Thursday’s Thistledown

All the news that's fit to rant aboutHello news hounds.

On this day: John William Draper takes a daguerreotype of the moon, the first celestial photograph made in the U.S., 1839. Ratification of the 13th Amendment, and abolishment of slavery throughout the U.S., is officially announced, 1865. The first communications satellite broadcast takes place in the U.S., 1958. TV industry executives agree to adopt a ratings system in 1996.

Happy birthday Steven Spielberg. He’s 56.

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  1. The new kernel is here! The new kernel is here! Linus released Linux kernel 2.6.0 late yesterday with the cryptic words, “the beaver is out of detox.” The new kernel is faster and offers better support for desktop technologies like plug-n-play and USB. Download the source from and start re-compiling.
  2. Microsoft is joining the state of New York to file suits against a man it alleges to be a major spammer, Scott Richter of Microsoft is peeved because Richter supposedly spoofed Hotmail and MSN mail addresses for his spam. NY is asking for $20 million, MS for $18.8 million.
  3. Our fearless leader, Paul Allen, has been revealed to be the chief investor behind SpaceShipOne – a private effort to create a sub-orbital spacecraft and win the $10 million X Prize.
  4. Google is planning to add the contents of selected books to its search results. Google Print is expected to launch today.
  5. Don’t expect a Segway under the tree if you live in Brussels. According to Wired News, the Segway is illegal in most of Europe. Classified as a moped, brakes and lights would have to be added to the device for it to even be considered for testing.
  6. Want to know what’s in the forthcoming XP Service Pack 2 (now in beta)? Read the changelist on Microsoft TechNet.

10 Replies to “Thursday’s Thistledown”

  1. “Al Franken: Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right” “Franken documents how the right lies to gain and maintain power. If I weren’t laughing so hard, I’d be crying.” ( ohhh is that so Poor little Leo right have been trappled on?)
    Leo are you telling me you are really a Hard left stooge? Guess what Leo, The viewers of your shows Don’t all “HATE” G.W. Bush like you do, We all don’t “HATE” Microsoft, like you do, We all don’t “HATE” car like you do.
    Who do you think makes all those goodies you play with everyday! Well Whom Blowhard. It’s not AL Franken or some pothead dope. It is Corporations….ohhhhhh those Evil Corporations Leo. YES THE SAME ONES THAT ALLOW FOR THE LIFTSTYLE YOU LEAD.
    Who the hell thinks pays for the bills at TECH TV, FREEWARE OR FREE OS’s. GEEEEEEEEE When was the last time I saw Linux advertise on Tech TV? Well WHEN LEO WHEN!!!!!!!
    I can’t stand the fact I have to hear your left-wing B.S. everytime I watch your Show. You always have to take digs at the President and push the latest B.S alternative Powered car. Ohhh that’s reminds me.
    Where do you think those batteries go genius? Well where!!! In the Ground! YES IN THE GROUND. How do you think the power to CHARGE all those Batteries will come from? YES EVIL OIL AND COAL!!!!!! Why don’t you find out just how much more power will be used in charging and re charging and keeping power stored!!! There is NO FREE LUNCH LEFTY.
    All you hard-core radical left-wing Bush haters have worked to close down Nuclear power plants, I find that Strange? The plants have No emissions and are very safe…. VERY SAFE. (Don’t pull out the Three Mile Island Canard. It was safely contained and was operator error not the process)
    I can’t stand the fact that this Country has given you EVERYTHING and you hate it so much.
    Do me a favor and tell your cast to keep their Left wing Bull to themselves. We want TECH News and Reviews not there half-baked Political opinions and rants about President Bush.

  2. hey leo, i just wanted to let u know that i look forward to readin your blog and watchin u on techtv. In the year that i’ve been watching, theres no way to express how much i’ve learned from u guys. And i find it refreshing to come to your website and blog, and hear your opinions on things, its your blog, its my choice to come here, and i think its very informative. I just finished watchin my tape of the screen savers tonight, and just gotta say, there must have been a full moon tonight (overcast in my part of the country, so i can’t tell). You and Pat offered great information to callers tonight, and they all had some additude, but i wanna thank u for the info. From the overheating in UT 2003, to shoe-horning all that info to the dvd-r. Thanks again, and looking forward to the call-for-help-athon

  3. DOn’t get me wrong I love Leo also, I even want to have his Baby. I just don’t like it when he and his Staff let there politics take over the show.

  4. I personally enjoy the fact that the majority of Dave’s blog readers hate him and say to stay away from his site. And I have to agree with them…

  5. That What A Crappy Present site you suggested is definitely on the money. god! I needed a good laugh after five weeks of being without a monitor or a PC. 🙂

  6. Leo, you might want to check your linkage. It appears that your fearless leaded has financed the release of the new Linux kernal. :o) LOL!

  7. Dave, if that were a logically constructed argument rather than a badly-spelled rant with poor grammar, more people would respect your opinion. Why is the word hate in quotation marks?

  8. Well C, I was Ranting at the time I put Hate in quotation marks so I have forgoten why I did it. It was in fact a badly-spelled rant and not a logically constructed argument. I am not sure you can rant and have it be a logically constructed argument anyway. As For spelling? When I am ranting, it goes out the window.

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