Friday’s Découpage

I‘m sorry that I never got around to doing news on Friday, since TSS was dark. I hope you can live a day without it.
We did have a wonderful time Thursday night at the Barnes & Noble in Emeryville. About 50 people showed up – which B&N considered a very nice turnout. I confess I’ve been spoiled by the bigger events in other places (800 in St Louis, 500 in Baltimore, etc.). It just goes to show how little known TechTV is in our own hometown.

It was a pleasant change, however, to be able to take time with everyone. Becky talked about her book, Security Alert, and did a short reading from it. I gassed on about the future of computing, and then Becky, Megan, and I took questions from the audience. I hope I can do more signings like this – it’s great fun.

My mom is flying in from Providence on Sunday, so I’ll be taking Thanksgiving week off to be with her (and work on my new book, and finish the Dial-A-Song machine for They Might Be Giants). My birthday is Saturday, and I’m hoping she’ll make my traditional birthday dinner: home-made ravioli. Haven’t had that in ages. Then I’m off to New York for my regular segments on World News Now and Live with Regis and Kelly. Both should air December 2.

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  1. Happy Birthday Leo!!
    My birthday is Wednesday! You are a turkey baby too! ;-p
    We would love to see you in the Asheville area…or in the upstate of South Carolina!! We wish you could come to some of the smaller areas too. People around these areas watch CFH and TSS religiously. You are our only source to tech!!
    Have a great Thanksgiving and a great Birthday!

  2. Leo – Happy birthday to one of the great ones……
    Why not return to Las Vegas. I believe that was your FIRST autograph session when TechTV was ZD-TV…. You and kate were the hits at that CompUSA in Henderson, Nevada.

  3. Happy Birthday, Leo! I hope you have a good day for your birthday. I just turned 28 on the 19th, but I wasn’t too busy to watch TSS that night. 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday Leo! I was at the book signing the other night, and it was sooooo much fun. We’d really love it if you did one again. Enjoy Thanksgiving!

  5. Hey, Leo! : ) When did you visit St. Louis? I’m upset that we missed your appearance.
    Are you going to visit STL again sometime soon?
    Thanks. Keep up the great work and HAPPY (early) BIRTHDAY!
    Caron Arnold
    St. Louis, MO

  6. Happy birthday leo!!
    I remember a few years back when Kate got a singing telegram to wish you happy birthday on call for help.
    She surprised you.
    I think I have the tape somewhere.
    Ill post if I find it.

  7. Happy Birthday Leo from the guy from Wisconsin who sat in on an episode of TSS in August (the day after my birthday) You were almost dead on about the cab fare rate! It was quite a ride to GG Park! I’m lucky to be alive… I picked up a copy of your 2004 almanac and can’t wait till the new year.
    Enjoy the ravioli!!!

  8. Have a wonderful time with your Family this Thanksgiving. Great your Mom came for a visit! Happy Thanksgiving & an especially great Birthday. Hope you have those home-made raviolis. Mmmmm…sounds yummy! (Sounds like it might be a lot of work for Mum though…? 😉

  9. woo! sounds like good eats leo. i love pasta in any form, and actually i’m going out with my family tonight for my birhday for some pasta and matrix revoluions (finally!).
    happy birthday leo.

  10. Leo! Just saw you mention that your mom is an avid knitter on Call for Helpl — I wanted to pass on this URL to you, for her.
    it’s a free online knitting magazine. we’d love to have your mom come by and take a peek! we love handknit socks, too.
    happy birthday, leo!

  11. mmmmm, yum! Thanks to your inspiration, we will be having them for Thanksgiving (in addition to the traditional turkey and stuff). Happy birthday (early)

  12. Happy Birthday Leo, and have a great Thanksgiving. Mom’s cooking is always the best.

  13. Happy Birthday!!!!!!
    Now Find Tropic UT on the map and come here.
    Bring Pat (we have DR.Pepper) and any and all others.
    I will personally introduce you to all the 435 people in town.
    Love you all!

  14. Happy Birthday Leo! I was out of town and without my computer this weekend or I would have written sooner. Personally, I’m dreading my next birthday in February. Let’s just say it involves a 0 and a 3, but not necessarily in that order. Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!

  15. Happy belated b-day. 🙂
    Also, come to NY and do a signing there!! We would LOVE to have you!!!

  16. Just think, 48 years ago you were naked and screaming, and in another 20 you’ll be the same.
    Happy Birthday Leo!
    Your Friend,

  17. A belated Happy Birthday to you, Leo. I hope it was good and the ravioli was yummy. 48? You’re just a youngster!
    Any plans to come to Carson City, Nevada? Ever?

  18. Happy B-day Leo! Why don’t you come down to Sacramento? There are only a couple hundred TechTV Viewers around here I think.

  19. Hey Leo, I think you have the same birthday as Boris Becker, not that you care. So did the president get shot on your birthday?

  20. It doesn’t help local viewers (writing this from Fremont) that Comcast has pulled TechTV from their extended basic lineup (at least in Fremont) to their “Digital Premier” package.

  21. Hey Leo,
    When are you coming down to SoCal for a book signing? I hear Cat and Morgan being in LA from time to time but now book signings.
    You should do a Franklin Covey version of your almanac! It would be great to have a tip on each page.

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