Chat With Me Tonight

I‘ll be chatting tonight on Peachpit’s World Without Borders site. You’ll need an account (it’s free and very easy to sign up) and the chat is Java based so you might want to try it now before the chat begins.
Login at I’ll be online from 6-7p Pacific/9-10p Eastern tonight.

See you there! (I’ll have the cam up at

5 Replies to “Chat With Me Tonight”

  1. HAHA!!!! Right after I read this post I got a spam E-Mail from Spam
    Remedy. LOL Gotta laugh at that one!!!

  2. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Leo! I hope you can do more chats in the future.

  3. Great chat tonight, Leo! Thanks! I was SDMerlin. You said you would email me regarding Bert Monroy’s schedule, I hope you see this so you can get my email! I will email you also, to make sure. “Merlin”

  4. Oh man, I haven’t been here in so long look what I missed. I wish I could’ve been here yesterday; totally agree with you, Leo, on that certain topic.

  5. I too enjoyed the chat tonight on the WWB. It was the first time I saw a chat board that wasn’t really overrun with participants stepping on one another. There was the odd one tripping over something but the moderator didn’t have to scream or yell at anyone. I have often “lurked” chats, but felt compelled by the comfort level of the moment.
    from Whistler

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