7 Replies to “Hop on the bus”

  1. Leo, It was great to hear you on KFI today. I was just pushing buttons listening for something decent since the weekends suck here in So Cal. I was soo happy to hear you on the air again. Havn’t heard ya since I moved back down here to So Cal from the Bay Area earlier this last year. Hope this is a long term thing. I’ll keep listening and try to pop on the Chat room to add my two cents when I can.

  2. Just so the younger crowd will know, that original was a promo still from the Honeymooners. Appropriate to put Norton as Norton, but I don’t know how flattering it is to make you Ralph. Just don’t shake your fist and threaten to send anyone to the moon. The Techtv feedback servers couldn’t take the bandwidth hit. 😉

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