Dial-A-Song, Part 4

Time to troubleshoot. I’ve connected the modem to my Windows machine and fired up Hyperterm – ah memories. Windows can’t talk to the modem either. Maybe it’s the modem? I haven’t used it in years.
vgetty really wants a XyZel modem. Amazon sells them, but I need one now. Looks like a trip to CompUSA is in order.

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  1. To quote one of the great philosophers of to 20th century…”DOH!!!”

  2. The look on the faces of the CompUSA employees and customers in line at the register when Leo comes in to make a purchase.
    — Priceless

  3. Wow leo they still sell these XyZel modems. What really scary is that i remember these things.

  4. Got 10.3 Panther installed. Its fast and cool, Love th enew features like application switching and colored labels finally. Mail works faster also.

  5. I would check the cable before I consider the modem to be the culprit. I remember the “good ol'” days of Procomm for DOS and my ol’ 2400 baud modem… Not all serial cables are the same. Some pass each wire straight through, whereas others cross the send/recieve pins (like a CAT-5 crossover cable). And if there are any 25 -> 9-pin adaptors used (whether in the cable itself or part of an external adapter) a whole new degree of complexity is added.
    Depending on what lights the modem has, you may want to check for MR (Modem Ready) to see if the modem thinks itself is working. And (D)TR [(Data) Terminal Ready] will light if the modem is ready to accept commands and data from the computer.
    Hard to believe I’ve gone from modem cables to cable modems in such a short amount of time. 😉

  6. I’d check the BIOS. See if the the com ports are enabled in device manager on Windows. Possibly cable if no go on two boxes. I have an external USR Courier v.everything sitting right here on my desk, with cable. Haven’t used it in a while since I went WISP broadband. It worked the last time I dialed out. I currently have an Intel 14.4 external hooked up to the TiVo. It’s routinely used to download data from the mothership. You’re welcome to borrow.

  7. Wow… that’s really concerning. I’m pretty sure the San Francisco Bay Area is well wired, but where I live high speed is completely unavailable. Now, before you write me off as just another country hick, let me mention that I live 15 miles away from the largest hi-tech hotbed in Canada, Kanata, and many of my friends who are even closer can’t get hi-speed. It’s ridiculous that as close as 10 miles to the most wired part of one of world’s most wired countries you can’t get cable TV or high-speed internet, and what used to be my tri-band cell phone refused to get signal. I’ve since returned it. It’s a dangerous day for tech when big computer retailers stop selling voice modems altogether and assume users have access to broadband.

  8. Keep up the good work Leo! Us hard core TMBG fans will appreciate your hard work like you’ll never know! Thanks!

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