So Long and Thanks For All The Fish…

I hate long good-byes. I loathe long on-air goodbyes. So don’t expect me to say much tonight on The Screen Savers. But since the news is out on Slash-Dot and the TechTV message boards, I guess I’d better say something here.
Yes, tonight will be my last night hosting The Screen Savers, a show we started nearly six years ago on a far away planet called ZDTV. I’m going to continue to do a daily taped segment, and I’ll come back for specials, but I’ll only be the cabin boy. Patrick and Kevin will captain the ship starting on Monday.

The story of how this came about is long and boring, but suffice to say it was my decision. With the uncertainty caused by the channel’s sale I decided it would be prudent to diversify. I was lucky enough to find a great weekend job at KFI in Los Angeles, but as a result I’ve been working seven days a week. TechTV very graciously has allowed me to cut back so that I can work at both places without sacrificing my health or sanity.

I will continue to host Call for Help every day, and it will air at a new time, 6p Eastern, right next to The Screen Savers. I hope you’ll stop by on your way to The Big Show®.

Hosting The Screen Savers is without a doubt the best job I have ever had, or likely ever will have. Thanks to Kate, Patrick, Martin, Megan, Morgan, Sarah, Jessica, Kevin, Yoshi, Dan, Joshua, and all the behind the scenes people who made the magic happen every night. I’d say I’ll miss you but I’ll be right next door.

Finally, thanks to all of you who have supported me and the channel throughout these amazing years. Whatever happens, at bottom all of us at TechTV do what we do for you. And your enthusiastic involvement in the channel has made this the best six years of my life. In the words of Patrick Norton, geek on, guys. I’ll keep making shows as long as you keep watching them.

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  1. I’m going to miss you on tss. The show won’t be the same without you. I’ve learned alot from you on the show, but your personality will be missed the most.

  2. Leo, you’re always going to be my friend no matter what your career does. I hope you’re ok and i’m going to be capturing tonight. It’ll be a sad day for TSS that’s for sure.

  3. It just won’t be the same without you. You’ll be missed. And I’ll never get another chance to see you in a kilt!
    Regards and best wishes for continued success.
    Karen B.

  4. Leo,
    I’ve watched since the Kate/Leo/You’re Watching ZDTv days.
    You’ve been wonderful and you will be missed. 🙁
    Best of luck in all your new ventures. 🙂

  5. The show will be missing something everynight now that you are not hosting. I have been watching since ZDTV and Kate.
    I enjoy the show a lot and don’t miss an episode.

  6. It’s a sad day in America. Thanks for the help, Leo.
    You were to TechTV as the recently late J.J. Jackson was to MTV, what John Hargrove of Computer Stew was to the Internet, what Elvis Pressly was to Rock ‘n’ Roll.
    Godspeed Leo Laporte, and may you encounter many more successes in the future!

  7. Hi,
    I feel sad tonight; I started watching TSS on september 2000. In fact this is the reason I subscribed to TechTV. I can say that I did not missed many shows. I loved the way you hosted the program with Patrick. It was a truly entertaining and informative hour.
    Hope the best for you.

  8. I found computers in my early 50’s, and TSS the same year. Because you made it educational and fun at the same time, I have progressed from Newbie to Geek – from Windows 3.1 to XP and Linux. You gave me the confidence to tackle building systems and now, in retirement, I have a hobby which my whole family enjoys.
    Thank you for all your help and hard work. You leave TSS in good hands, but you leave a void that cannot be filled.

  9. Glad you’re staying on with CFH, but the geekier fans among us will really miss your rapier wit and impeccable tech savvy on TSS. You’ve shared a lot of knowledge over the years and helped make us all a little more respectful of technology through better understanding… not to mention showing us how &$@# much fun it can be! That’s been the whole point, aye? =)
    I think you’re leaving the show in good hands. Let’s hope Comcast pays it (and CFH!) the due respect it deserves, as you and Kate did from the beginning, and all the “Savers” have done since.
    You’ll always be my hero, Leo. =)

  10. Leo, thanks for the many episodes of TSS. You are/were the best one on TechTV. Vast knowledge, charismatic personality, not to mention a Mac user. TSS will be in good hands with Gilligan and the Skipper (Kevin and Pat). Can’t wait for CFH to move to a decent time slot.
    Thanks again and good luck!

