Thursday’s Throwaway

Hop on board the Peeps bus!It’s April Fool’s Day. Don’t believe everything you read.
Did someone forget to pay Homestarrunner’s domain name bill? Keep watching.

I’m still waiting for John C. Dvorak’s annual April 1 column. Until then enjoy the Top 100 April Fool’s Day jokes of all time.

Forget Google News – I’m using Newsmap today for my research.

RIP Marlboro Man. Richard Nixon banned TV cigarette ads on this day in 1970. The last ad aired 12/31/1970. And in one of the best, and longest lasting, April Fools jokes ever, AMC introduced the Gremlin on this day in 1970 calling it “the first American made import.” Hunh?

  1. We know this is true, because Canada celebrates April Fool’s Day in October. A Canadian judge has ruled that music file swapping is legal in Canada. “Downloading a song for personal use does not amount to infringement,” said Federal Court Justice Konrad von Finckenstein, “I cannot see a real difference between a library that places a photocopy machine in a room full of copyrighted material and a computer user that places a personal copy on a shared directory.” Patrick Norton was correct: in Canada they do do things right.
  2. Meanwhile in Ottawa South, the House Judiciary committee’s intellectual property panel has approved a bill that would boost penalties for peer-to-peer music sharing and expand FBI powers to investigate Internet piracy. The Piracy Deterrence and Education Act offers prison terms of up to three years and fines of $250,000 for Internet users who offer songs worth more than $1000 for download. LA-area Representative Howard Berman, chief lapdog for the RIAA, says the FBI has been “as passive as you can be” prosecuting file sharers. I wish this were a joke.

    Gmail from Google

  3. I can’t figure out if this one is a joke or not. As widely reported by many serious journals, Google is getting into the email business. And here’s the part that sounds fishy, Gmail will offer each user a gigabyte of mail storage and feature Google style searching of all messages, free. In a move guaranteed to make privacy advocates’ noses quiver, Gmail will automatically include Google Adsense messages tailored to the content of outgoing messages. In other words, if you send a message to your buddy telling him how the fishing is in Montana, the mail will be tagged with ads for fishing rods and hip-waders. The service is in testing now but should roll out in the next few weeks.

  4. Netsky and Bagle dominated March’s virus top 10 from Sophos. Only MyDoom could crack the 10 in 9th place. Can we stop doing these lists, though. Isn’t this kind of publicity exactly what the virus authors want?
  5. IBM is planning to open source the design of its PowerPC chips. They’ll even encourage partners to customize the chips for special purposes.
  6. Sony is suing Kodak over key digital photography patents. Kodak started it last month by suing Sony over 10 different digital photography patents. I’m warning you kids, don’t make me pull this blog over.

    America's first American made import car

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  1. Whats going on? Call for Help & The Screensavers have both reverted to “encore presentations” today. Leo if this is an April fools joke, its went too far 😉

  2. Look at the first sentance of his post. “It’s April Fool’s Day. Don’t believe everything you read.”

  3. today is the first day of the rest of your life ,life is a boxe of chocolate,thanx,

  4. Wow! Thanks for the link to Newsmap. Very cool. I have always been a sucker for graphic visualizations.

  5. I am in denial, Leo! It can’t be true. I took a week off from Tech TV to work on my production company and you take off. It really burns me up that TPTB would do this to you. It was very smart of you to keep your stock. I would have done the same thing. I am going to miss you on CFH. I can honestly tell you that I will not be watching CFH any longer. I only watched it because you gave such sound advice and you are so personable. Continued success in your other endeavors…..

  6. I hope there is a bad April fools joke about you not being on TechTv any longer. You are like the most helpful friend a person a could ask for with technology. I watch the show twice a day whenever possible.

  7. Part of me says the GMail thing is legit if there is some file attachment restriction. Say 10MB of attached files, and a total of 1GB for the inbox for example. If they’ll let people clog their inboxes with 1GB of attachments, they’d just be run over by people trying to stash ware in their accounts.
    I honestly hope it’s legit. Google seems to do things “right” or at least more right than others… my old standby of Hotmail has been on a downward slope for about as long as I can remember. I get 95% spam and am constantly battling my inbox being full (mainly of spam). I’m reluctant to PAY for a service like that because I would end up with the same problem just hitting some OTHER arbitrary inbox capacity limit.

  8. It seems I read an article in Wired recently (more than likely by Lawrence Lessig) about how the legal system in the United States will (and is) stifle(ing) innovation, allowing other countries to take the lead and that the US will eventually stall out in this category. I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but what measures can we take as individuals to keep this from happening? It’s scary out there. You talk to most people about this and they don’t care, or side with the lawsuit, not realizing the truly remarkable things p2p and open source allows. Everybody just wants to get paid. We’re all April fools.

  9. Well…. I wouldn’t have noticed, but some other sharp-eyed individuals here caught there were “encore presentations” of TSS and CFH, and assumed something was up.
    Just looking at Leoville, it DOES appear something is up. The header on this blog says “No Shows Nightly,” and the “resume” portion of the site also does not mention TechTV at all. Just yesterday, the site reflected Leo’s presence on both programmes .
    Of course, it could just be an April fools joke. Guess we will have to find out tomorrow, or in some future iteration.
    Seems like a lot of trouble to go to to make a lot of fans nervous….. but it takes a lot of work to pull of a good yoke.

    (sorry for the caps :-P) As a Canadian citizen and music-downloader, it turns out it has been fully legal to download music in Canada since January 1st. The government made a smart move by making it legal to downlaod music- but to compensate for the lost money, the charge a small tax on MP3 players. Genius! The taxt is not very large, about $2.00 on a solid-state player and about $5.00 on an I-Pod. No that is innovative!

  11. The homestar runner being down is a joke…type in something like and you get their custom 404 error…same with

  12. This G4 crap is really pissing me off. In the mid 80’s my boss stuck his head in my door and asked me if I had computer training in college. I told him I had one COBOL course. The next morning he came and got me and took me to an office where a local IBM vendor was sitting up a 5150 with a dot matrix printer. He looked at me and said:
    “They tell me this is the future and will save us a bunch of money. It cost me $12K and change, make it work”
    Now they don’t want me as a viewer, fine. They can kiss my spreading behind. I don’t own a gaming console, there isn’t a game on my PC’s other than the MS default installs. To me life is interesting enough without them. If Allen had support this channel as much as looking for ET it might have worked. Screw Em

  13. Dang Leo, are they really trying to screw you out of $500K? You’re dang right in saying that’s a major sticking point. Hope you got an attorney on speed dial.

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