Plugging Away

Lots of appearances lined up for the end of the year, as usual.

    On The Air

  • The segment I taped last week for Live with Regis and Kelly will finally air on Tuesday, December 9. It’s on at 9a in most markets, usually on an ABC affiliate.

  • I’m talking tech gadgets all week with Bill Handel, mornings on KFI 640 AM in Los Angeles.
  • I’ll be on with my buddy Steve Dahl on WCKG, Chicago, Tuesday at 5p Central.
  • I’m back on Rock Talk with Allan Handelman for his annual Christmas Buying Spree, Sunday, 12/14 from 10-11p Eastern.
  • And I do The Ronn Owens Show on KGO 810 AM in San Francisco, Wednesday 12/17 from 10-11a Pacific.

Phew! You can catch most of the radio appearances on the web, too. Check the various sites for details.

6 Replies to “Plugging Away”

  1. nices blog, very informative. nices tv show also, watch it as often as i can. peaces..
    have you sommited a s1n? funny commentaries…

  2. Leo,
    Seems like you’re doing alot of radio apperances.. You know what, you should call into my radio show 😉
    I’m on in an early slot this week ’cause it’s finals week, Wed starting @ 8p (central), 414-288-7MUR…
    Actually, i’ll invite anyone to call in.. It’ll be more callers than I normally get anyway.
    (btw.. My show’s page is

  3. Leo,
    I didn’t know you were friends with Steve Dahl? He’s a local Chicago treasure and I’ve been listening to him for years. Really excited to hear you on Tuesday! (and for all of you Leo fans not living in the Chicago area, he archives all of his shows and you should be able to listen to it the following day over at

  4. Hey Leo!! You can never be too busy these days!! Keep on keepin’ on! Oh by the way, I watch Regis and Kelly and Kelly and her husband met on All My Children and not Days of Our Lives!!

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