Friday’s Feelgood

The great manThe weekend is almost upon us!
The Beatles made their last public appearance on the roof of Abbey Road studios on this day in 1969. The neighbors shut the concert down due to the noise. Kiss played their first show on this day four years later. Coincidence? Have you ever seen Paul McCartney and Gene Simmons in the same room?

Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated on this day.

  1. Microsoft has added $250,000 to the bounty for the capture of the creator of MyDoom. Combined with the reward already offered by SCO, that puts a cool half-million on the head of the virus creator. Law enforcement has a poor track record of catching virus authors, but this might provide a hefty incentive to his cohorts to turn the loser in. We can but hope.

  2. Gateway is offering $235 million for eMachines. Gateway has been struggling lately while e-machines fortune has been on the rise. Gateway CEO, the pony-tailed Ted Waitt, will step aside to let eMachines’s Wayne Inouye run the combined company which will be the third largest in the nation after Dell and HP.
  3. NASA is reconsidering its decision to let the Hubble space telescope rot. Common misconception: it’s not due to budget cuts, it’s just not safe to use the Shuttle to fix it.
  4. A Dutch court has ruled that the Lindows Linux distribution can’t use the name Lindows because it’s too close to Windows. Still OK to use the name in the US.
  5. Microsoft is going to hold off on browser changes due to the Eolas patent. Apparently Redmond is hoping the US Patent office will overturn the patent.
  6. The second annual list of the top 10 web security flaws is out from the Open Web Application Security Project. Makes you want to stay offline.

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  1. gaaaateway. icky. my darn 10 month old gateway laptop keeps keelin’ over and dying. maybe they should switch from making computers to making crayons or something. i’d take my crayons not colouring much better than my laptop not booting up… besides, having my crayons arrive in a large cow-inspired box would amuse me to no end, and i could afford more cow-inspired boxes! muwahaha! i could decorate my dorm room in black and white!
    …i need to get out more.

  2. It’s not Ghandi’s birthday today. He was born on October 2. He died on January 30.

  3. HURRAY! The Patent Office might be getting a clue!
    This Patent has too much proof that others did this way before Eolas did it.

  4. You’re right. I thought it was budget cuts that were directly responsible. More so, unnecessary missions to the HST that didn’t support the ISS. Seems ironic however I look at it. That is, traveling into Earth’s orbit as safe, no matter how near to terra firma they do so.
    I recall talk of bringing the HST back home for retirement, where present and future generations could marvel at the magnificent machine that was our eyes to our past and future. It appears there is no chance it will happen and would have required multiple missions to return it to Earth. Additionally, risking precious lives and valuable resources. It was a nice thought I enjoyed entertaining. I still remember the ridicule the HST team endured. I have a copy of a newspaper cartoon I was given by a friend, clinging by a magnet to my refrigerator for many years. It shows the lost Mars Probe jammed into the HST’s lens. It was a satirical answer to the blurry pictures when answers were scarce. Due to human ingenuity on the ground and the astronauts tender loving care in space, the Hubble Space Telescope went from an expensive instrument of mediocre value, to one of invaluable and immense contribution to our knowledge base about our vast and mysterious universe. It will be a sad day when the HST has finished gathering its last bit of distant light, lying dormant, ready to be flung into the flames of atmospheric friction. It would have been spectacular to bring it home to rest in well-deserved glory and prestige. As a fitting honor to the people who gave it life in their imagination, and to all who built it and finally made it work.
    I didn’t find the specific article he was referring to, but I found this interesting and enlightening perspective, written by a NASA astronaut in July 2003. I think his words capture the spirit of these extraordinary people. It’s a view I think the majority of them would agree with today.

  5. completely and totally off-topic:
    you should have the little pic on the boxer shorts in the store say, “where are my pants?”. i’d buy ’em and wear ’em proudly *as pants* then. yuppers. i have no shame.

  6. sorry for going off subject here. leo or anybody, I am really tempted to buy a 12″ powerbook g4, but I like the new napster music service better then itunes and its pc only, and I also have a pocket pc and that is also pc only. Also there is this cool program for the pocket pc that I like called dvd 2 pocket pc it rips the dvd movie to about a 256 mb wmv file so I can watch it on my pocket pc again it’s only for the pc. Now here is the if statement those are my conditions if I buy a powerbook will I be able to do all those things with virtual pc? if not I am going to buy a ibm t41 with bluetooth. what should I do? which one should I buy?

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