7 Replies to “Dork Farewell”

  1. Megan sounds happy in her new life and has become a wonderful mother. I’m glad she’s going to maintain her blog and keep active with her new jobs. Keep her busy, Leo.

  2. Muskrat is right. He has been howling for almost a week, non-stop. Megan knows her fans have missed her from the first day she went on maternity leave. With her leaving the network, she’s missed deeper than before. I have already spoken of what a positive asset she was to TechTV, and to the viewers.
    I was hoping Megan would have taken a long overdue opportunity to wave goodbye on her last day. Kevin was hosting and you were probably meeting and greeting fans of your own. The parting, from all accounts, was amicable and expected to those of us reading her blog. With all that has transpired with certain TechTV personnel, I’m happy it went smoothly for such a nice person.
    Here’s an idea. It would be great if Megan would agree to be a guest on one of your two shows. The segment could be centered on Macs, Microsoft, monkeys, or whatever.
    I’ve been meaning to ask this question for weeks. Is there an address where someone can send (postpaid) his Leo Laporte’s 2004 Technology Almanac, to be autographed by the two insightful people who are responsible for such a powerhouse of information? Thanks.

  3. 🙁 what’s this trend lately?
    …everyone from the network is leaving…Sumi, Brett, Megan!! who’s next? Adam? Michaela?…dare I say…Leo?
    *goes to cry in corner*

  4. You can send the book to Leo c/o Techtv, 650 Townsend St., San Francisco. Be sure to include a prepaid envelope and a note requesting the lovely, very missed and talented Mrs. Morrone’s sig as well as Leo’s.

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