Wednesday’s Whispering Campaign

Microsoft Security PostersWhat time is it, kids? It’s news time!
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Bill Gates got a pie in the face on this day in 1998.

  1. The music industry was back in court yesterday trying to convince the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to overturn a lower court decision that Morpheus and Grokster were not responsible for illegal activities on their networks. The judges seemed unsympathetic. Sidney Thomas, considered the most technologically sophisticated member of the court, asked “aren’t we chasing the wind here?” Senior Judge John T. Noonan reproached record company attorneys who said the services were “trafficking in pirated goods.” Noonan told them to “curtail that use of abusive language.” You go, your honor.

  2. The first commercially funded moon mission will be accessible via the Internet. HP is providing technology that will let Earthbound users communicate with Trailblazer as it hurtles towards the moon. Mission planners hope to launch this fall.
  3. Google was voted the highest impact brand of 2003 by 4,000 branding professionals. The runners-up: Apple, Mini (!), Coke, and Samsung (!!).
  4. C|Net news says Yahoo is eyeing an entry into the online music biz.
  5. The growth of spam on the net may be scaring users away, according to experts gathered at an anti-spam conference in Brussels yesterday. Brightmail says that half of all email traffic is now junk mail, and a survey conducted by Trans-Atlantic Consumer Dialogue, a consumer group, says that 52% of respondents are shopping less online. 21% didn’t even know whether their email program had anti-spam filters.
  6. Tickets for The Gathering sold out in hours last night. The Gathering 2004 will be held at the Vikingship Arena in Hamar, Norway, April 7-11. According to SlashDot it’s the world’s biggest computer party. The event, which consists of demoscene and gaming competitions, attracted over 5000 geeks last year.

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  1. “San Fransissyco”? I find that pretty pathetic even from over here in Des Moines.

  2. I agree with rf Leo. You do a great job, too bad others don’t see it that way. They attack because they’re jealous or can’t cope with change.

    no but seriously, i would marry morgan webb, but shes not on the screensavers anymore so i cant marry her. and the girls now on the show arent as hot as morgan (dont tell them i said that). anyway dude i love ur show man!
    u look like the csi guy

  4. I sure hope yahoo enters the music biz. There just aren’t enough sites selling the exact same songs for the exact same prices. It would be nice to have more options when I go to buy my mp3 for $0.99. Only having 4 or 5 places to buy it is just not enough.

  5. I guess you can’t please everyone Leo but you still have far more supporters then detractors. Keep up the great work.

  6. I find all this talk of spam interesting. I’ve had a hotmail account for a little over a year now, and I can count all the spam I’ve recieved on one hand. Anyway, Leo, you do a great job. TechTv is the only reason I regret giving up my satellite service.

  7. I think that by making Morpheus and Grokster accountable for illegal activities on their networks you would have to take airlines to court when someone smuggles drugs on a plane or car manufactures when a car is used for a getaway vehicle.

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