Almost Live with Regis and Kelly

A quick update on my appearance on Live. I’ll be taping my segment tomorrow after the show. It should air some time during the week of December 8th. I’ll get you a date as soon as I know.
Also the segments I did for World News Now are not going to air in their normal Tuesday AM time slots. The first aired immediately on Monday. The second will air in the next week or so. They want to get them both in before Christmas.

I had a booking to tape a segment for The John Walsh Show on Wednesday, but that’s been cancelled. I’m going to try to change my flight, but I may be stuck in NYC until Wednesday night. But I’ll definitely be back on Call for Help and The Screen Savers by Thursday.

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  1. The program guide on my TV says that that Leo Laporte will be a guest on Live today (Dec. 2nd).

  2. HaHa…poor Leo just not eneough hours in the day for this guy! Hurry back I miss you on TECH TV

  3. Rats, just when I get the monthly WNN Tuesday AM time slots straight in my head too! Thanks for letting us know, I’d be wondering where you where at 4 AM tomorrow morning, sorry I missed that segment. Darn holidays, ya need a score card to keep the schedules straight! 😀 Break a leg on Live! Looking forward to your return to CFH and TSS, you’ve been missed!

  4. You know, you could take a flight to Flint, then take a connecting flight to SF…
    Nah.. There aren’t enough Tech TV nuts to afford that here. How about waving to the state as you fly over?

  5. >>I had a booking to tape a segment for The John Walsh Show on Wednesday, but that’s been cancelled.
    Heard that the whole show got canned… Rumor was that Sharon Osbourne was on the way out, too.

  6. Wave as you fly over Iowa while you’re at it, too. I KNOW there aren’t enough TechTV fans here to warrant a landing! But, being the birthplace of the first electronic, digital computer and having that place in Ames that makes 3D monitors just might.
    It’s worth consideration at least. Barely, but still worth it.

  7. Hopefully, since it wasn’t quite as live as usual, they didn’t rush you through your product demos.
    John Walsh, eh? He is a man I respect. For all he has been through and his contributions to make a safer society for the rest of us. I’m not sure why your booking was cancelled, but if you need a swift email campaign to inform Mr. Walsh of your value as a guest, let us know.

  8. If I were you I’d get my a$$ back to SF as soon as possible before they neatly fill your host positions on CFF and TSS.

  9. Ditto to Daisy’s comments! Have a safe trip home. It’s cold back there! 😉 (Watching MNF in NJ Brrrrrr….)

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