Help-A-Thon II

We’ve set the time and date for the second annual Call For Help-A-Thon. We’ll be doing it the day after Christmas, December 26 from 11a-11p Eastern (8a-8p Pacific).
Last year Chris Pirillo went 18 hours, but there’s no way these old bones could do that. Twelve hours will do fine, thank you. Cat, Sarah, and Kevin will be helping out. There will be lots of surprises, too. I know Alex Lindsay has agreed to do a Photoshop hour with me. More will follow, I’ll fill you in as we book the show up.

So set aside some time December 26 to join us for the Help-A-Thon. It’s going to be even more fun than last time.

25 Replies to “Help-A-Thon II”

  1. Mabye there should be a contest for viewers to come in and take over for an hour or two. Make sure it runs 18 hours. I’d do it. But I’d need the free ticket/free hotel/free food deal of a contest.

  2. Hey Leo, this sounds great! Is there anyway that I could come down and watch for part of or all of the whole thing? That would be great!

  3. I’m watching again this year. Maybe you should have the Wired World Challenge every hour. That will be 11 prizes possibly given away by the end of the night.

  4. Will you be giving away autographed copies of the 2004 Almanac? I’d tune in for that!

  5. Great news, last year I couldn’t watch all of it. 🙁 This year I will watch every last minute (except for commercials). I have never missed any TSS or CFH show in the last 2 years. I’m wondering though, will you re-air some of the final hours, like Chris did last year? I liked that 🙂

  6. Leo, that’s great! But here’s an idea… Chris Pirillo as a guest. Come on! Do it for the fans!

  7. Leo,
    If you need some help hosting the show, drop me an email. I have TV experience 🙂 (I’m a BREC major here @ Marquette and have done some work for the campus tv station… video will be up soon!)

  8. It should be really fun, but I don’t think I could watch 12 hours of the same program. Maybe if there was a break in between I could watch the whole thing. Besides, there’ll be new toys and stuff to play with, who’ll have time for T.V.?

  9. i wonder what would happen if they made chris pirillo go for a full 14hours(he’d snap like a twig)
    anyway, great news can chris pirillo be a guest there. i havent seen him since the april fools special(his last eposode). have fun.(please put in some linux stuff)

  10. I’ll watch, however I wish it was 18 hours like last year, that was awsome. But its better than nothing!

  11. Hey Leo, if you do not want to do more than 12 hrs. Why not have other people either fill in, or finish the hours you don’t want too. Like Yoshi could do a few hrs. on mods, of course Patrick could do some, Kevin could do a few hrs. on hacks. Morgan & Adam could do a few on games. Just a thought.

  12. i’m amending my post earlier i ment to say a full 24 hours but i accidentily typed 14.

  13. Leo, you’re not that old! You can do it! (I’m actually just hoping to see you break like Chris did ^.^) You can do the 18, Leo. *summons a ten gallon coffee maker*

  14. I’m sure if they did a wired world challange every hour they still wouldn’t get that tivo off the board

  15. Pirillo lost it around the 11th hour i think which was quite hillarious, I wonder if Leo will succumb to pressure??? 🙂

  16. i also hope you have Chris Pirillo for a quest amagin leo and chris call for help athon theres no question that cant be anwered

  17. Twelve hours???? Lightweight…. Dr. Rich and Dr. Glenn, The Love Doctors ( do a radio marathon to raise toys for kids here in South Florida every year, and they do a straight 24 hours. ( Dr. Rich has to be at least a hundred years older than you. Cmon, Leo. Pull an all nighter. Do it for the kids!!!!

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