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All the news that's fit to rant aboutHappy Columbus Day. Now go back to Europe where you belong. It’s Thanksgiving Day in Canada. Telecom World 2003 opens this week in Geneva.
The first aerial photo was taken from a balloon on this day in 1860. The ultrasonic burglar alarm is patented in 1953.

And in technology news today…

  1. IBM goes on trial tomorrow for unsafe working conditions in early clean rooms.

  2. Maxtor announces a new technology, perpendicular recording, that doubles the data capacity of hard drive media. Are you ready for terabyte drives?
  3. Sharp debuts 3D laptop display that doesn’t require funky glasses.
  4. A weekend poll at InternetWeek shows that nearly two-thirds of respondents are dissatisfied with Widows *. 41% say they’re thinking of switching.
  5. Good news, guys. Samba 3 proves 2.5 times faster than Windows 2003 Server in independent tests.
  6. Matrix Revolutions will debut first in IMAX, November 5. Will it be any better if it’s bigger? Doesn’t matter. We’ll be there.
  7. Mission: SPACE, EPCOT’s new $100 million space ride, developed in partnership with HP, is so realistic that it’s making riders nauseous. Bring back the inflatable seats!
  8. Monkey brains can control robot arms. Woo hoo. This makes me want to join PETA.

*Errr. Make that Windows — LL

26 Replies to “Moanday News”

  1. W-I-N-D-O-W-S, Leo. I don’t think people would be dissatisfied with women who lose their husbands.
    Heh Heh. Don’tcha just hate typos?!

  2. Typo or not, Leo, the article doesn’t say anything about people being unhappy about Windows. It says they’re unhappy with Microsoft products. Now, granted, that could include Windows. But it’s not about switching operating systems to something like, oh, I don’t know, Mac OS X — the ideal solution. Wishful thinking on your part, I’m guessing, Leo.

  3. Well, let’s think about this for a moment. Windows is THE Microsoft product that nearly everyone deals with. So I’m willing to go out on a limb here and extrapolate that people include windows when saying they are dissatisfied with Microsoft Products and are considering switching.

  4. I can’t understand why people would get so tired of widows. Besides, who could they switch to?
    Nice blog, Leo. Typepad rocks.

  5. way to make fun of a blind person during tonight’s live call. You’re SO cool leo… (sarcasm)

  6. Leo,
    I am very tired of your snide left-wing comments about the new governor. If I want left-wing wacko comments I’d be watching CNN or some other liberal “news” media. Please stick to tech stories and leave politics to the those other shows.
    The Governor

  7. Cnn rocks and happy columbus day! I love the blog. I have been using greymatter but I am in the process of switiching to b2 or mt. Have a nice day 🙂

  8. About the creepy monkey brain – joystick – robo-arm connection (with human applications):
    “Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electrically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain.” Dr. Jose Delgado
    (who accomplished this in a variety of animal subjects 40 years ago)
    PETA Member

  9. What is the difference between Laport making jokes about your new Governor than Letterman or Leno? All of you Californians know the Northern Coast has always been very liberal, but the South and West carries the state anyway. You have been bashing Gray for years, but you don’t expect the left to do the same? California’s biggest problem is the same as my state, and my home for that matter. Too many wants and too little revenue. The only difference is I don’t have to do a public opinion poll before I cut my personal budget. I’m not defending Leo, he’s a big boy, and will admit he can put his foot in his mouth sometimes. It’s just not healthy to be so sensitive and defensive. Time will tell who’s right. He has bought in Carly, so you’re bound to save a lot of money because you’ll only have 500 state employees in a years time.

  10. “Arnold”, welcome to the free world. If you don’t like free speach, please cover your ears.

  11. Spider, if that’s your real name, anyway,
    The point is not that Leo has the right to say whatever he wants — he does. Rather that people tune into TechTV to get away from the politcal bulls**t that pervades TV news. People tune to TechTV NOT for Leo’s insight into California politics but to learn about cool technology.
    If Leo wants to alienate and piss off his viewers that is his right. I really don’t think he wants to do that but seems he cannot help but make dumb comments that are better left for the water cooler.
    While there are many left-wing zealots who cannot stand that a Republican is now Governor there is plenty of space on TV and the web for that discussion. Let’s leave TechTV about technology!
    End of story…
    Free Minds and Free Markets…
    The Governor

  12. Well I would be satisfied with a rich widow with Microsoft affiliations. I would love to be a kept man regardless of the operating system. 😉

  13. yes i must agree, i loved leo before he started making comments on politics. i know you have a right to say whatever you want leo, but we just like you for your tech wonderful knowledge, so stick to that!

  14. More americans trust CNN than any other source. 🙂 Haven’t you heard that, yet?

  15. The first caller mentioned that he was “completly blind”. Leo brilliantly responds with “OH?! so you can’t see this?! right?!”…not cool at all. Pat looked like he was sorta disgusted, but the audience, they just seemed to lap it up. NOT COOL!

  16. watch screen savers every day almost! have 3 questions please….
    what happened to chris?
    where/how does one start a blog and WHY?
    what is the best dvd copy software for full copies of movies and games????
    thanks for a set of great shows and YOU!
    rik from new Joisey

  17. Leo, You must reconsider your squeamishness over the monkey brain controlling the computer device…. you have evidently written this in haste and have not fully contemplated the full outcome of this nascent technology… please reconsider…. just think…. what if they combined this new gizmo with a TiVo!!!???!!! No more remote controls to loose, no more AA batteries!!!

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