Monday Meanderings

All the news that's fit to rant aboutGood morning! Put down that bagel, Ramadan begins today.
The US Navy was established on this day in 1775. New York’s IRT subway opened in 1904. DuPont names its new synthetic fiber “nylon” in 1938. IBM introduces EGA in 1982.

There officially launches today.

  1. AOL is disabling the Windows Messenger service on customer’s computers without warning. The company says it’s taking this action due to spam and an MSBlast-like worm that uses Messenger. When you launch AOL it changes the settings on your PC, permanently. You can re-enable if you know what you’re doing. I agree this service is worthless for home users and poses a huge problem, that’s why we alerted people to it over a year ago, but should AOL be taking it upon itself to change people’s Windows settings without asking them? Seems a bit intrusive. Microsoft is reported to be considering disabling Messenger in SP-1.

  2. California wins its first anti-spam judgement. $2 million against PW Marketing of LA for sending out spamming how-to guides.
  3. Dell will be back at Comdex for the first time in six years. IBM and Intel will also have a presence. The conference which begins November 16 in Las Vegas will be much smaller than in years past, though. 50,000 are expected to attend, down from 200,000 at its peak, and there will be 500 exhibitors in just one hall at the LVCC.
  4. Dell has alsoannounced its own iPod clone, the Dell DJ. $249 for 15GB (great price!), $329 for 20 GB, it syncs with MusicMatch. No listing on the Dell site, yet.
  5. Two MIT students have created an online music library any student can listen to over the university’s cable TV network for free. The Library Access to Music Project, LAMP, is in effect a 12 channel campus radio station with 3,500 CDs, and is apparently legal. The students say they’ll release the software to any other school that wants it.
  6. 60% of email users say they’ve curtailed their use of the medium in “a big way” due to the flood of spam. However, 7% of e-mail users said they had ordered a product or service that was offered in an unsolicited e-mail, and 33 percent had clicked on a link to get more information. Doh!
  7. Yoshi’s next mod: hack traffic lights so you never see red again.

9 Replies to “Monday Meanderings”

  1. Nothing gives AOL the right to disable anything on a person’s personal computer. I don’t care what the excuse is, it’s unreasonable. A better idea would be to INFORM the user of the problem and maybe tell people how to get rid of it.
    Granted, I’ve been more than annoyed by the Windows Messenger popups in the past, but that is besides the point. What will they think of next? Teaming up with the RIAA and deleting MP3s from your system because they THINK you might not have the original song on a purchased CD?
    Okay. No more fuel to the fire.

  2. I can’t believe AOL would change stuff on your system without asking. I suppose next AOL will disable other IM’s because they might have security holes.
    As far as Yoshi telling us how to hack traffic light’s, I’m not sure it’s a good idea – where I live driver’s have a tendency not to wait on light’s as it is. Have to be carefull crossing the street. Giving them the ability to change the light would make situation more dangerous.
    As far as Dell making an iPod clone, what’s the point it won’t tie into iTunes.
    it’s about time states start sueing spammer’s – at work I have gotten 18 GB of spam in about 2 month’s. If I add in spam other people at pace I work got it would be closer to 900 GB ( 2 month period ). Spam ain’t right.

  3. The Itnrneet lnik for Yoshi tfafrfic lgiht donse’t wrok.
    Paelse mkae it wrok, I’m srue it’s an itneretsnig raed.
    And yes, I wirte scarblmed, cuz you can raed it jsut as qicuk !
    L o L (scarblmed)

  4. It’s called “push” tech, and they can do anything they want, it seems.
    Years ago, Nutscape would periodically “push” their homepage into my computer and make it MY homepage! People didn’t believe me when I said I even SAW it happening! Well, it’s a real deal.
    Learn how to stop the mindless tech bureaucrats from doin’ stuff like that!

  5. You mean Windows XP SP2 in item 1, Windows XP SP1 has been released for many months.

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