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All the news that's fit to rant aboutGood morning. It’s day two of California held hostage. OK Arnold, where’s my Hummer?
Yale University was chartered on this day in 1701. The first two-way telephone conversation occurred in 1878. The first consumer use of home banking by computer occurred in 1980 in Knoxville, Tennessee.

John Lennon was born on this day in 1940. Imagine.

  1. SANS and Homeland Security have released their annual Top 20 Security Vulnerabilities list, for the first time tagging Outlook and P2P software as threats. The SANS recommendations include instructions on how to uninstall Outlook saying its “embedded automation features are at odds with the built-in security controls” which are “often disregarded by end users” anyway.

  2. The US House of Representatives is taking the recommendations to heart. They voted yesterday to reduce security risks from P2P software on government computers. That should do the trick.
  3. Eolas isn’t waiting for Microsoft to redesign Internet Explorer. The company asked a judge yesterday to block further shipments of IE until Microsoft pays up. Web designers had better hurry up and fix their pages if they want them to work with IE, and that doesn’t just mean ActiveX controls as I mistakenly reported Tuesday – it means Flash, Quicktime, Java and other embedded content. Apple has a great support page for web developers with Javascript code that will work for most content.
  4. Intuit apologizes to customers in ads today, saying it won’t use copy protection in future versions of TurboTax.
  5. has delisted Spam Remedy v2.3 Pro due to suspicions that the program is actually spam in disguise. The Register reports that not only do the publishers use spam to promote the product, but that it may even be designed to act as a spam proxy on systems where it is installed.
  6. The Napster 2.0 beta launches today as a paid service from Roxio using a model very similar to Apple’s iTunes Music Store. Songs are 99¢ per track, $9.95 per album, with a whopping 500,000 songs available, all in WMA format. The service rolls out to the public October 29.
  7. Meanwhile there’s bad news for fans of unencumbered legal MP3 downloads. eMusic has been acquired and is dropping its all you can eat service.
  8. On a brighter note, Berkeley based record label Magnatune uses file swapping as its business model. It’s essentially shareware music and the artists get 50% of the gross. Their motto: “We are not evil.”
  9. An anonymous paper [PDF] published on an Australian web site says the techniques the RIAA may be using to snag file sharers could easily trap the wrong people. The paper cited issues with Gnutella, but the principle extends to all P2P networks: you can’t trust what P2P applications tell you about users.
  10. Federal law enforcement officers have arrested a disgruntled Phillies fan for hacking into computers to spam two Philadelphia sports reporters. He faces 471 years in prison and $117 million in fines for messages like “Corrupt Philly Media Keeps Phils in Cellar.” Or it could have been their 37-44 road record.

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  1. It’s not Arnold thats the problem its you americans who watch him in movies and on TV and you think just because he is a movie star and has lots of money you think he is going to make a good govenor. Its time for you people to get your heads out of the TV.

  2. Leo’s in a bad mood. Can anyone tell? He’s going to be political for awhile, we all might as well just get used to him being a sore loserman.

  3. You know, after rethinking this a bit, one thing stands out. We sure do have freedom of speech and press, and also the freedom to be tactless about how we say and print things! Right on, Leo! Way to express your freedoms!
    Oops.. I did it too.

  4. What is the deal with this, Leo? Whatever happened to rallying behind the flag?
    Kindest Regards.

  5. You’re not being held hostage if your fellow Californians voted. California is not being held hostage, because it was clearly California’s will to put Arnold in office.

  6. Doesn’t it seem like you guys may be making a little TOO much out of all of this? If you are so offended by his comments, then just go somewhere else.

  7. I respect Leo for opening up. He defends his viewpoints intelligently and courageously. There are some who attack Leo for his opinions by calling him childish and immature. There’re others who attempt to lure him on ‘their’ home turf of debate. It won’t work. You know, there’s a saying, “If you don’t like my country, get out.” The same goes for blogs.

  8. Gee… the people at TechTV just as liberal as CNN… I should have guessed it, I just didn’t want to think it. 🙁
    Well, it does make me a little happy to see big liberals like Leo get pissed off because their liberal state now has a Republican governor. lol

  9. The last time I checked we still had freedom of speech in this country though granted there are enough people in high places working to diminish that freedom we should all be afraid, very afraid. Until the time when something radically changes we all have the right to voice our opinions on controversial subjects. Having been in the public eye as long as he has and being an intelligent individual I’m sure Leo knows voicing his opinions publicly like this is going to catch flack. The fact that he still has the guts to do it under these circumstances says a lot about a man who is committed to his principles.

  10. You guys aren’t old enough to remember? When Clinton was ELECTED, that was the way a certain once-rotund, now deaf radio personality greeted the news. In the old days, and certainly for Reagan and Bush I, there used to be 100 days of “honeymoon” with a new president, but, well, you guys started it. Quick, bugler, play “no quarter.”

  11. Leo says
    Good morning. It’s day two of California held hostage. OK Arnold, where’s my Hummer?
    Today I laughed especially when I remembered that Leo took the hostage thing from Rush who every
    day would announce how many days Clinton has been in office. Cute turn around!

  12. yep – all leo talks about is news and stuff, nothing personal, we can get the same things he posts here from Slashdot, so I am not coming anymore.

