Tuesday Twitterings

All the news that's fit to rant aboutGood morning, newshounds.
Eli Whitney patents the cotton gin in 1793. Prohibition began on this day in 1919. Jonas Salk was born in 1914. Happy birthday, Bill Gates – he’s 48.

Congratulations to our neighbors to the north for their historic rock/paper/scissors championship. We’ll get ya next year!

Hugs to our friends in SoCal. Check out the fire pictures moblog at Textamerica. Very dramatic.

I’m off to burn a couple of hundred tons of prehistoric plant material, but before I do… here’s the news.

  1. AMD and Intel’s usual Q4 price cuts are in. The 3.2GHz P4 drops from $653 to $433. Athlon 3200+ drops from $433 to $325. No cuts on the 64-bit chips.

  2. The US Senate is considering a new “privacy” law that undercuts financial privacy protections in California.
  3. Ohio’s Attorney General says AOL’s slow disconnects are illegal. Sues for $400,000. Nokia 7700
  4. Nokia introduces a “TV” phone, the 7700, available Q2 2004 in Europe and Asia.
  5. I’ve been ignoring the SCO vs Linux case for a few weeks because it’s so dumb and pointless. But SCO has taken dumb to a new level by claiming the Gnu Public License (GPL), which is the basis for the entire free software movement, “violates the US constitution.” Hunh?
  6. Microsoft’s Longhorn Development Center is open for business. Forget developing for XP, gang. Invest in Longhorn for mad profits in ’06.

9 Replies to “Tuesday Twitterings”

  1. Interesting that SCO is saying that GPL is unconstitutional at very same time Ballmer is bashing open source. Even if SCo got GPL declared unconstitional they could still be sued by IBM, so they’re not doing this to get out of lawsuit by IBM. It seem’s to me that this is about killing open source.

  2. Duh! SCO and Micro$oft are in this together! SCO is obviously getting some money under the table from this, or they wouldn’t have kept up these rediculous lawsuits. Yuck!

  3. Tsk tsk tsk Leo, you’re starting to believe the crap posted on Slashdot more and more everyday. MS isn’t trying to make developers suddenly up and quit XP development – in fact, current XP development and Longhorn development use the same platform, Microsoft .Net.
    Unbelievable to see the unabashed falsehoods being put forward from the anti-MS sect of the tech community. Linux people tell me Longhorn is buggy. Linux people tell me it looks worse than Windows 95. Linux people tell me .Net is dead. Linux people tell me Longhorn is a rip-off of Mac OSX. Linux people tell me its worse than any other OS at any other time in the history of computers. Linux people tell me Longhorn is years behind KDE. All this and no one’s even used it yet! Nor has anyone seen the new UI shots (leaked screens are NOT of the new Aero UI).
    From one PDC blogger who got a peak at Longhorn,
    “When the beta of Longhorn comes out that has the new UI, all these open source linux people and Java people are going to say to themselves “what the f**k were we thinking?” You will never want to go back to any older versions of Windows. It’s that awesome.”

  4. Open source is a way of thinking. It is a movement. It will live as long as someone is there to move with it.

  5. Nothing lasts forever. Even Microsoft.
    I believe that proprietary applications are ok but that the operating system, like Internet protocols, should be standards based and open. Until that happens, I’ll keep using my Mac.

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