  11. Yes, but can you do a backward summersolt through a hoop in the air while whistling the Star Spangled Banner?
    ::pause for laughter/groans::
    You’ll be missed. But I’ll deffinatlly be watching CFH, gotta have my daily dose of Leo. ^_^

  12. Leo, my girlfriend Michele and I got to be in the audience and watch you do the show two weeks ago. It was Micheles first time to see the show ever. We had a great time. So glad I got to see you do the show before you left. I’m majorly bummed! Michele will be upset. She thought you were really funny! Thanks for the signed pic of you and Patrick. I am now a hero to all my nerdy friends 😉
    You will be missed.

  13. Wow, Leo… This is strange news… Although I’ve personally not called, I’ve been a big fan of TSS and CFH for many years (since the ZDTV days, when I could only get you on c-band sat.)
    The information I’ve learned from you over the years has been amazing, and I’m always learning more.
    I just wanted to let you know that you have been, and will continue to be a big influence on me, as well as a mentor to me.
    Thank you for all your years of service to the computer user community!

  14. Leo,
    You have been a HUGE inspiration to me, and so many others. You made learning the “personal confuser” fun! And no matter how advanced I got in computers… I ALWAYS watched Call For Help as well as The Screen Savers because you added so much knowledge to what would normally be considered to be “basic computer knowledge”. You really had an impact on my additude towards computing. Thanks for all the great times on TSS… and you better believe I’m gonna keep watching CFH!!! Thanks again, I wish you the absolute best of luck! You really know your stuff! You make it cool and fun to be a geek! “Geek on” Leo…. “Geek on”….

  15. Leo, I’m very sad that you are leaving, in fact confused. I’ve been an avid viewer for some time now and you have taught me many things including that being a geek is good. I have bought your books and hardly ever missed a show. I hope that your stepping back a bit to just do CFH isn’t the beginning of the end of your career at techtv.
    Today’s epidode was the most tivo’d episode ever, but was not the same. You could tell that no one on set was their usual self. It is because that not only did they and all viewers at home lose a host, but a very close friend.
    You will be missed and please guest star often!!!!!

  16. I can’t take this anymore. First it was Fred Rogers, then Bob Keeshan, and now you Leo. Well I admit that’s a exaggeration, hopefully you’re alive and well as I write this. I can compare you somewhat to the other timeless pair though. You come into our homes, enlighten and entertain. When the shows over you leave us feeling a little better for the watching. I was hoping you would be offered a weekly show that had more appeal outside the all powerful 13-34 demographic the hounds are chasing. I have to admit I don’t watch TSS when you’re not hosting. Most of us baby boomer’s don’t keep up with games and “fragging”. It’s hard enough to keep up with that similar, but more pleasurable word. There’s fish, and there’s fish, but you’ve been Russian caviar old man. 😉

  17. Wow Leo, I’m shocked. Watching the Screen Savers from now on will never be the same. You guys (and girls) have helped me figure out some difficult problems with my CPU and I thank you for this. You will definitely be missed here on Guam. Good luck in the future and take care.

  18. In a way I am deeply saddened that you are leaving TSS (your baby), but the fact that you’ll still be doing Call for Help makes me feel a bit better for the time being.
    The shakeups at TechTV have lost a lot of great personalities, and I hope you’ll be invited to play just as big a role with ComCast. I’ve only met you once in person (with Yoshi in the Press Area at Comdex in 2002), but by inviting you into my home each night (after sometimes crummy days as an IT Contractor for the USAF), you’ve become almost a member of the family, and brought some smiles along the way.
    You are one of the kindest media personalities that I have had the pleasure to meet and I wish you continued success in whatever paths you choose to follow in life.

