Friday Fricassee

All the news that's fit to rant aboutGood morning. Re-runs today on Call for Help and The Screen Savers. We’re taking the day off for an all day planning meeting with The Screen Savers staff. If you need me I’ll be asleep in the back.
It’s Leeuwenhoek’s birthday. The Dutch naturalist was the first to observe blood cells. He was born in 1632. Gene Roddenberry passed away on this day in 1991.

The match is patented on this day in 1836. Annie Edson Taylor becomes the first person to go over Niagra Falls in a barrel on this day in 1901. The stock market crash begins in 1929. The UN is established in 1945.

The Concorde took its last flight today. It began service as the only supersonic commercial airplane in January 1976. Only 16 were built. For $9000 you could fly from JFK to Heathrow in 3.5 hours, arriving before you left.

  1. Expect spotty cell phone reception today. The sun spewed a massive CME, coronal mass ejection, at 3a Wednesday. The magnetic storm should reach earth around 3p Eastern today. Delay any planned spacewalks until evening.

  2. Panther, aka Mac OS X 10.3, ships at 8p tonight. Apple claims 150 new features including automatic home directory encryption, fast user switching, Exposé desktop management, a new look Finder that supposedly much faster at finding, built-in faxing and zipping, and more. The new shell is bash not tcsh. Linux lovers will appreciate that. Read David Pogue’s review at the New York Times (free registration required). Panther Server is shipping at the same time.
  3. Amazon is unveiling full text searches of the books it sells. It’s not perfect. I searched for “Patrick Norton Wears a Kilt” and got a link to “The Outlandish Companion” by Diana Gabaldon. On second thought…
  4. Drums are beating over a Google IPO early next year. The company is rumored to be considering an online auction of shares.
  5. Stephen Brill, media watchdog and commentator, is starting a private identity card business. He’s partnering with TransCore, operators of E-ZPass, and ChoicePoint, a provider of background screening services. Brill says a government identity card is “unworkable” and a threat to civil liberties, but would you trust a private company with your personal information?
  6. InfoWorld says Centrino sales are lagging. Centrino based laptops represented only 5% of notebook sales in August. Centrino is a Pentium-M, Intel 855 chipset, and Intel Wi-Fi. InfoWorld speculates that the lower clockspeeds of the Pentium-M scared people off.
  7. One of the world’s five fastest supercomputers is built of 1100 Macintosh dual G5s. The $5 million machine delivered 8.1 teraflops in early tests but has a theoretical peak of 16.8 TFlops but cost much less than the competition.
  8. The eight 2002 National Medal of Science winners have been named.
  9. The right wing credo that global warming is “bad science” took a blow today when NASA reported that satellite data shows the Arctic temperature has been rising 800% more rapidly over the past two decades than previously thought. The ice caps are, in fact, melting.
  10. It’s not tech news, but I couldn’t help notice that the actor playing Jesus in Mel Gibson’s new movie, The Passion of Christ, has been struck by lightning. Twice.

15 Replies to “Friday Fricassee”

  1. “RIGHT WING CREDO?” Does that mean that the two thousand scientsts who are of the mind that Global Warming is a fad science are, in fact, card carrying members of the vast, right wing conspiracy?
    Granted, the icecaps melting is cause for concern and we should study it to see if it is a part of natural causes or because of man’s impact, but PLEASE.
    Your constant interjection of politics is ruining the LeoVille experience, bud. Seriously.

  2. What I REALLLLY want to know, is why no proponent of current global warming theories can explain them in light of the global warming that took place thousands of years ago, causing the glaciers to melt and recede from areas near my home in southern Illinois, i.e., 2 hours south of Saint Louis, MO????

