Monday Misery

All the news that's fit to rant aboutTop of the tech news…

  1. Did you see NASA’s hypersonic speed test Saturday? Maybe you heard it! The X-43A scramjet flew at Mach 7 for 11 seconds shattering the plane speed record (and a few ear drums).

  2. Forget a chicken in every pot, how about broadband for all? President Bush is calling for affordable universal broadband access by 2007. He also said “Congress must not tax access to broadband technology if we want to spread it around.” He also said “The more the price goes down, the more users there will be.”
  3. Microsoft is ready to rev Windows CE. Version 5, code named Macallan (isn’t that a Scotch?), is a lightweight Windows for phones, PDAs and other small devices . It will ship this summer. Among other improvements this version will support a version of DirectX for improved 3D graphics.
  4. What happened to Google? It’s simpler, cleaner. Don’t they know busier is better?

8 Replies to “Monday Misery”

  1. I’m sick of you people referring to George W as an ignorant, bumbling, and clueless Texas native. He was born in Connecticut.

  2. I think what ever you may think of GW, anytime anyone in the government proposes wider availability of broadband it is a good thing…we just have to make sure that this isn’t a Dept of Justice secret plan to bug all our homes

  3. Yeah, it was refreshing to hear the Pres keep it “positive” with the note to us that Everyone Should Have Broadband. Pretty sweet! ((((don’t think that has anything to do with the 9/11 commissions and all the negative heat generated in the past week, do ya?))))
    (((i can just see the white house staff meeting… “What can we do to create some good will?” “Why don’t we tell’m all we’ll give’m that there broadband? Yeee Haw!”)))
    😉 Couldn’t help it. Had to have a little fun on this boring monday.

  4. The president does not know what he is talking about when it comes to tech. Look how long it has taken him to even mention broadband. If he were serious about making broadband affordable for all, then he would work on setting up grants to create a wireless community. Instead he is looking to spend millions of dollars on tech that is already going downhill. Very disappointed.
    Wireless Community Networks:

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