  19. One thing that no one has touched on was Leo’s constant media attention to the freedoms that large corps and the government try to take away in the Digital World. I can hope on that it continues on Call for Help or someone picks up the ball on TSS.
    Just as a side note. I appricated your approach to learning as oppoesed to Patricks famous “Folks if you dont know how dont bother” attitude all the time.
    You will be missed.

  20. i’m a TSS fan for just about 2 years ago and from the very first day my fav show has been TSS. not only because i learn to use tech better but because you are a very entertainng and helpful host.
    i’ll still what the show but it can’t ever be the same without you

  21. Leo,
    I have watched you from day one. This is a very sad day. “The Screen Savers” was a success because of you. I am very happy that you will continue on with “Call for Help”. TechTV will survive as long as they have Leo Laporte.
    Best wishes,
    Michael J. Titera
    Fremont, California

  22. Leo,
    Say it ain’t so?!
    TSS has become one of my favorite shows and one of the only programs that garners the “Save Until I delete” setting on my Tivo. You, Patrick and supporting cast have taught us all so much about technology, from software to hardware and everything in between. While I hve always appreciated Patrick, Kevin, Yoshi and the rest of the cast and respect their technical knowledge, they were always supporting cast in my eyes.
    You were the charasmatic onscreen personality that gave the show life and really made it something special. TSS without Leo “driving” will unfortunately just not be the same. Who else can interview a guest and bring the material alive like you? Thanks for all the laughs and memories. Nobody did it better!

  23. You and Kate are the reason I got into computers and IT in the first place. Watching TSS throughout its evolution from the basement to the main stage and getting great advice and help has helped me in my 5+ years in the industry. I wouldn’t have been able to solve half of all the problems I’ve faced without TSS and you.
    Thanks for all the advice!

  24. I’m sure The Screen Savers will continue to be an excellent show without you, Leo, but it will never be the same. Your like the cool-dad that the neighborhood kids like to hang with.
    Your personality, ease, and rapport with people gives me something to aspire to in my own life.
    Thank you for getting me from my first file assosciation with Windows 98 to my first MacOSX. I started as a help desk support guy in ’99 with no experience and now I’m the Director of IT for a local company and own my own tech support business.
    Peace and long life, you rock!
    Joe Donahue
    Westbrook, ME

  25. I almost got sick when I heard the news last night, Leo. You and Patrick work so well together. Watching Patrick and Kevin just won’t be the same. I also hate that your nightly piece on the show will be taped. You’re so much more fun live!
    I will certainly miss you! I have been watching since July of 1998.

  26. Since I got TechTV (almost a year) I started watching TSS, and I liked it a lot! It was the six of you: Leo, Patrick, Sarah, Jessica, Kevin and Joshi that made TSS so good. Then the lovely Jessica left, and now YOU! You were the energy of the show, and the one who started it. I understand that the changes in TechTV being bought by Comcast influenced your decision, and that’s OK. As long as you continue in CFH, and in the channel, we’ll be Great! Go MAC!!!!

  27. I’ve been watching TSS for along time, and I can’t imagine it without you as one of the hosts. I think your decision was an understandable one, but to repeat just about everyone else, and even though you’ll be on the show next door, you will be missed on TSS.
    Thanks for all the memories on that show.
    I wish you the best.

  28. Leo, you have been incredible on TV these last 6 years. You have brought along many of your co-workers and turned them into very competent, interesting personalities along side your own. I can’t think of anyone who has been more helpful to me or to their co-workers. If I could find a link to email Paul Allen or Comcast (neither one apparently cares about feedback) I’d tell them what a loss they have caused. I wish you the very best and will continue to follow YOU wherever you go. Thanks so much for what you have done for me!

