8 Replies to “Editor’s Choice Award”

  1. Was there any doubt? I take my Almanac everywhere and read it at every opportunity. It also sits quietly next to my Bible when I sleep. Keep ’em comin’, Leo!

  2. Leo,
    Congrats…and you are the best at what you do. TV hosting, radio talkin’, and book writing.
    A jack of all trades.

  3. I’d sooner take a sledgehammer to my beloved PCs & PowerBook, than believe the lovely and talented Megan Morrone would deliver less than the best. Well done Megan, Leo, and all involved.

  4. Well deserved, Leo! Megan and you (and the rest of TSS) did a great job on the book. May this be the first of many awards.

  5. Great job Leo, Megan, and TSS staff! I’ve got a copy and I thought it was excellent. Glad to see your book get recognized. Hope you receive many more awards and recognition for the book.

  6. Congratulations, now pen your own book deals and stop letting the TechTV leeches bleed you. I don’t have to tell you what it feels like after a session with entertainment industry executives and their lawyers. Look at Dvorak, he’s richer than God. 😉

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