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The Tech  Guy on KFII just got a phone call from KFI in Los Angeles. They want me to take over the Jeff Levy show starting… this weekend! Jeff is moving to another station – I think he’s even going to be on at the same time. He’s been at KFI for eight years and created one of the premiere tech talk shows in the nation. Mighty big shoes to fill – but I’m very excited for the opportunity.
The shows are Saturday and Sunday from 1-3p on 640 AM in Los Angeles, but the station has an excellent Internet stream at their web site. It works with Windows, Mac, and Linux, too! I’ll go down to LA to do them once a month, but most of the time I’ll be broadcasting from here at Casa Laporta. That’s the only way I could convince Jennifer that this would be a good thing!

This doesn’t affect my job at TechTV. They’re thrilled at the promotional opportunity it offers in the Southland. It does mean seven day weeks – but I’ve never thought of this stuff as work. I really enjoy doing it.

I have to run now – I’m flying to LA tonight to seal the deal and meet with sponsors tomorrow. I’ll be on the Bill Handel Show on KFI tomorrow at 8am to make the announcement.

UPDATE: KFI has just added another hour. Make that noon to 3p. I’ve also arranged to do the show live from the show floor during CES, noon-3p, Saturday, January 10 and Sunday, January 11.

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  1. Congratulations, I guess. I can understand why your wife might think you’re beginning to stretch yourself a bit thin. It’s been my experience that commitments, albeit fun ones, can still be a burden. You know your abilities and situation far greater than your fans, so good luck with the new show.

  2. GOOD FOR YOU!!! Hey, I’m sure you’ll be syndicated in no time at all! Be sure they land you a station in the Boston market! 😉 BTW – I’m starting a new job the following week and can’t wait. Looks like 2004 is full of new opportunities all around. Good luck and best wishes. (And by-the-way… this year’s almanac is great!)

  3. Leo on the radio? Cool! I just wish I could hear it out here in the Mitten State. With a 56K connection, I dare not try to listen to the live stream…

  4. CONGRATULATIONS, LEO!! I can’t wait to hear you on the radio regularly!
    Good luck!!!

  5. Way to go Leo! I’ll try and jump onto the webstream, but I’m on a mac, so we’ll see how it goes.

  6. Holy cow, Saturday and Sunday, I’m happily speechless!! Congrats Leo, I’ll be streaming for sure!!! Don’t forget to turn the cam on when you’re broadcasting from Casa Laporta.

  7. ::starts doing the happy dance::
    One step closer to all-Leo, all the time! 😉

  8. Can you say “escape plan”?? I think the Mayor is safe if the new TTV/G4 folds. Radio host and tech author. I hope everyone else @ TTV is as lucky.

  9. FINALLY! I get a tech host at KFI that won’t give me the wrong answers. I know you must be friends with Levy, Leo, but Levy sometimes is just plain wrong.
    So, Levy’s loss is our gain! I know I’ll be listening to Radio LaPorte!

  10. No doubt a strategic move, techtv sale now the new owners will have to deal with this…. If they dont play ball with Leo he can say Cya! There is no way they would have allowed this if they werent up for sale. Leo always said he would do radio after techtv gig was over. Looks like Leo might not want to renew his contract, so when the new owners come in they better have a sack of money for Leo or he’s walking … Hopefully Leo will elaborate more on whats happening…. There is no way Vulcan would allow this if he were under any long term deal. It actually would hurt the selling price, unless of course its all a done deal. Hmmmmmm

  11. Congratulations! It will be a joy to listen to you on the radio in Los Angeles.

  12. Congrats, Leo!
    The KFI folks move fast — I was listening to the KFI audio stream last night and they had already started running promos for the new show; I dropped in here a few minutes later, and there was the explanation!
    As a long-time TechTV fan, I can’t wait!

  13. THANK YOU. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! for replacing Jeff Levy with Leo Laporte!
    I am a Mac guy (with PC’s too) and was tired of Levy’s overly Windows related reporting. Leo is a big Mac fan and it’ll be great to hear more about Macs and not the usual constant crap PC/Windows coverage. (I heard him lambasting the PC, while promoting the Mac this morning on Bill Handel’s show.) Windows just isn’t a quality computing experience with the realization that Windows will never be the secure platform Mac OSX is. Balanced tech reporting is what’s needed, not another misguided Jeff Levy-esque toady “THE MICROSOFT HOUR.” Thanks KFI!
    Remember all you TechTV fans, KFI streams all their shows at Check out the entertaining John & Ken too.

