Patrick and I are having a blast, as usual, meeting fans at the Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta. We stayed four hours signing autographs with Michaela Pereira. I’m told we met 273 people. We usually get to more but we took our time today. We’ll have to work a little faster tomorrow; we both have planes to catch so we’ll be leaving at 3p sharp. Come early – they’ll probably cut off the line by 2pm.
I needed a little escapism after watching the Giants season end so suddenly this afternoon. Fortunately, Patrick and I had picked up copies of Neal Stephenson’s newest book, Quicksilver, at the airport bookstore. We were both big fans of Snow Crash and Stephenson’s last, Cryptonomicon, and couldn’t wait to get our hands on this one.

It’s very good, but very different from Neal’s previous works. It’s definitely not sci-fi. So far it takes place in the time span between 1655 and 1713 and deals with the birth of modern science. We meet Ben Franklin and Isaac Newton as children and see the earliest days of the “Massachusetts Bay Colony Institute of Technologickal Arts,” already home to investigations of computing machinery and far in advance of its neighbor, Harvard College, whose dons are still stuck in the scholasticism of the Dark Ages. We also meet the author of the original Cryptonomicon. But that’s only in the first hundred or so pages. I’ve still got 800 pages to go, and it’s just the first book in the three-volume “Baroque Cycle,” so who knows where we’ll end up. So far it’s a great read, though, and best of all… there wasn’t any baseball in the 18th century.

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  1. Sorry about the Giants but I’m so happy that my Red Sox won their game. Go Red Sox. By the way, I love CFH and TSS!

  2. Mr.Laporte why don’t i see your 2004 Almanac listed on Amazon ? I thought you said the book is out. Where else can i get the book if it’s not on Amazon?

  3. Better than the varsity? Blastphemous words you’re speaking there!
    It may look nasty, but it’s delicious!

  4. You guys are a real class act. Staying past 3pm that first day just to hang out with us geeks made me want to watch TechTV even more.
    I also have to give it to my wife and kids that stuck it out with me in the 3hour line. They really must love me and my inner geek.
    Thanks for coming to Atlanta.
    P.S. I promise that the potato cannon I built will only be used for good.

  5. It was so great meeting you and Patrick and Michaela, Leo. Thank you guys so much for one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. Now if I can just figure out how to get out to San Fran… 🙂
    And Rush, you just don’t know gourmet eating when you taste it, do you? 😀

  6. I saw Leo and Pat today in Atlanta. Yea!!! And I took FULL advantage of my few minutes with them. I hugged both their necks and even got kisses on each cheek. I was definitely having hot flashes being so close to Pat. 🙂 Anyways…I have several photos I will post online soon. However, I am crying because the one pic I really wanted, of my BIG kisses, didn’t get taken. The digital camera flaked out at that moment. But it’s a memory I’ll hold in my heart forever!!! Leo and Pat were fantastic, taking a minute or two to talk with every fan that approached them. Amazing. And Michaela is absolutely beautiful in person and they MADE MY DAY!!!! Check Leoville later for photos.

  7. hey leo,
    thanks so much for coming to atlanta!!!! I was in line for 2 hours but it was sooooooooo worth it!!!!!!!!!
    Perl Rocks!!!!!!

  8. Glad you finally got to meet them, Spiffy!
    Look forward to your and Wheelman’s pics!

  9. I used to be a daily poster in Leoville, but due to some outrageous life events over the last few months I’ve been “out of town” so to speak, and my account is no longer active. It says I’ve moved out. Anyways… I’ve asked to be allowed to move back into Leoville, so as soon as I can login again I will definitely post some great pics of Leo, Pat and Michaela. I think I could sit and talk with them for hours and there never be a dull moment! LEO – I LOVE YOU GUYS!

  10. Great meeting all of you guys. Leo, thanks for asking my friend to let me hack her TiVo. The phone message made her day! Hope y’all get back to Atlanta soon.

  11. Varsity, is overrated. The food on several occasions has made me ill. Even AJC has given them one star out of five.

  12. Let me add my thanks to your visit here. Really enjoyed my brief time with both you and Pat. Wish I could have remembered my thousand things I wanted to ask you both about.

  13. I will see if I can borrow this book from the library. I am really looking for a good author and trying to expand my book genres to a wide variety of colours! Thanks for the post Leo (by the way, love the show, I watch whenever I can).

  14. I was totally there; awesome job today Leo! I wish I hadn’t been so star-struck to ask you my questions I wanted to, but I really was just like, “Uhhhh” 😛
    Maybe next time 🙂

  15. I am so freakin’ sick of hearing about The Varsity. There onion rings are so overrated. I’ve had better. Lots better.
    And everything else that they serve is horrible. I bet they use horse meat for their chilli. Probably for the hamburgers too.
    And the help there is soooooooo rude. Keep screaming at you “WHAT WILL YOU HAVE?!?!?!?”
    I hate it there.

  16. Hey Leo, sorry to see the Giants season end but luckily you got to meet me! 😉 It was a pleasure meeting you and Pat.
    Thanks for taking your time yesterday and giving us all a bit to speak with you guys.
    Visit Atlanta again sometime!

  17. Thanks Leo for your friendliness and your time> you, Patrick and Michaela are great! Sorry for your Giants lost, but hey the Braves lost (again) so that should make you feel happy. Hope you made a safe trip back and look forward to seeing you on the air Monday or Tuesday.
    Eddie Hines
    Stone Mountain, GA

  18. I just goes to show ya how real TV people can be. It was great to have you all (oops) ya’ll in Atlanta. Still rooting for the A’s?

  19. Leo,
    Just wanted to say it was a real treat to meet you, Patrick and Michaela on Sunday!!
    You guys had me so star struck, I almost forgot to get my picture taken. 🙂

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