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Boeing 747Back from LA, back to work. It’s like I never stopped.
The Federal Meterological Service was started on this day in 1870. The Brickyard was founded in 1909. Senator McCarthy starts his witch hunt in 1950 by claiming that the State department is infested by 205 Communists. First 727 gets off the ground in 1963. The 747 makes its first commercial flight in 1969.

  1. According to The Register, Opera’s parent company is planning a public stock offering.

  2. In the same article, The Register says the next version of the Mozilla browser (which I both use and recommend for Windows) will be dubbed Firefox. The beta version was called Firebird. Firefox 08. is available for download now (if you can get in – the site is slammed).
  3. Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction has opened the eyes of Tivo users. The company proclaimed it the most watched TV moment to date. How’d they know? Turns out your Tivo reports everything you do back to the home office. Tivo spokesman Scott Sutherland says “I can understand people’s concerns, but when weighted against reality, they are unfounded.” Uh, thanks for your empathy, dude.
  4. Just when we were wondering where the hyped 3G cell phone benefits were, Nextel announces it’s going to test a 4G network in Raleigh-Durham. The company claims download speeds of 1.5 megabits. Hey, I’d appreciate 56kbps.
  5. Nissan is using a sonic cannon to prevent hailstone formations from damaging its fleet of new cars.

    Labatt's Blue

  6. From SlashDot comes word of a very cool site. has galleries full of images of ordinary materials under extraordinary magnification. Created by Michael Davidson of Florida State University, the site took nine years and $5 million to produce.

  7. Also on SlashDot, a University of Alberta study that shows that excessive Internet use can actually be beneficial.

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  1. First, on the TiVo thing. This isn’t really new news. They announced the same thing after last year’s (I think it was last year’s) superbowl with the britney commercial. Of course my understanding is that they only save aggregate data, as to if that is true… who knows.
    Next, Firefox. I really like the look of it and it works well, with the exception of one thing that is a showstopper for me. On OS X they don’t use the standard aqua text input widget. Which drives me nuts because I can’t use the emacs keybindings for moving around (like I can in safari).

  2. “Heavy Internet use may be therapeutic for those people facing social isolation and loneliness, says a University of Alberta study, dispelling the belief that high computer use leads to psychological problems.”
    If by therapeutic they mean ‘makes ya feel better’ then yes, this statement is true. Heavy drinking and heavy drug use does pretty much the same thing and that don’t make it a good idea.
    Now I ask you… can you honestly tell me you don’t know anyone who has a dependency to the internet? They totally left out any sort of addictive effects heavy internet usage can have,

  3. A University of Alberta study that shows that *extended* Internet use can actually be beneficial–excessive internet use, by definition, is “too much” use and therefor in some way or another, not beneficial. Excessive nitpicking is also not beneficial, so I’ll stop now.

  4. Firefox is working great for me. I’m glad they’ve added an installer. The bookmarking is a little better now and the downloader looks good, but I couldn’t resume a file after pausing it. I still think Star Downloader works better on my (sigh) dial-up connection.

  5. I’ve been a Phoenix/Firebird/Firefox user since 0.4 (still have a copy burried on my HD). It is the next IE. Screw Full Mozilla/Opera/Netscape/IE. None of them come close to what this browser has and it’s not even in 1.0 yet. I have been installing it on EVERY pc I work on. I tell all my clients “Use this and I gaurentee that you will never get another popup” and they end up thanking me about a week later. That’s my $0.02

  6. You forgot to mention that today is the 40th anniversary of the Beatles first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show.

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