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Don’t bug me, I’m watching Seinfeld and Superman.

I think, therefore I am: mathematician Rene Descartes was born on this day 1596. Daylight Savings Time began in 1918 (spring forward Saturday night). The Hollywood production code was introduced in 1930. Mr. Kotter is 58.

  1. Bring your laptop the next time you go see the San Francisco Giants play. SBC is installing 121 wireless access points in SBCPark (née Pac Bell Park) making the “world’s largest hotspot.” It’s the first major league stadium with wireless Internet access. Wi-Fi will be free this year, $7.95 per day in 2005 but by then they plan to offer instant replay and play-by-play audio.

  2. IBM is trying to get the judge to clear the company of any copyright infringement claims in SCO’s lawsuit. Big Blue asked for declaratory judgment yesterday. The filiing drops IBM’s patent infringement counterclaim. If the court complies the case is over and SCO can go bankrupt quietly.
  3. Bill Gates confirmed that the next version of Windows, codenamed Longhorn, won’t ship until 2006. Speaking at the Gartner Spring Symposium in San Diego yesterday, Gates said, “People are speculating that we’re out in 2006 sometime and that’s probably valid speculation, but this is not a date-driven release.”
  4. Meanwhile, don’t expect any updates to Microsoft XBox sports titles this year. In a move seen as a move to appease EA Games, Microsoft announced that “NFL Fever,” “NBA Inside Drive,” “NHL Rivals,” “Links,” “Top Spin” and “Amped” will not be updated this Fall. EA has shunned XBox Live and analysts see this move as an attempt by Microsoft to make the economics of Live more appealing to EA.
  5. The music industry may publicly smear Kazaa, they’re privately looking to online music sharing services for marketing information. According to the San Jose Mercury-News, labels use information from P2P services to pick singles and tailor marketing strategies.
  6. Buy your next Sun workstation at Wal-Mart. The mass retailer is now selling PCs running Sun Linux in addition to SuSE, Lindows, and Lycoris Linux models. Sounds like Wal-Mart is the world’s largest distributor of Linux desktop systems.
  7. A former Harvard professor who allegedly bilked students and colleagues out of $600,000 to build a phony SARS research institute in China was himself scammed. He told police he “invested” all the money in a Nigerian business offer that promised a $50 million profit.

12 Replies to “Wednesday’s Witticisms”

  1. It wouldn’t surprise me, Jonathan, after all they’re starting to give away the gaming rigs from The Screen Savers LAN parties… things look to be dissolving quickly. Anyway, wasn’t Wal-Mart at one time selling PC’s with Lindows installed on them?

  2. HA! Serves that prof right! Nothing like a little Karma gettin’ ya, huh?
    Keep up the good work! (Love readin’ the tech headlines here!)

  3. wow, that’s great about Pac Bell Park… now only if Fenway Park would do the same… geez, they make enough money selling tickets ($400) for a family of 4 to sit on the green monster is ridiculous in my opinion. I think this a sign of things to come for WiFi, i’d say by 2010 most cities will be WiFi enabled.
    my 2 cents.
    How’s the new schedule going for you leo? I haven’t noticed the change on CFH that much if not at all, and it’s so nice having a 6pm airing during the evening, now i watch TechTV everynight from 6-9.

  4. It is too bad about your limited role on TSS. Although Kevin and Pat do a fine job on the show, it just doesn’t seem the same without you hosting it. My wife (who is 33) loved you and now refuses to watch the show. I guess if Comcast has its way we will soon have high schoolers hosting, and running, the show.
    Well, my family and i think you are great and sincerly hope they don’t kick you off CFH and let Cat go solo(gods forbide).

  5. I must echo Robert’s disappointment with your leaving TSS. My students, many are career switchers with little or no technology experience, relied on you and your musings to introduce them to the myriad of topics in technology. They supplemented many of our discussions with “Leo said last night…” or “there is this new file that Leo demonstrated last night that…”. Your uncanny way of explaining the topic in terms the general public understood helped to jump-start many in understanding the various computing environments they work in. You will be missed…because the students and I are in class when call for help is on.

  6. I noticed that you have a zire71 in your products section. So do I, or at least I did. A week or so ago I must have torqued the screen while it was in my pocket. The thing still works except the display isn’t visible. My guess is it’s trash. I’m not a candidate to own a pocket device. It’s just one of those things, but I can see where it could happen again. Is there any hope for screens that don’t disintegrate at the slightest touch?

  7. I really don’t understand why Wal-Mart would sell cheap PCs bundled only with Linux because the type of people that would buy a cheap computer from Wal-Mart would, most likely, have no clue to how to use Linux.
    TSS just isn’t the same without you on air live, Leo!

  8. Walmart….why not…its about prices not prestige…don’t underestimate the general public…frankly, what a great way to make people aware of the world outside their Windows…windows! getit?..yuk yuk happy April 1

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