Live Again with Regis and Kelly

Little reeg...Two upcoming appearances I wanted to let you know about.
I’m going to be on with Regis and Kelly again this morning. Check your local listings. I’m usually on in the last half of the show.

And Cat will be on Howard Stern some time Wednesday morning. Tune in, it should be very interesting!

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  1. Can you post descriptions of the items you didn’t get to? What were those little green things floating in water tubes?

  2. I am sure cat will be fine on the Stern show…..Leo, how is that TV w/ the printer in it that was awsome.

  3. To Jonathan those green things in the tube I believe are a new toy called aquapets being released in the United States by Wild Planet.

  4. Leo, great job on Regis & Kelly! As to Cat, or anybody, on Stern I won’t be tuning in. No matter how “interesting.” Sorry.

  5. We all knew Cat would someday end up on the Stern Show talking about her bisexual teen years and taking her bra off to plug some desperate floundering venture but who would have ever thought that company would be Techtv!
    Between Kevin bringing his unscrewed act to TSS where he can’t even get through a sentence without telling us who is girlfriend is to dry humping her every chance he gets to teaching the kiddies how to steal stuff to pimp master Paul Block making Techtv unwatchable for any person past puberty! What is next an appearance at the bunny ranch?

  6. Mary the key words you used are, ‘desperate floundering venture”. It’s about sales and sales are about market shares and demographics. In today’s entertainment market if anyone doesn’t believe sponsorship drives programming is deluded. I’m sure the Stern show was more about self promotion than promoting TechTV. This is Leos blog, and he has stated before that he’s an employee of TechTV and not a policy maker. Apparently someone believes that 15-18 year olds spend more tech dollars that 25 year old up, or are at least more venerable to advertisement. To be honest, I find myself watching less and less, and hardly ever if Leo is off air. Too much youth makes me constipated.

  7. May I ask what Cat said/did on Howard Stern? Just wondering what all the fuss is about.

  8. Re: Cat on Stern
    Gee, now I feel like I know about Cat than I really cared to know! LOL

  9. what was the brand of the wide screen that was featured at the end of the segment…….too shor an interview…..Toneman

  10. Right on, Cat is gonna be on Howard Stern! I listen to him every morning before work/school. If you get past the things you hear about him and actually listen, the show is actually really hilarious. Lighten up and listen. Leo, you rule!!

  11. To be called a genius by Regis must rock. To see lovely and nice Kelly in person would rock. What a great gig.

  12. Leo – What was that tiny computer you showed briefly that has a 20 GB hard drive, is only slightly bigger than a regular PDA, and retails for about $1800? Was the brand Vulcan? Is it available for purchase yet? If not, when? Cheers, Bruce

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