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In Living ColorThe tech news is brought to you today in living color on NBC…
The Mercedes debuted on this day in 1901. RCA ships the first color TV in 1954. The 12½” screen cost $1,000. The Concorde made its first supersonic flight in 1970.

  1. Comcast announced the acquisition of TechTV this morning for an undisclosed amount. The company plans to merge the channel with its gaming channel, G4. Completion of the sale is pending regulatory approval which should take 30-60 days.

  2. Microsoft announced its new cross-platform gaming platform, XNA, at the Game Developers Conference on now in San Jose. XNA builds on DirectX 9 but will deliver higher quality graphics and pave the way for Hi-Def gaming. XNA will appear first in Xbox 2.
  3. The Chinese government is cracking down on Internet cafes, saying they endanger teenagers’ “mental health.” Internet cafes may not be operated near schools or homes. Juveniles are barred from entering.
  4. Dell Computer is a little red-faced over the inadvertent posting of an ad for an AMD Opteron-based server yesterday. Dell admits to privately selling AMD machines to special corporate customers but remains staunchly Intel-only in public.
  5. Guess I was wrong about the iPod mini. Apple is delaying its global launch citing stronger than anticipated demand in the US.

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  1. How will the buyout of TechTV affect TSS and CFH? Are they going to have to make room for the GameTV content?

  2. People bash the mini for its price. But when you see them in person, you take a second look. Noone has the mini instock right now. But, when has Apple ever announced a product and it wasn’t delayed three months? The last few years they have always blamed Motorola for the G4 delays, with the G5’s it was because they sold all the first few batches to Virginia Tech for publicity, and now what now they are going to start blaming Hitachi for failing to deliver? Whoever is in charge of “estimating” demand of new products at Apple needs to be fired.

  3. Wow, talk about a memory trip. Haven’t thought of the NBC peacock in decades. Thanks!

  4. Leo,
    How does Comcast’s purchase of TechTV affect you and your fellow TechTV personalities?

  5. The Comcast buyout wouldn’t be a bad thing if they replace shows like: Wired for Sex, Unscrewed, Nerd Nation, Body Hits, Anime Unleashed, and Thunderbirds. Those shows can’t go too soon. I think the shows, even good ones like TSS and Call for Help, have been going downhill ever since the station changed from ZDTV to Techtv. The programming has gotten even worse of late! Leo will be missed! The show just won’t be the same without him. Dan, Kevin, Sarah, and Jessica don’t usually add much to the show other than a little fun. I don’t think they, along with Patrick, will be to hold it up. It would be great though, if they could prove me wrong! Thanks Leo for the great work you have done. I glad to know I can still catch you on Call for Help, at a new time I hear!

  6. Leo,
    I’ve watched TSS religiously for almost four years now, and I have to say I love everything that you have contributed to the show. I never saw Kate as your co-host on that, except as a guest (though it was all I could do to keep from yelling “Nooooooo!” the night she left Extended Play and the channel–it still hurts!) and I think Patrick’s awesome, but TSS just won’t be the same without you.
    I have to say that I really wish you’d stay on, but I will (eventually) understand if you cannot do so, or simply do not wish to. For what it’s worth, I also prefer shows that are geared more towards helping people directly, as opposed to interviewing special guests, no matter how interesting some of them might be.
    I wish you the best, and I hope that you will indeed be back FREQUENTLY to keep us informed and entertained.

  7. I know a lot of your friends will lose a job over this, especially if they dump the SF studios. I also fear for CFH, it doesn’t sound like it fits well into Comcast’s vision. Oh Hell, who wants to move the LA anyway? Radio is kinder to us old fat guys anyway. 😉

  8. Leo I’m sorry to hear you’ll be leaving TSS as the regular host! I’ve been a viewer from the beginning and knew this day would have to come sooner or later “and dreaded it”. I just wanted to let you know what an inspiration and pleasure it has been to watch the TSS over the years. As a person with a disability there are many challenges in my life and some days are oh so challenging to say the least. This is until around 7pm where I know something will bring a smile to my face. Good luck on where the road takes and again thanks for all the quality broadcasting!
    Rick S

  9. i have no problem with with g4 and tech tv being owned by the same company. At first it sounded like a good move..but once I heard that g4 and techtv would be one channel… I’m not sure about that. but perhaps it’ll be ok…i don’t know

  10. If G4 is headquartered in Los Angeles and TechTV is in San Francisco, I cannot see them keeping TechTV in the Bay Area after a transition period. It doesn’t make fiscal sense.

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