A New Deal

A new deal!I’m pleased to announce that TechTV and I have reached agreement and a new contract will be in place when my old contract runs out March 31.
The new deal allows me more scope for outside opportunities, like the KFI gig, book publishing, public speaking and seminars, and features a vastly improved work schedule (at least from my family’s point of view).

In July I’ll be celebrating my 10th year with the company. We’re looking forward to many more years together making great geek TV. Thanks for your support!

59 Replies to “A New Deal”

  1. Really, really, really great news. Glad to hear (read) it. Mavel tov on reaching ten years. Heres wishing for many more.

  2. Leo that’s the best news I’ve heard in ages! I couldn’t imagine TTV without you, heck I couldn’t imagine me watching TTV without you!! I love the radio show and I know how much you love doing it but I’m very, very happy I’ll still be able to be taught all that great geekie stuff by my favorite smiling face on TV.

  3. Excellent….I wish you continued success with Tech TV and the KFI radio show. Tech TV would not be the same without you, please, please, stay around for a long time to come!!!!

  4. Congrats on that. I wouldn’t want to watch it without you. I’ve enjoyed watching you for a long time. I watched the show when it was just you and what’s her name all day long and it was zdtv. I told all my computer friends to watch you. You helped me more than anyone. I used to call people to help me but now I just watch Leo. Keep up the good work.

  5. Leo for president? He would be like Bob Hope when a group approached him to run in the 1960’s. He told them he couldn’t afford the pay cut, and he didn’t think his wife would want to move into a smaller house.

  6. Leo, you are the greatest thing. I’m only 15 and I watch TSS nightly.
    I am soooooo glad that you have renued your contract. I was in California last summer on a buisness call with my dad and i missed your show. I hope i will come back soon!!!

  7. You’re just about the only one left. Does your new contract say anything about going down with the ship? I’ve watched too many people that I really liked leave the station. You have to wonder what they’re thinking when the new stuff is worse by far and the shows I like aren’t even on during viewable hours.
    At least Stacey’s back on the channel. I still remember the picture you had of her and Kate. She has pizzazz!

  8. Glad you are sticking around. Can’t tell you how much I miss you on Call For Help. Cat and Roger are good at what they do but you are the anchor that makes the program work. You make hosting a program look easy. After todays mess I’m sure your crew would have to agree.

  9. Not bad, 55 (now 56) comments and only 2 are negative. Goes to show you’ll never please all the people all the time; George W doesn’t either though!! Thanks for being there for all Leo and I’m glad you’ll have more time for the family even if it means potentially less Leo for the rest of us. You have your priorties and family should come first, but at least you’re staying in the loop for the rest of us! Watching TTV could be as dry as watching a dictionary tv channel but with your comical antics you spice it up a good bit and get accurate tech points across! Keep up the good work and thanks from nearly all of us!!!

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