New Year’s News

All the news that's fit to rant aboutEnough time off. It’s back to work news hounds!
Hope you had a good holiday even if you didn’t get that aircraft carrier you wanted.

Begin the year with tech predictions. Forbes’s editors, Jon Fortt in the San Jose Mercury-News and Charles Arthur from the UK’s Independent all make interesting reading. I’ll make mine on the radio where no one will remember twelve months hence.

Samuel Pepys invented the blog on this day in 1660. Watson was introduced to Holmes in 1881. Röntgen announces his discovery of x-rays in 1896. Nathan Stubblefield makes the first public demonstration of radio in 1902. The ball dropped for the first time in Times Square in 1908. The UNIX epoch begins at midnight in 1970. It will end in 2038. Cigarette ads were banned in 1971. AT&T is split into eight regional Bells in 1984. The last new Far Side comic appeared in 1995.

Happy birthday Father Guido Sarducci, he’s 61. Bill and Melinda Gates celebrate their 10th anniversary today.

  1. We didn’t need the usual leap second last night. Seems the Earth’s rotation is no longer slowing, so there’s no need to adjust the length of the year. As usual, scientists are baffled.
  2. That’s Sir Tim Berners-Lee to you. The creator of the World Wide Web was on the Queen’s New Year’s Honors List and is now a knight or something.
  3. Sun has dumped the Cobalt line, just three years after paying $2 billion for the little blue server company. Kind of a shame, they were great boxes, but apparently most people just built their own. Sun will continue to support current owners for three more years.
  4. Jon Johansen, creator of DeCSS, the DVD decryption program, is off the hook. Last week a Norwegian appeals court cleared Johansen of all charges.
  5. AOL has released a list of the Top 10 Spam Subject Lines. And the winner is… “Viagra online.” Other winners include “Get out of debt,” “Get bigger,” and the ever popular “As seen on oprah.”
  6. As long as we’re talking lists, Yahoo! has released its top 10 searches of 2003. “Kazaa” is #1, “Harry Potter” #2. Google annual year-end Zeitgeist says “Britney Spears” was #1. The #1 brand search was Ferarri.

20 Replies to “New Year’s News”

  1. Leo, were you number 1 on the list for most searched TechTV personality on yahoo? 😀

  2. It’s simply amazing how a company that was worth $2 Billion a few years ago is now nothing more than the answer to a question in trivia games.

  3. I understand that Bill Gates gave his wife several wonderful items for their tenth wedding anniversary: a flat-panel Mac with Panther, a 40 gig iPod, and Leo’s book…. Wow she’s lucky to have someone like that………. ;>)

  4. I agree, it IS time to go back to work. After TWO SOLID WEEKS of reruns(!) on TechTV, it IS time to get back to work! Must be nice to shut down the entire channel and go home for two weeks. Sheesh.
    The Call For Help-a-thon was great, though. I couldn’t watch it all, but what I did see was some of the best, most helpful and informative television that TechTV has ever shown. Leo’s forte has always been that type of show, he obviously loves it and it shows. Good Job Leo!

  5. reported the aircraft carrier a few days ago as well. Great webcomic, everyone drop by and vote for em. Back on subject, I personally feel that considering all of those bidders have less than 20 feedback, I wouldn’t be selling them a now $100,000,000.00 military vessel.

  6. Happy New Year, Leo!
    Bill Gates used to have the hots for a friend of mine, when they were both in their teens. She didn’t think much of him then. Hee!

  7. Poor Sun :(….for such a great company… all the news you hear is
    depressing….That’s one company I would like to see get back on their feet.

  8. Leo… I’d like to persoanlly invite you to become a member of the National Union of Idiots. No this is not a bad thing… it’s a fun thing. Check out our main page at and take the Idiot Test. I’m sure you’ll find it rather amuzing and quite difficult! But I would like to extend a free membership to you if you’d like! I look foreward to hearing from you.

  9. I think the Help-a-Thon was pretty good, but Leo talks to damn much sometimes….in 12 hours they should have been able to do 100 people easy. Some of the segments like the IBM chemist stuff was just boring….personally I could care less how a harddrive is made or how it works, it isn’t going to help my computing any.

  10. Heh, no more Ship sale… Looks like Ebay have problems with people selling multi-million-dollar floating war machines.

  11. hey leo! (i’m 12) i watch tss and call for help all the time! i almost saw the entire call for help-athon… but i had to get out of the living room… my mom said i was growing roots…

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