Thursday Thrombosis

All the news that's fit to rant aboutThe news is back, baby.

  1. The RIAA is at it again. 41 more lawsuits went out yesterday, another 90 received warning letters. Some file sharers have been deterred, Nielsen Net Ratings says there’s been a 53% drop in Kazaa users since the lawsuits started in June. But some sharers are unconcerned. USA Today quotes an Indiana University student who writes “The odds of being struck by lightning are about 90 times greater [than being sued], but I still go out in the rain.”
  2. Hewlett-Packard will announce a new hard drive based MP3 player at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, and will launch its own music download service to go with it. The company also plans a line of digital TVs. HP is following in the footsteps of Del and Gateway who have also moved aggressively into consumer electronics.
  3. There’s a security flaw in Yahoo! Instant Messenger. The buffer overflow exploit could open systems to hacks. Yahoo is working on a patch.
  4. Gartner says the new CAN-SPAM Act won’t deter spammers. The new federal law overrides 36 state laws, most of which are more effective and offshore spammers will be unaffected.
  5. Meanwhile, Microsoft has issued an “unreserved apology” to a British man the company accused of spamming, showing how difficult it can be to determine the identity of spammers.
  6. AOL is offering a PC for $299 to new users who sign up with the service for a year or more. The 1.7 GHz Celeron based “AOL optimized” system includes a monitor and color printer, but you can do better at Fry’s.
  7. Microsoft is planning to charge a license fee for any company shipping FAT formatted devices.
  8. The National Review is predicting that a speech by President Bush to commemorate the centenary of flight on December 17 will call for a return to the moon. Hoo rah!

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  1. There’s nothing we can learn from going back to the moon. Save the money and use it for the ISS or mars.

  2. Nothing we can learn? How about how to survive long-term on another celestial body? Something that we better start looking at, sooner rather than later.

  3. Damn Microsoft! They are always sucking money out of anyone. They charge 100 bucks for an OS Upgrade when it should only be like 50 bucks. MS charges outrageous prices to use its Visual Basic and C++ Languages, and it just goes on from there. At this rate Longhorn will end up being 300 bucks for an upgrade to Home Edition and 600 bucks for an upgrade to Pro!

  4. Umm…. Last time I looked apple updates were more than microsoft updates. And Apple has charged for their update three times to XP one time release!

  5. Bush is just trying anything to detract from him being a complete liar with no integrity whatsoever.

  6. Fogot about Something wrote:
    > Umm…. Last time I looked apple updates
    > were more than microsoft updates. And
    > Apple has charged for their update three
    > times to XP one time release!
    Huh? I haven’t to pay a dime for any of the 10.3. updates on my Mac.
    Pretty much seems that Apple charges the same for their OS updates as Microsoft.
    Only in initial purchase prices does Microsoft gain the advantage by offering an OEM version of the crippled XP OS (a.k.a. XP Home). However, that advantage goes away post installation — IME Windows has a higher TCO than MacOS at home.

  7. Apologies if I am too late with this info to be considered on topic. Leo and other chess fans should check out:
    REALLY cool way to look at chess openings! Works with my PDA, too, unlike many other chess sites.
    – Linda [not affiliated with any web site, just a chess fan]

  8. I used to think the Clinton bashers were bad, but the bush haters are pretty much the same. In fact, I think both camps are more a like than they would like to think.

  9. Looks like you back to SF just in time, huh Leo? I cannot imagine living where it can snow.

  10. Our track record for getting probes to Mars intact, and elsewhere, isn’t all that good. Tipping over a delicate and improperly secured satellite on terra firma was an amusing blunder (with pictures!). Luckily, no one was under the thing when it fell. There was a noteworthy miscalculation to sync with foreign calculations, causing an exploratory Mars craft to cut engines too soon, and thereby rendering the craft useless. These are two examples of our superiority as humans to conquer space. Imagine if we had sent men with all our failed missions, rather than just expensive machinery. The moon is a logical jumping off place for a Mars voyage, for numerous reasons. We have to get our stuff together there before we can expect distant planetary adventures. I say, go for it.

  11. A free PC optimized by AOL, yikes, just reading that sent a shiver down my spine. And we thought we’ve seen computers from hell before!
    Nice to have you and the news back Leo.

  12. If Bush’s comments call for a trip for him to the moon next November… I’m all for it!
    This man says, “Dean in ’04”

  13. Why the moon? Why not Mercury and why not let Bush pilot that one. He’d certainly get the warm welcome he deserves.

  14. Good one rf. Sorry to say but this news is like a poor man’s slashdot. I always knew Leo copied his news from there.

  15. You learn to live with the snow. Having lived in Wisconsin for most of my life (22 years, the balance of which I spent in the snow belt area of Erie, PA) I’ve grown up with the snow, learned to drive in it… in the end had a lot of fun with it! Donuts in parking lots, snow days, snowball fights, sledding Dead Man’s Hill in Milwaukee at Mitchell Park… we do get three other seasons, by the way, so in the end it all balances out.

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