Wednesday’s Warblings

All the news that's fit to rant aboutTime for news.

Dentist Howard Wells who pioneered the use of medical anesthesia was born on this day in 1815. The envelope folding machine was patented in 1853. First dedicated sewage disposal system in the US was opened in 1880 in Memphis. Artificial heart recipient Barney Clark was born in 1921. The first atomic submarine, the USS Nautilus, was launched in 1954. The Concorde first took off in 1976.

Wired News’s Vaporware awards are out. A lifetime achievement award goes to Duke Nukem Forever.

  1. The Recording Industry Association of America is at it again, filing law suits against 532 “John Does” identified only by IP address. The US Court of Appeals prohibited the RIAA from subpoenaing ISPs directly last December, so this round of suits doesn’t name the swappers but does request information from their ISPs. The RIAA says it’s only targeting “egregious” sharers offering over 800 songs for download.

  2. There’s a new bug named Beagle that’s turning home computers into spamming machines. It comes in as an email attachment. SARC has a removal tool.
  3. Nintentendo’s not dead yet. The company has announced a new handheld with dual screens, dual processors, and up to a gig of system memory. The two screens will be used to display two different perspectives on the game, or a map and a game view. The company is withholding further details until E3 in May.
  4. Microsoft’s considering opening the Office source code to selected corporate customers.
  5. Mike Rowe’s anything but Soft. Microsoft corp is trying to shut down a BC teen’s site: because it’s too close to MS’s own name. The 17-year-old is fighting back. The attention has brought 250,000 people to his site.
  6. SPEWS has added DSLReports to its block list. A case of mistaken identity says the owner.
  7. Coca-Cola’s music site has gone live. Visit it if you can stand the Flash.
  8. Survey says: the most hated invention in America is the cell phone. Oops, gotta take this call. See you tomorrow.

6 Replies to “Wednesday’s Warblings”

  1. It should be noted that on story 3. It has 1 gigabit not 1 gigabyte. 1 gigabit = 128 megabytes

  2. Hey Leo,
    You guys keep up the good work at TechTV. It makes the nights at the firehouse go by fast. Lets see if we can get more Apple coverage though:) Had to try.

  3. Clicked on the coke’s music site skipped the flash intro and nothing loads at least in Safari.

  4. Just another note about the coke music site. I tried to do the same thing in Netscape and it brings me back to the first page. Coke site needs some work or they want you to watch all of there flash before they will let you in. Not good for dial-up folks if that’s the case.

  5. I got through the site OK, but it was disgustingly Flash heavy. I wouldn’t want to try it on a dial-up line.
    And all the prices were in Brit pence and pounds.

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