Calling All Callers

For the next three Sundays I’ll be doing an extra hour on my KFI radio show from 3-4p. We’re taping calls for later airing, so if you’ve had trouble getting in before, try between 3 and 4p for the next three Sundays!


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  1. So is your KTI radio show streaming on the internet? Just for us folks outsite of San Fran can tune in?

  2. As funny as you guys are the main reason I watch your show is to keep up to date. I bought my first computer for games, but have since switched to consoles due to the outrageous expense of pc gaming. Only the truly dedicated need apply.
    I would love to build my own PC but after watching you guys fry so many chips the idea gets eighty sixxed before it ever reaches the drawing board. The stuff we buy today is the trash we throw out tomorrow and there’s no excuse to spend a fortune on anything no matter how well it’s been hyped. I only want to stay in tune while buying as little as possible to do so.
    I bought the cheapest mac and although it does the things I want to start out with, I think the higher end tasks are out of it’s reach. I’ve experimented with a video capture card and several hard drives later I think there’s a limit on multiple drives. I read a notice about multiple drives which makes me think I’m ahead of the curve and the technology’s just not there yet. If I’d waited for the dvd burning tivo I’d have been a lot better off. There’s something very tempting about the bleeding edge that makes us all suckers at one time or another. You guys do your best to keep us informed but at times it’s like getting a drunk horse not to drink.
    According to the article in one of your links the next xbox will have three g5 processors in it. I can’t wait for someone to mod that into a decent mac. I really think expensive computers are history. The consoles will do it all in the future for a lot less than three to five grand.
    I must have the same deal with costco that you have with apple. Once I buy something I don’t need there’s a guy on the loud speaker saying ok he bought it we can lower the price. There ought to be a law.

  3. To Leo Laport,
    Love your show and wish that I could listen to you more. It is most imformative.
    I have questions and hopefully you will email me rather than me calling in.
    I wish to print my wallet checks on the computer with Quicken/Intuit software. I have an HP 2200 printer and wish to set it up so I can print 3 checks at a time. I have seen and set everything up that one is suppose to and still cannot catch 3 on one page of checks. It will print only one at a time.
    Question 2: I cannot save XP software to a disk. Am I missing something?
    Thanks in advance.
    Beverly HEller

  4. Beverly, Leo is a pretty busy man and does not have the time to respond to all the emails and suggestions he receives. Hopefully, you will get a suggestion about the check printing.
    As to the saving of XP updates, you need to look at the personalize section of the Microsoft Windows Update site and then download the network versions of the various fixes. That’s the only way you’ll be able to save these files.

  5. Leo, I appreciate your show. Still, I’m having difficulty getting through to the call on the show to ask my question for the last three weekends. I always get the message to call back. I’ll keep trying but would really appreciate if you can discuss my “burning” question on your show this weekend 21Feb04 and have the answer on your show note. My question is below. Thank you in advance for your help and I’ll keep listening!!!
    Q: I have a HP Pavilion Pentium 4 Computer and a flat panel hp f70. When I shut down the computer, the monitor instead of going blank and the power light goes amber, the screen turns different colors from red to green to blue to blank to white and on and on it go; the monitor power light stay green the entire time. If I turn on the monitor by itself, the screen will also go through the same color change cycle. Do I have a virus ( my Norton does not show any), a corrupted file? Is it my hardware? What is wrong? What do I need to do? HELP….

  6. yep. If there’s anything I’ve learned in my time working with high-end PC’s, it’s that it’s almost always the video card. Specifically, not enough cooling on it.

  7. Wow, and I remember the days when Leo was simply a T.V. host. Now he’s a major celebrity… 🙂

  8. I just want to say that it’s really cool that you have this blog. You wouldn’t think TV hosts (like your self) would do this.

  9. Hey, just thought I would catch you up, since you moved to typepad back in August, mabey the screensavers website should update the link so it doesn’t go to your old blog. Just a thought.

  10. I have a Sony digital multi-audio/video recorder EV-S800 which no longer works and has long been discontinued or supported by sony. So, I have all these Hi8mm video tapes with multi-track audio recordings and nothing to play them on. The expense to even try to recondition the machine, (I did locate a guy who has worked on them, but with shipping and labor/parts it doesn’t seem practical to repair the thing) Incidentally, my Hi8mm video tapes play fine on my sony camcorder. What I’m in need of is some device that will play my audio tracks so I can transfer those recordings onto cds.

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