Tuesday’s Tribal Drum

All the news that's fit to rant aboutGood morning news hounds.
The Pilgrim’s landed in Plymouth on this day in 1620. On 11/11 at 11a, World War I ended in 1918. It’s Veteran’s Day.

  1. The ban on Internet taxes is being blocked in the US Senate. The states are claiming a ban will cost them billions in lost taxes and several former governors who are now senators are holding the bill up. Hawaii, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin are all currently taxing ISPs.
  2. Sony’s testing a new music copy protection scheme in Germany. The R&B group Naturally Seven is the guinea pig. Supposedly, the protection lets users make personal copies of the disc, but not share it online.
  3. Al Gore is urging Bush to rescind the Patriot Act, saying the administration has “taken us much farther down the road toward an intrusive, ‘big brother’-style government — toward the dangers prophesied by George Orwell in his book 1984 — than anyone ever thought would be possible in the United States of America.” Right on.
  4. Apple’s G5 ads that claim it to be “the world’s fastest, most powerful personal computer” have been banned in Britain after complaints by eight AMD users. The Independent Television Commission ruled there was insufficient evidence to back up the claims and that “the G5 was generally as fast as the best Intel-based workstations currently available.” Ouch.
  5. Meanwhile Apple has released OS X 10.3.1 – the patch fixes problems with Firewire 800 external drives, and data corruption with FileVault. Software Update will patch your system when you log on.
  6. According to Infoworld, Microsoft is planning to deflect attention from its own security woes by attacking Linux, claiming open source programmers take longer to patch bugs. So which would you rather use if security were paramount?
  7. Open source activist, Bruce Perens, says he’ll launch a new Linux distro based on Debian called UserLinux with the backing of major corporate sponsors. UserLinux will always be free and will be certified by major computer manufacturers.
  8. Microsoft is attempting to invalidate digital signatures from people claiming rebates on the MSFreePC site. Michael Robertson, CEO of Lindows and creator of the site, says he’ll fight the case.
  9. Have you noticed an increase in spam lately? On my server Spam Assassin typically caught from 145-190 spams a day in September. It’s been well over 200 all this month, with a peak of 292 spams in one day on 11/7. The BBC says it’s to be expected. Spam will increase significantly as we approach Christmas.

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  1. Leo; before you go and give HIGH FIVES to former vice president Al Gore, here is the other side of that coin.
    Patriot Act Attacked by Gore Mirrors His Own Plan
    Jeff Johnson, CNSNews.com
    Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2003
    WASHINGTON – Former Vice President Al Gore made headlines with his criticisms on Sunday of the Bush administration’s implementation of the USA PATRIOT Act and the post-9/11 consolidation of federal law enforcement. But a CNSNews.com investigation shows that Gore proposed a very similar program 10 years earlier.

  2. why is it that everything that is not taxed “costs” the goverment money? it’s not their money to begin with! it just means that the government raises less money. that’s like saying every dollar someone else earns is taking money out of my bank account and food out of the mouths of my children because it does not belong to me.
    taxes should be “raised” (collected, not increased) for specific purposes. government should have to come begging to the constiuents for every penny they want. they should not have a huge bankroll at their disposal for whatever they decide to do with it. the greatest problem with the federal bank is that the government is not accountable to the people for how it spends its money (sorry, our money) especially in the event of war. it can go to war when it deams necessary with having to appeal to the citizenry.
    it is very much like a parent-child relationship and THE PEOPLE are the parent, not the other way around. like a child the government has never earned one dime but talks about its money with no regard for the sweat of the parents’ brows. this current government also seems to think that it hands out rights to its citizens. again, we the people retain all the rights we do not give to the government.
    never forget this and teach it to your children.

  3. Leo yes I have seen a huge increase in spam my spam folder (I use popfile) is getting about twice as much spam.

  4. I would rather loose a few rights than destroy ourselves by destroying the environment.

  5. patriot act those asses it needs to go now
    and as for internet taxing, don’t tax..you pricks

  6. Anyone who thinks that the Patriot Act is endangering our rights as American citizens should take some time to read up on what FDR did during WWII. And gee, guess what? After the war was over, we went back to a normal state of affairs with civil rights which were suspended reacquired.
    And I don’t see Arab Americans being forced out of their homes and into concentration camps in the California desert like Japanese Americans were in WWII either.

  7. What is wrong with states taxing ISP’s or Internet Sales? The states have taxed the telecoms forever and few scream. Now that it is Internet access being taxed and more visible to us, we start protesting. Everyone wants services, that costs money and as technology shifts how companies do business, so should the tax structures shift.
    The bigger problem is the lack of sales tax on Internet sales. The Internet business is at a decided advantage over the brick and mortar store by not having to charge sales tax in most instances. The states are losing huge revenue dollars due to the shift in consumer spending. Education and public services are being bled dry. I hate taxes as much as anyone else, but they are a fact of modern life. We need to fairly tax all the forms of commerce, no matter what the delivery technology may be.

  8. first of all i as an american feel much safer knowing that the patriot act is in affect. Al Gore should shut up.

  9. First of all, SING IT KW!!
    I’m no fan of the Patriot Act, but Al Gore is the last one to be criticizing it. I’ve lost more rights because of his “environmental policy” than I have due to the Patriot act. Also, it’s not GW that scares me with the powers given the government though the Patriot Act, it’s how those powers will be used when Hillary is President.

  10. At least we still live in an America where we can have acts of congress and people to hate those same acts! Live on Freedom!

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