Wednesday Whiffler

All the news that's fit to rant aboutIt’s time for tech news!

Carlo Ponzi, creator of the scam that bears his name, immigrated to America on this day in 1896. Henry Ford introduced the assembly line in 1914. The FCC removed restrictions on the number of commercials per hour radio stations could air in 1981. The Simpsons premiered in 1990.

  1. The January patches are here! The January patches are here! This month’s crop of security fixes from Microsoft include patches for Exchange Server, MDAC, and its H.323 implementation for voice over IP (VoIP). Still no fix for the URL spoofing bug in IE that makes it easier to fish for personal information. Read all about the things they did fix here. The H.323 problem is widespread according to CERT.
  2. No WMA for iPod after all. Contrary to Paul Thurrot’s report in WinInfo, HP says it will not add support for the Microsoft audio format to the HP-branded iPod. An HP spokesman said, “Most customers don’t care about the format they’re downloading.” Not until they try to play their Napster or Wal-Mart music store files on the iPod and can’t.
  3. We’re on for Mars. President Bush is expected to lay out his plans today to send a manned expedition to the Red Planet within the next 20 years.
  4. “You’re too fat.” That’s what a Burger King drive through customer heard when he tried to order a Whopper. Turns out the drive-thru’s wireless system had been hacked.

7 Replies to “Wednesday Whiffler”

  1. yet another ploy by the bush administration to try to distract the public from his horrible presidency.
    i love nasa, but Bush doesnt care about them.

  2. Love the story about Burger King. Sounds like something I would have done as a teen. It reminds me of when my buddies and I would order strange things such as “a bucket of beaks and feet” from a KFC. When told they did not carry such an item, we’d reply “you have all those whole chickens, there must be some beaks and feet somewhere.” Then we’d laugh and laugh and laugh, and place our real order.

  3. I think we will all be amazed at how fast Halliburton plus Brown and Root can learn about all phases of running the space program for fun and profit.

  4. Leo,
    I need your help. Last Sunday you made a broadcast from Las Vegas wherein
    you mentioned a software program that protects one from invasion while on the
    internet. I have a poor memory and can’t remember the product. I believe it
    costs somewhere in the vicinity of $60.00. Thanks for the help. David

  5. I love it.. “hackers” broke into the Burger King drive thru system.
    What security does a BK have on the drive thru? CTCSS tones? Come on! Anyone with a scanner book and a used ham radio can pull it off. Hell, if I really wanted to, I can take my VX-5R and go to KFC, McD’s, or any other drive thru place and do the same thing. Don’t need to be a Lamo or Mitnick to do it.

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