Tuesday Time Warp

Grey Tuesday - support copyright reformIt’s Grey Tuesday support reform of copyright law and download Danger Mouse’s magnum opus from Seren.net using BitTorrent.
Bill Gates kicks off the RSA security conference today in San Francisco.

The Ents destroyed Isengard on this day – Saruman has been flung down! Honus Wagner was born in 1874.

  1. 321 Studios has pledged to continue selling DVDXCopy – they’ll just take out the offending DVD decryption portion and let you download it from the net yourself. Company president, Robert Moore, said the court order is “a hollow victory” for the movie studios. Russell Frackman, attorney for the MPAA, opined that the judge would frown on such a strategy: “You can’t sell the product with a wink and a nod and then tell your users, ‘What you need to do is get the ripper component … from another source.’ The law generally does not permit one to do indirectly what they can’t do directly.”

  2. Interesting article on News.com about using the power grid for Internet access. The FCC is bullish on the technology because it can bring broadband to underserved rural areas. The agency has proposed rules for ISPs who want to use power lines. Earthlink will run trials in the Carolinas and Central Florida. No details on how fast, although early tests of powerline networking produced speeds barely better than dial-up. Newer modems should do much better, though.
  3. The DOD has announced it’s scrapping the Commanche helicopter after two decades under development.
  4. We’re not dead yet. Putting the lie to last week’s San Jose Mercury-News article, Napster has announced that it’s sold 5 million tunes. It’s still solidly behind Apple’s iTunes Music Store but that’s probably my daughter’s doing.
  5. According to Slashdot, two UNIX-based spam filters are claiming accuracy rates higher than humans at detecting junk email. The programs, CRM114 and DSPAM, claim accuracy rates upwards of 99.9%.
  6. Motorola has announced a 1.42 GHz PowerPC chip for laptops. ZDNet UK is speculating that Apple might want to speed bump their Powerbooks based on the new chip. Apple has preferred the IBM PowerPCs of late.

4 Replies to “Tuesday Time Warp”

  1. Leo, I was going to pass on the word to you yesterday about 321 Studios. But, now I see you already knew. 😉

  2. BPL Causes Interferance in Amateur bands. Plain and simple. BPL is bad for hams. Leo – Please support us techies! DE KG6MDW

  3. Please include me in that call as well. Better yet, contact the ARRL and let them discuss the matter with Mr. Powell. de W6JZE

  4. Re: BPL – I think the FCC is going to get an ear full from amateuyr radio ops in the Carolinas and Florida. The interferecnce caused by BPL to the HF bands can make the bands practically useless. Next time you have Mike Powell in the studio, I’d love it if you asked him what he plans on doing to fix that problem if the FCC is going to allow it to roll out. de KB2MOB

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