  13. Good for you, Leo. Flack away, anyone who takes this all so seriously they are personally offended by one [smart, deep thinking] individual. I hear stuff all the time I dont agree with. I dont raize them for it. I just turn and walk away. Freedom means many things, like freedom to remove Leo’s blog from your daily rituals as well as staying and giving him hell about what he says. It also means I have the freedom to tell you what I think about you.
    Given a choice, I would rather not hear from you, I am here to hear from Leo.

  14. Finally I have something to talk about. I don’t care about anyone persons veiws. Let each person do what they want and say what they want it is a free country. I don’t really know why you don’t want Arnold in office but that is what you seem to want. I personally do not live in Cali but I think I would have voted for Arnold. He can’t do anything worse then your previous gov. so why not. Why the hell would someone who makes lots of money want to take a lower paying not totally fun job? Well he must think he can do something for you people right? Sorry thats just my two cents. Go on.

  15. Well maybe I’ll start the countdown til NPR loses its government funding. How can a “news” source receive government funds? It’s nothing more than extemist propaganda. This will be corrected next year.
    If you want a good impartial news source, try the
    Arnold? Yea I can see how all of these people are more comfortable with someone who can’t pronouce California as their gardner. As long as it’s not the governor. I think Davis basically said the same.
    People with money want the government to give it away, as long as they can keep theirs. 😉

  16. Leo this could be the end of a lot of websites!!!
    From Eolas’s website: ( )
    The Web Application Platform
    Distributed hypermedia method for automatically invoking external application providing interaction and display of embedded objects within a hypermedia document
    U.S. Patent 5,838,906, Filed in October, 1994, Issued November 17, 1998
    Inventors: Michael D. Doyle, David C. Martin and Cheong Ang
    First demonstrated publicly in 1993, this invention lifted the glass for the first time from the hypermedia browser, enabling Web browsers for the first time to act as platforms for fully-interactive embedded applications. The patent covers Web browsers that support such currently popular technologies as ActiveX components, Java applets, and Navigator plug-ins. Eolas’ advanced browser technology makes possible rich interactive online experiences for over 500 million Web users, worldwide.

  17. [rant]
    Brent said, “Whatever happened to rallying behind the flag?”
    I’ll be so glad when the Conservatives get off their “patriotic” horses and stop shoving the flag down the rest of the citizens’ throats. Patriotism also means speaking out about things that are wrong and trying to do something about them. If people never did that we would still be a part of England.
    The people who can’t stop waving the flag and singing God Bless America for every stupid thing that happens to this country are the *real* problem!

  18. What everyone criticizing Leo about his Arnold comments needs to keep in mind is that this is his *personal* blog.
    Do I agree with his opinion? Absolutely not! I too was a little miffed when I read the entries.
    However, I appreciate his professionalism in keeping his input on this matter (which he is apparently passionate about) here instead of using his position as a respected person in his field and one with ample access to media to climb onto a soapbox or inject snide comments into unrelated discussions. There are many others in the media who do not hold themselves to the standards that I see Leo subjecting himself to, and for that I thank him.
    My $0.02, take it or leave it 🙂
    -Jason from Tucson

  19. Joseph said:
    “Patriotism also means speaking out about things that are wrong and trying to do something about them”
    Indeed it does. Doing something about them involves more than childish whining, which is a vast majority of what I see here. Doing something about them involves voting your convictions, running for office, making moves for change, but NOT “slamming” or such behavior becasue that only makes for more dissent. A true patriot is one who works WITHIN the system, rather than complaining about it.
    C:>insert /humor
    How many Americans does it take to change a light bulb?
    (Only one, but then a few hundred million complain that it’s not an incandescent).

  20. Well, to all of the Clinton bashers, damn, I was busy as hell in my busness, had a check book with a nice balance. Also didn’t have to worry about terror when he was in office. Now I have almost no business, because noone has any money to spend. Also my checkbook is almost empty, and if I had any money to travel, it scares me too much to go. Now if Clinton was so bad, what do we call how the country is doing now? The way Bush is going right now, he will push the nuke button before he leaves office, so he can go down in history as doing somthing, other than giving the rich people back what little tax money they payed in, and running the less rich into poverity. Good luck Calefornia, you need all the help you can get!

  21. how do you mean java quicktime and flash will need to be fixed they all work in alternative browsers as embedded content?

  22. I’m so glad you didn’t cave into those, “terribly offended”, by your previous Arnold comment. Some people are watching way to much Fox news, and are beginning to believe the crap. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but he’ll control 15% of a budget that needs trimming by 25% and with both state houses controlled by Democrats? Davis is the lucky one, he can go home and write a book.

  23. Leo, give the guy a chance or are you just going to sulk and whine because Arnold was elected. The man hasn’t even served a day in office, yet, here you are bitching that California is ‘held hostage.’
    The voters decided a change was needed, and they spoke. Do they always pick the best person? Hell, no! (two terms of Clinton proves that!) But, at least give the guy a chance and start you’re whining when it’s needed, not before he’s done anything.
    He can’t be any worse than Gray Davis!

  24. I agree with Leo on this one. The only reason Arnold is our Governor now has to do with his celebrity status. Millions of people turned out to vote for him, many who have never voted before or had stopped long ago. That in itself is not bad, but a little experience would go a long way to make people comfortable that he is capable of doing the job. Perhaps in a recall they should only let people vote if they bothered to vote in the original election. I guarantee you the results would have been different.

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