like you are just on vacation and they were just filling in…what’s that all about???
    I think they (TechTV) need to make an on the air announcement about what is going on and will you be back on the air or not. I pay extra to be able to get TechTv and I may just drop it if you don’t come back.

  3. Leo, I had to le you go, you cost me too much money! When you started 10 years ago I had 40 billion dollars. Now i’m $750,000 shy of 40 billion!
    Paul Allen

  4. Ahh Leo, thats so sad!!!! I loved watching you on both Call For Help and The Screensavers! I have been doing it since TechTV was still ZDTV, I was watching Call For Help Yesterday when I noticed you were gone, it really upset me when my brother told me that you were gone for good. 🙁
    I hope you come back soon!

  5. Say it isn’t so!!! I’ve enjoyed every single show you’ve done on TechTV. I have no doubts you will be getting tons of offers for shows on other stations. You have the best personality I’ve ever seen, and the patience of a saint. I’ve learned so much and you always make it fun too. Take care and I do hope and know I’ll see you back on TV real soon, TechTV or otherwise!

  6. I will miss Leo with all my heart.
    Call for Help is not the same without you.
    Bye Leo I wish you’d come back

  7. I will miss Leo with all my heart.
    Call for Help is not the same without you.
    Bye Leo I wish you come back

  8. i thought they (roger and cat) said he was just going to grow something in his farm…any was it will be sad to see you leave.

  9. Leo,
    I have been watching this feed from the begining, it was just a wild feed on my ‘C’ band … Most of the time the camera was just left on, to a dark set. You would see people wondering arround, as if they were lost. No commericals. Great. Hope to see you back some … as soom have said ‘Leo’ is TechTV.

  10. I know many of you have to be thinking the same thing as me, what’s the point of watching Tech TV now that Leo has decided to jump the gun and make like bannana and split? Leo, it has been great all these years to come home and watch one of the technology worlds best spokesman, you always were very professional, but you always had fun at the same time. It’s to bad that The Screen Savers has given itself over to interns, but the show must go on regardless if the real talent is there or not. Come back soon, and GOOD LUCK LEO!

  11. What a bummer!! Leo MADE the show! No more for me! Rose sucks….Will REALLY miss Leo!! 🙁

  12. Leo. Just like the majority of the others on this forum….I’m gonna miss you! I’m a computer professional by trade and I was always learning new tips and tricks from you that I could either use to help me with my job or spread a little fun around the office. TSS and CfH in my opinion were the best shows on TV while you were hosting. I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors and look forward to seeing you on the air again!
    Take Care.

  13. TechTV will never be the same. You were the heart and soul of TechTV, now, there is nothing left to look forward to watching the shows, you added such personallity to each and every show you appeared on. I no longer watch TechTV now because you have left. :'(
    Good luck in the future (I hope you get your own tech channel!)

  14. Leo,
    I thought you were on another one of your vacations and just found out you were gone. I hope the new owners take you back on as soon as they take over.
    Until that time I will miss you very much.
    Best wishes and God Bless!
    Jim Buckner

  15. Leo,
    I thought you were on another one of your vacations and just found out you were gone. I hope the new owners take you back on as soon as they take over.
    Until that time I will miss you very much.
    Best wishes and God Bless!
    Jim Buckner

  16. Well, its about time. I was so fed up with you always butting in, talking over people and always being the know it all. Now they can move on with these exciting young people on the show!

  17. Sorry to hear that you where let go of the TTV. Here on the Magdelen Island (in the golfe of st-Laurent between PEI,Nova Scotia and Newfoundland), we don’t have that much technical help, and i made it a point to listen to your show as much as i could, you even got me hooked on a Mac (got a powerbook G4 two weeks ago) so even doe i still think that the TTV is an excellent technical channel, i will be cutting my satelite service to them too. I know that you are not going to be starving , but the way i see it there is a certain principle that must be followed, and blackmail is not one that i accept in any type of negotiating. So have a nice vacation from the tube and drop us (all your fans) a line if you decide to start your own technical channel.
    Salut de tes “fans” du Québec

  18. See what happens when you miss one episode of TSS and Call for Help. At first I didnt know what was happening. Then I figured you were on another “vacation trip” like you always do. But then it started to hit me when you never came back after a week and they changed TSS intro. I began to get worried so just the other day I went on Techtv.com to see if they had any info. To make a long story short, I went to your site and saw your blog about your leave. I just can’t believe that your gone. Please let us know where you land because you are our hero

  19. The heart has been ripped out of TechTV. I purchased and “upgraded” my first Tivo over the Christmas holidays thanks to Leo’s on-screen advice. TSS was the first program I Tivoed. Watching now is just not as fun or interesting for either TSS or Call for Help. Most of them get deleted without even being watched.
    NOTE TO COMCAST: Get this guy back!

  20. Hi Leo, well I don’t know what to say. I’ve been a fan of yours since I began receiving TechTV a few years ago. You came into my life at a big time of transition for me. I just got married and began a new job. I also am a huge fan of Howard Stern (now you wonder where I’m going with this?!). Clear Channel pulled his program from my area just when I started watching TechTV. I felt a horrible sense of loss at that time. It was like losing a good friend. Now I find myself in feeling exactly the same. I’m glad you have a positive view on your current situation. That’s why I believe so many people took to you. You have a HUGE amount of energy and a fun spirit. I wish you well for your future. Stay busy and please return to the small screen soon (and get your radio show syndicated around the world!). I’ll continue to watch what I can of TechTV, but no one can match your class, wit and presence. Take care, Mike

  21. Two Years NowYou know… it’s been over two years now… two years since then… And I still can’t get over it.
    The chance of anyone ever reading my single post is slim to none, so normally, I wouldn’t even post, however, TechTV really meant a lot to me. The funny thing is, The Screen Savers is what held TechTV together. The side shows like Call For Help, Tech Live, Fresh Gear, and Extend Play (XPlay) were so great, but there wouldn’t have been a chance for them if The Screen Savers wasn’t a part if it.
    To be honest, I kind of saw this coming… After I saw that Leo kind of replaced the original Call For Help host. Then, someone didn’t show up on The Screen Savers for a while, but I just decided it was because she was pregnant. I definitely knew that something was up when Jessica left (rather, that something was going to happen). Not too long after, I noticed my favorite TechTV logo was replaced by a G4TechTV one. And when you left, Leo, everything broke…
    I sadly knew that the favorite channel I had once loved would turn into something awful. I started watching TechTV when I was 10, and it was what got me interested in technology. At age 14, TechTV was replaced by G4 almost entirely. A year later, nothing remained of what had been except (Sarah Lane, who is gone now and) XPlay, which was/is now quite hard to watch. Now, at 16, I can say that I’m so very grateful of all your work, Leo, and for that matter, everyone that took part in making TechTV what it was. You all have inspired me to make a difference. It is unfortunate that TechTV is no more, and that G4 has completely taken over. However, I will always remember The Screen Savers and all of TechTV as the best thing that happened in my life.
    If you have read this, I thank you.
    I will always miss TechTV…

  22. Ditto!>^..^<
    My thoughts exactly Ben! I learned so much…and still miss it!
    Thanks for the great thoughts! You said it all!

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