  3. I must admit I was surprised to read in that Centrino article that consumers prefer bulky notebooks since they rarely take their notebooks out of their homes or unplug them from the wall. Wow, that was eye opening, mobility and battery life were just the features I was looking for when I bought my notebook a few months ago! I love my 15″, 3 1/2 lb, Gateway Centrino and honestly the performance has more than lived up to may expectations.
    Now I have to go put on my anti magnetic suit to prepare for this afternoon! Oh and Leo…. WAKE UP!!! 🙂

  4. Leo, I’m a huge fan, but I agree with Matt. Injecting politics into Leoville (and the Screen Savers for that matter) really makes it a much less pleasureable experience. You’re a tech guru, not a politician, PLEASE keep the two seperate.
    BTW, the top 4 “Greehouse gases” are:
    1. Water Vapor (Required for the water cycle)
    2. Mathane Gas (the famous cow-fart problem)
    3. Sulfur Dioxide (comes from volcanic activity)
    4. Carbon Dioxide (want to reduce it? stop breathing!)
    I’m not convinced of Global Warming, but even if I gave it to you, you can’t convince me it’s not a natural occurance. Remember 30 years ago when the cry was global cooling?
    I really am a fan, as I said. It’s just a lot easier to stay a fan when politics aren’t involved (Pat seems to do pretty good)

  5. Leo is free to say whatever he wants. I’m just stating that it makes it a lot less pleasurable experience when it involves politics. It may be his personal site, but it is tied/themed towards his 2 shows. I fell in love with ZDTV and then TechTV and TSS because I enjoyed the Tech/computer theme, not because I wanted to know the personalities’ views on political issues. I think Leo is a really cool guy, very helpful and entertaining when it comes to tech, with a great sense of humor; but when you start talking about religion and politics, people start feeling alienated. I’m only mentioning this because I’m hoping Leo reads it, takes it to heart, and ends up NOT losing fans in the end.

  6. “Expect spotty cell phone reception today.”
    should i expect it to be worse than any other day? (and does sprint have their very own “coronal mass ejection” machine that they aim right at me?)
    “Panther, aka Mac OS X 10.3…”
    my pop the mac user calls me enough right before class with questions on safari, which i’ve never used, without them throwin’ in a new operating system… can somebody just buy me a mac so that i can do better tech support? XD
    “Patrick Norton Wears a Kilt”
    my extremely butch friend has decided to get herself a utility kilt in honor of patrick… i intend to get many many photographs of it if she ever decides to wear the thing. i don’t think i, or anyone else, has ever seen her knees before… (maybe i’ll buy one of them utility miniskirts from victoria’s secret to honor the occassion if anybody can con her into it…)
    “Centrino sales are lagging…”
    i’ve got centrino… it turned out to be kinda useless when i found out i had no ‘net access for my laptop wireless or otherwise… on the other hand, it’s a great fix for a massive computer addiction when you can’t get online with one! *claps for the rather pleasant lack of wrist issues lately!*

  7. RE: “Patrick Norton Wears A Kilt”. So, on second thought… Leo, are you reconsidering the efficiency of the new Amazon text search, or are you simply now interested in those books? Heh. I figured as much.

  8. My 2¢ re: “Global Warming”… Well, I look at it this way. Considering that ice ages typically cycle through about every 40K years or so, and the last ice age peaked about 15K years ago, then I figure we haven’t yet come completely out of it. CFCs or no CFCs, I reckon things will get warmer before they get colder. What do you suppose scientists and politicians will be duking over in, say, 12853AD?

  9. Leo i am very shocked that you would put Al Frankens book on this site. He is known for “his lies” not others…

  10. It’s sad that some believe Leo shouldn’t express any opinion he wants on his personal web site. Politics, technology and science (as a matter of public policy) collide at times. No doubt these individuals wouldn’t be complaining if Leo suddenly shifted to a neo-conservative stance. Free speech is for _everyone_, folks.

  11. I’ve said this here before but I’m still stunned each and every time someone complains about Leo expressing his personal opinion on his own personal site. Do you tell your friends and family to stop expressing their own opinions when they disagree with yours and turn your backs on them if they don’t? Such a sad commentary on today’s society when an individual gets slammed every time they have the nerve to express their own point of view. Like EarthRider said, free speech is for everyone.

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