  29. I don’t know how anyone will be able to fill your shoes, nor wear shoes as stylishly outrageous, for that matter. (grin). Leo, you have a beautiful geek mind. I’ve called you a “walking encyclopedia of geekdom,” if your name happened to surface in conversation. The tag is meant as a compliment of the highest order. As a co-host you have managed to impart unfailing exuberance, knowledge of subject, a smidgeon of well-placed sarcasm, wit matched with humor, and a level-headed approach to whatever you were doing. TSS will not be the same, no question. I don’t distribute my eulogy’s freely, as they are reserved for individual’s impressing me to an extreme degree. Best of health and luck to you and your family. See you around the the television channels and on the Internet.

  30. Leo,
    My husband and I have watched you for years and really appreciated your knowledge and enthusiasm. We were both very unhappy when we learned that you would not be host for tss anymore. We are happy, however, that you will still be doing segments, albeit, taped.
    We understand the reasons you are doing it, including the uncertainty of the merger and, more importently, to have more time to spend with your family.
    We were both very dissappointed when Kate left for other horizons but at least we still be able to watch you.
    Thank you for all the knowledge and personality.

  31. Leo,
    Very sad news for us….the viewers of Tech TV, that you are no longer going to be the co-host of TSS! You will be missed very much.
    I watch CFH and TSS shows every day (thanks to my TiVo), so I will still get to see you on CFH. But it would be nice if you stopped in to TSS from time to time to host the show live once again. (Maybe when Patrick goes off into the desert, or Kevin is visiting Las Vegas???)
    Good Luck!

  32. Leo,
    I cannot say that I am not “crushed” by they news…..but I understand your need to diversify. Good luck and I will see ya on Call for Help. Screen Savers will never be the same without you.

  33. Dear Leo,
    I’ll miss you on ‘The Screen Savers’, but I enjoyed watching all that I have seen (Sence Nov ’03). I understand the changes that you are makeing, and I hope that everything works out for the best. I enjoy watching ‘The ScreenSavers’, ‘Call for help!’ (My favorite), and Techlive. And sencerly hope that the merger doesn’t mess things up for you, and everyone else, in Tech Tv.
    Thanks for all the laughs and help,

  34. Leo, I will miss you being on The Screen Savers ( the song Please Don’t Go comes to mind ), but you need to make the right choices for yourself. What has all of us fans scared, is that we are afraid of losing such a great tv channel, with so many great shows. I am an addict for TechTv, and am afraid of the withdrawal pains.

  35. Anthony
    We will both miss you on TSS but fortunately we can still see you on CFH. We started watching TechTV when we got digital cable here in New York. You and the other knowledgeable people at that network really helped in understanding the “Personal Confuser”. TSS and CFH even helped me in deciding what I really wanted to study in college. Almost everything I learned about computers was from watching these shows and I have you to thank for it. Good luck and good health in everything you do and remember, people who tune in everyday are gratefull for the things that you have taught us. One person can make a difference. You will be greatly missed.
    I only watch the shows because of you. I will no longer watch TSS because I consider you the heart and soul of the show. I always liked it when you wore the “flame shoes”. I love you Leo 🙂

  36. ah!
    I found this today,Leo is gone 🙁
    HIs witty commentry will be missed ,and of course your terrific approach at answering questions 🙂
    I still can’t belive it.I’ve been watching The Screen Savers for the past 5 years,since it was on ZDTV,and Leo,you make that show…..It wouldn’t be the same without you.
    I’m sure Kevin will do a great Job,but Patrick and Leo made the show….
    A very sad time indeed.

  37. Leo,
    I found the channel & show by accident w/ our subscription to DirecTV. It has now become a nightly event – enjoying the chemistry you bring to the SS. The show, w/ you as the wonderful cornerstone, has made learning about new technology fun without the “geekish” persona.
    Many thanks & good luck in your new endeavor.

  38. Leo :
    I’m 51 yrs. old and have been watching your shows since you were with Kate. I’ll miss you on TSS, But Now I’ll make sure I don’t miss CFH. Where ever you go, your fans would like to follow! I agree with who ever said you will take at least 50 % of the viewers.
    John D.

