Dial-A-Song Diary, Part 3

Got the modem cable. Amazing how times have changed. Radio Shack has Firewire and Ethernet cables all over the place. The serial cables are hidden away. At least they still have them! Now let’s see if any of this works. It’s been so long since I’ve used a modem I’m not sure how to do it!
First stop: the Linux Modem HOW-TO. There’s lots of extraneous stuff in here which I may well need later, but first and foremost, I need to find out how to talk to the modem to see if it’s even working. The answer is Minicom – a ubiquitous terminal program for Linux. It’s already installed. Phew. I can’t see the modem. Rats.

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  1. Minicom! Its been years since I have had to touch that… Come to think about it, last time I encountered that, I was playing with someones modem pool (It sounds dirty)

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