  14. Congratulations Leo. I’m a long time Tech TV watcher even since before they were Tech TV. Have been a big fan of CFH and TSS. Because of work, I don’t get to watch as often as I would like so looking forward to catching your radio show on the web. I know it will be a success.

  15. Remember to pace yourself Leo. I’d hate for you to burn the candle at both ends and miss out on the sort of family events that happen only once in a lifetime. Work is good… but it should be moderated with family.

  16. Leo,
    Congratulations and welcome to Los Angeles radio. KFI is a great station and I really look forward to listening on the weekends.
    I can’t wait!

  17. Congratulations! You situation reminds me of the quote by Thomas Edison “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”
    Best wishes and a very happy, busy new year!

  18. congrats Leo.
    WOW no more A N G R Y & manipulative j. levy shows! Finally.
    Great move kfi, levy was getting “long in the windoze”….
    Leo for 1 of your tech segments on kfi try reporting about the Mclaren sLr and the guy behind it – that is the one and only Gordon Murray esq. Rock on Leo !!
    prost ! in 2004!!

  19. At least we will not have to hear the Levy’s duck saying “Whos’ your daddy” anymore.

  20. If only you could broadcast your sweaty pepperoni nipples over the air waves, I would tune in! Sorry, I can’t get that picture — photo-shopped or not, you know the one — out of my mind!

  21. Leo, what a great surprise today to hear you! Enjoy you on Tech TV and will be a listener every weekend. Great first show…….

  22. Congrats Leo, been watching your shows on techtv since the network started… great to have you on on the airwaves down here…

  23. Vert good news. Used to hear you way back when on KNBR when up north KGO here in LA on the Skip.

  24. YOur program should be informative and helpful and not silly and trying to be entertaining. Those of us that need help find no humor in technical problems.Levy tried too hard to be funny!
    Thanks for your help.

  25. YOur program should be informative and helpful and not silly and trying to be entertaining. Those of us that need help find no humor in technical problems.Levy tried too hard to be funny!
    Thanks for your help.

  26. Got a chance to listen to you yesterday afternoon over the net at about 2pm Central time and it was a good show Leo. I was trying to get though the lines to ask a few Mandrake 9.2 Questions but the lines were full :). Keep up the good work.

  27. I used to listen to you on KSFO before Bob O’Donnell took over and on KGO when you’re on that station as well. Since I don’t have digital cable, I haven’t been able to watch you on television, so I’m looking forward to hearing you on the radio again. Sandy

  28. So, what are ya’ doing with all of your spare time? What happens when the Giants hit the playoffs on the weekends from 1 to 3pm?

  29. Congrats Leo! What kind of equipment and technologies will you be using to broacast from home? Zephyr Xstream?

  30. I was told by someone in Charter Cable middle management that the many Charter executives would like to dump Techtv from the line up, but of course Vulcan said no. The supposed buy deal with Comcast would require a multi-year commitment from Charter to carry the channel on both extended analog and digital tiers. This is just a rumor from someone trying to sound important at the time.

  31. Drats. I was getting excited that you were going to replace Jon and Ken with a quality computer show. Well, at least we get rid of one idiot.

  32. Hey, Leo, you’ve got a mistake in the link surrounding the image at the top of the post. KFI’s website is, you’re linking to which appears to be a domain squater…

  33. From a longtime fan of both Jeff Levy and Leo Laporte …
    Levy’s departure from KFI is unfortunate for many reasons, Leo, but your tech knowledge and radio background certainly make you worthy of stepping in for him. I caught a little bit of your show today on KFI; good stuff. Best of luck to you.

  34. Great shows!! I listened to both. I hope you plan on bringing some of the Screen Saver guys on the show, but also others, like, WIL WHEATON!!! That would be great to hear him on the radio with you for a show appearance. Keep up the good work!

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