  39. Leo, I would like to hope that this is a temporary situation. TSS will not be the same without you. I support all the wonderful things said about you by the hundreds of other respondents. You have a gift for live television, technology, and creating warmth in an impersonal media.
    I hope that after the merger is settled and everything shakes out that the new owners at Comcast realize that Leo IS TechTV.
    God bless.

  40. If I was you I would get the uncomfortable feeling after reading these comments that I had died and these were mostly condolences to the widow. Of course no one would email God and demand he bring you back for live performances. Then again some might, but they would probably have better luck with Comcast. A little bit that is….

  41. You will be missed, Leo. I must confess that I will likely stop watching TSS. I thought you and Patrick were a great team. I am not sold on Kevin Rose or Sarah Lane as they are not nearly as interesting personalities as Megan, Morgan and Martin were. Will you still do your Regis appearances?
    All the best to you in your future ventures. You deserve it.
    -C. Morin

  42. I’m going to miss you on tss. The show won’t be the same without you. I’ve learned alot from you on the show, but your personality will be missed the most.
    I also hope that you will come back if the ratings start to go down. TSS WILL ALWAYS NEED YOU!!!!!! Your funnyness will be missed the most, it always cheered my up during my stressful times at school and life. I am glad althought that TECHTV has moved CFH to 6pm, that means I can still catch it before my classes start.

  43. This is crap. When Chris P. left everyone sighed a collective relief like when a crazy uncle leaves after christmas dinner. But You?????? you are tech tv my friend, I dont know what comcast has in store for techtv if you are not a part of it, then I wont be. Nothing against the rest of the marble mouthed screensavers staff but YOU MADE/MAKE THE SCREENSAVERS DUDE !!

  44. I started watching the show in 1999, back in the good ‘ol ZDTV days, back when I didn’t even have internet access and a Windows 95 Pentium I. You’re the best, Leo. I’m glad you’re still sticking with CFH, and I’m even glad-er that the show is now on at 6 over here so I can actually see the show daily. I always treasured those lucky days when I got home from school a couple minutes early and I got to see you answer one or two e-mails and say goodbye for the day. But I *will* miss you on TSS. I hope you make a lot of guest appearances on the new TSS. Blech. It sounds so inferior. It probably is.
    I wish it was 1999 again.

  45. Leo,
    You said, “So Long and Thanks for All the Fish.”
    Yes, the dolphins got out just in the nick of time, didn’t they? You have also made a wise choice.
    You created a very likeable personna on TSS and CFH. I’ve been watching since the ZDTV days like so many others. It’s been a pleasure.
    I’ll have to find another source for tips and info for my Brambleweeny Submesan Brain now, won’t I?
    All the best to you, Leo.

  46. Hi, Leo,
    This is a good time to tell you how much I have appreciated your shows on TechTV during the three years I have been a viewer. You are a good teacher who really knows his stuff. Your books are great! And you are one funny guy, as lecherous as many of us are who have turned 40!
    I am mystified and perplexed by what I have been reading about the merger.
    My fear is that TechTV as we know it will be gone. The reality probably is that our favorite shows will remain on the combined channel.
    I am very concerned about how the merger will affect the TechTV staff. My hope is that you will continue to do your shows from the TechTV studios in San Francisco. Forcing you to move from San Francisco to Los Angeles in such a short time would be unfair, unrealistic, and really &%$#@ stupid.
    The best of luck to you, Leo, and to the entire TechTV staff!

  47. sorry to see you go, been a watchin since 98′, you and Kate…..
    but no Leo no me!!! Funny I was just thinkin’ when you were
    out 2 weeks ago, that they had to find a good replacement for
    you when you were out, funny, now you’re gone, those poor other
    guys are going to blow it for TechTv, imho
    good luck
    bones for all
    bring a bag

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