Tuesday’s Timbale

Apollo 1 PatchNews time…
Andy Hertzfeld, a member of the original Macintosh team, has created a wonderful Mac history on Foklore.org.

Scottish inventor John Logie Baird demonstrated TV for the first time on this day in 1926. Apollo astronauts, Gus Grissom, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee, died in a launch pad fire on this day in 1967.

  1. There’s a nasty virus coming your way. MyDoom or Novarg, depending on which anti-virus company you listen to, is spreading faster than any email virus since SoBig, probably because the email it comes in features such pseudo-tech speak as “The message cannot be represented in 7-bit ASCII encoding and has been sent as a binary attachment.” and “Mail transaction failed. Partial message is available.” Works better than pictures of Anna Kournikova these days.

    Besides sending itself to everyone in the victim’s address book, MyDoom also adds itself to Kazaa’s shared files posing as a pirated application, and then lies in wait for a planned attack on the SCO Corporation’s web site on February 1st. The virus also installs a backdoor and a keylogger.

  2. HP has announced it will use the Opteron in its new line of ProLiant servers. A big win for AMD.
  3. Experts say we’ll see an end to spam around 2006. No thanks to the Federal SPAM-CAN act. Since it became the law of the land spam has actually increased to 60% of all mail, but stepped up enforcement and address verification requirements by the big ISPs should begin to take hold by the end of this year, according the Brightmail CEO, Enrique Salem.
  4. The European Union is close to a judgment on the Microsoft anti-trust case.
  5. SlashDot reports that Dell is offering PCs without Windows for the first time since their failed Linux flirtation. The business PCs come with FreeDOS instead.
  6. Out of the way Wi-Fi, here comes UltraWideband, a wireless technology that’s faster and lower power. That makes it better suited to TV and other entertainment connections according to chipmaker Texas Instruments.
  7. The William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library will feature 40 million emails sent by staff, and two sent by the Prez himself. Actually one doesn’t count, because it was a test email to see if Clinton could figure out how to use the send button. (Don’t Presidents have people to do that stuff for them?) The lone actual email: a message to John Glenn aboard the space shuttle.
  8. We’re not the only species that sends out virus warnings. According to a new Penn State study, corn plants can warn each other about oncoming infestation.

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  1. I started receiving the MyDoom virus e-mails in my corporate e-mail box late yesterday afternoon. After diligently deleting them all, I contacted our help desk to advise them of the problem. The reaction…it’s not a virus, it’s spam! Isn’t it sad when the help desk people need help?

  2. Same here. I started getting both the virus emails and replies from recipent bots and system admins saying how I’m suposedly spreading the virus – all since yesterday afternoon. I’m using Symantec’s removal tool now anyways, even though the virus scan with the updated definitions came back negative. We use bCentral’s List Builder as our e-newsletter service so I’m wondering if the virus is spreading from my comp here at the office or from Microsoft’s bCentral servers.

  3. Hey Leo – pretty interesting information there. Funny thing is that I recently got into Penn State… Maybe someday I might be providing statistics like those. Nice to come to the studio yesterday to see the show! -Andrew (Union City)

  4. Dell offering PC’s with Dos? Ok let’s all go back to the stone age now. Let’s see how much software will run in Dos these days. Nothing! Well that should sell real well, NOT!

  5. Not meant as a criticism of Leo, but this tells you how early in the day he assembles these things:
    1. Jack Paar passed away this afternoon. For those of you who don’t recognize the name, he was the predecessor of Johnny Carson as host of The Tonight Show. Those of you who don’t recognize the name Johnny Carson are scaring me.
    2. Variety (and subsequently the Leoville boards) reports that Michaela, who has been the class of ZDTV/Tech TV for a long time, is headed to KTLA.

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