Crap Code

Kyle Bennett over at HardOCP dropped me a line about Kill Bill. When he saw the flick he noticed numerous reddish spots on the print. Apparently it’s an old anti-piracy trick invented by Kodak which is being used in ways Kodak never intended. Read Kyle’s article on HardOCP, and in case you doubt his word, see what Roger Ebert says about it in last Sunday’s Chicago Sun-Times.
This isn’t the first time we’ve seen anti-piracy techniques that degrade the honest user’s experience, but this sounds like a particularly nasty example. I’ve never noticed these dots. Have you? Are they in every print of Kill Bill, or just some? What other movies have noticeable cap codes?

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  1. yeah, that’s funny, I noticed them throughout the print, but I saw a preview a week or so before it came out (In Nashville, TN). I was wondering what they were, they were a bit distracting, I just assumed they were flaws in the print.

  2. I noticed them in quite a few bright flashed thru-out Underworld. I searched the net for me reports of this the day after underworld came out. The only movie I have seen since then was Rundown and it didn’t have those.

  3. I noticed the flashes a few times during underworld also. But I noticed them on Kill Bill in excess, I’m all for anti piracy techniques but not at the cost of enjoyment of the film. Of course there is also the money factor, movies are getting very expensive to go and see and it’s just not worth it to go if all that happens is frustration.

  4. The link for the HardOCP article doesn’t work. I had to search around thru the [H] site for 5 minutes before I found the entry in the news archives.

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