Thursday’s Thirst Quencher

All the news that's fit to rant aboutHeadlines from the wonderful world of technology.

Happy Birthday WC Fields.

  1. Apple is finally offering free repairs for iBooks with faulty logic boards. Customers had been petitioning the company to fix the flawed iBooks for some time. The repair program covers iBooks made between May 2002 and April 2003 with serial numbers between UV220XXXXXX to UV318XXXXXX. This is undoubtedly in response to the fact that I finally recycled my non-working iBook on Sunday.

  2. MyDoom.B, a variant of the email virus that is being decried as the fastest spreading virus ever, now targets Microsoft instead of SCO. It also blocks several anti-virus sites to make it harder to remove and stops pop-up ads. Hey, that’s not so bad.
  3. A groggy Spirit has sent back its first picture from Mars since it went AWOL last week. No truth to the rumor that the picture was of a discarded high heel shoe and an empty bottle of champagne.
  4. Intel and AMD continue to slug it out. Intel will be announcing its new desktop Pentium IV on Monday, code named Prescott, and both companies plan price reductions for the same day.
  5. Scientists have created a new form of matter, fermionic condensate, which may make room temperature superconductors feasible. Researchers in the porn industry are already hard at work trying to figure out how to make money on the discovery.

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  1. I know what that reference is to, but i don’t want to say it, and i love ur shows leo. 🙂

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