Wednesday’s Weatherbeater

All the news that's fit to rant aboutCES starts tomorrow, but we’ve got the news today.

It’s Christmas in Ethiopia.

The first commercial transatlantic telephone service started on this day in 1927. The Air Force began production of the first US jet fighter, the Bell P-59, in 1944. The Newlywed Game premiered in 1967. AT&T released a $1500 video telephone in 1992.

  1. Homeless hacker Adrian Lamo says he’ll accept a plea bargain that will give him six months house detention. He’ll appear in court Thursday. will be renamed to
  2. The Sprit has landed and is sending back spectacular pictures, but the Beagle II still fails to report. Rats.

    [BTW, will someone tell Nasa to put a Skip Intro link on their interminable front page Flash animation?]

  3. Intel has announced it will put up $200 million in venture capital to spur development of digital home tech. In his Thursday keynote at CES, CEO Paul Otellini is expected to announce new Intel TV chips.
  4. Microsoft says it’s continuing work on the Mac version of Virtual PC. Version 7 will support the G5 (the current version does not). Look for V7 in the “first half of this year.” Mac Office will be updated around then, too.
  5. 2004 will bring a whole new shape to the PC world. According to the Inquirer, this year Intel’s socket 478 will be replaced by socket 775 (AMD is updating its socket design, too), DDR RAM will give way to DDR-II and a new DIMM form factor. That means new motherboards in the BTX flavor, requiring a new case and power supply designs. And to top it all off, the PCI and AGP busses will be replaced by PCI-Express. Finally a reason to upgrade that lame old 2.4 GHz proc.
  6. Microsoft is still fighting the Blaster worm. The company released a removal tool Monday for the worm that first appeared in August, 2003. Apparently there are still many infected machines out there.

    WD Media Center

  7. I like this. A new external hard drive from Western Digital has a built-in eight-way media reader, front panel USB 2 hub, and push button backup. 250 GB for $399.

  8. Another CES announcement, Apex Digital plans a game console that plays PC games. The ApeXtreme will include a DVD player but a punchless Via 1.4 GHz processor for $400.
  9. The US has started fingerprinting and photographing some International visitors for instant background checks as they go through customs. 27 mostly European nations are exempt. Brazil responds by fingerprinting US citizens entering that country.
  10. HiDef radio is coming to a station near you. iBiquity Digital will show the new FM technology at CES.

6 Replies to “Wednesday’s Weatherbeater”

  1. ‘lame’ 2.4 GHz? Wow, to this day I was satisfied with my P4 2.0GHz … maybe I should think about upgrading or purchasing a system …

  2. I’ve never used an external hard drive, so you’ll have to excuse my prejudice here. Doesn’t pulling things from and putting things on an external hard drive get pretty slow and tedious, even with a USB 2 or FireWire connection? Perhaps someone that has used or even owns an external hard drive can enlighten me on this point.
    That being said, being able to read from 8 different media, use it as a USB 2 hub and the push-button backup are all really cool; I wouldn’t mind having one, regardless of how slow and tedious it may be!

  3. I have an external 80gb hard drive that I use for backups, photos, music, etc. The drive itself spins at the same speed as a normal hard drive, but where the slow-down occurs is in the USB connection itself. Imagine an hourglass, you can see lots of sand (data) at the top but when it gets to the middle it slows down to go through the bottleneck, then speeds up at the bottom.
    Most media readers connect using USB connectors anyway, so you would not notice a signifigant difference there when uploading photos from a media card. A firewire external drive is usually faster than a USB drive, but you have to have a firewire connector (often sold separately). Most computers made in recent years have at least 2 USB ports on the back. Hope that answers some of your questions.

  4. I saw the Mars photos! They are simply breathtaking!
    I how long before the first human steps foot on Mars. At the rate they are going, it looks as though it could be possible in my lifetime!
    I’m doing a test to see if commenting on other blogs will drive others to visit my blog. If you are reading this, can you stop by and leave me a comment?
    Leo! I want to thank you for your daily role in The Screen Savers! I don’t know what I would ever do without the show. I’m glad I have my dish pvr… I have not missed a single episode in over two years!

  5. Mars flyby by 2032 or so. Outpost on the moon mission 2018! It’s about as official as you can be without being official. Stay tuned to Bush’s speech to come for final confirmation.
    I’d like to get an external Firwire 800 drive and hook it to my Mac PB that has ports for it. Maybe TSS could do a comparison of USB 1.1 and 2.0, Firewire 400 and 800 sometime. Even Firewire 400 is a tad slow for my liking.

  6. There’s a link ‘Go to Main NASA Site’ But It’s Hidden..
    (You have to Select the Part on the Bottom To Read It)
    It’s in black.. and so is the background of the Webpage

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