Tuesday’s Title Bout

All the news that's fit to rant aboutNews is next.

It’s Super Tuesday. I’ve voted. Have you?

NASA is holding a press conference today at 2p Eastern to announce “significant findings.” Water on Mars? Jimmy Hoffa’s remains? Stay tuned for details.

Pioneer 10 was launched on this day in 1972. It’s still headed out in the direction of Taurus bearing its plaque designed by Carl Sagan to announce our presence to the rest of the universe.

  1. SCO’s gearing up to sue its first Linux end-user tomorrow, according to CEO Darl McBride. The victim will be a well-known Fortune 1000 company. Open-source advocate Bruce Perens says “SCO can confuse as many people as they want. They’re still going to eventually go out of business. They can’t win these suits.” At least one company has paid up rather than face a lawsuit, frivolous or not. Web hosting company EV1Servers.Net says “Our current and future users now enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that their websites and data are hosted on a SCO IP compliant platform.” Someone hand me a shovel.

  2. Thomson, owners of the MP3 format, have announced a new version with digital rights management built-in. Don’t they understand that the only reason users prefer MP3 is its lack of copy protection? Maybe they don’t care what users prefer.
  3. Survey says, number portability is working, and it’s getting easier to change cell carriers.

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  1. Leo, I am using netscape. Book shelf pictures and print covers the left side of the screen. I could only read part ot the message you left for me. You can e-mail me. Harchet

  2. Yes, but EV1 is the largest datacenter in the US (possibily in the world not usre), they wouldn’t want to have their legality questioned and have loose that status

  3. Hey Leo – if you voted today – that must mean you’re a registered Democrat. Does that mean that Patrick is a Republican to balance it out?

  4. last night you said there’s a widget of you that sits on the osx desktop and such. i was wondering if they could make one for winxp that has your head floating in the corner like an angry tiki god and lightning bolts flair out of your eyes and light the taskbar on fire?

  5. Leo, can you recommend a computer repair shop in the San Diego area? Love the show. Thanks

  6. I went to TSS site to get a link and for fun clicked on the boards. If I was you I wouldn’t read that for good money. There be some cold blooded opinionated type SOB’s there. Heck I felt like I needed a stiff belt of adult Southern beverage and they weren’t even trashing me. 😉

  7. Sorry Leo. I can only vote if the party I would vote for wasnt the party in the Presidency. But then again if you dont at least vote for something, you cant have any opinions on anything can you ?

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