Getaway Day News

All the news that's fit to rant aboutSure I’m getting on a plane in an hour. But I wouldn’t leave you without a news summary!
The Screen Savers is dark today since Patrick and I are on the road. Kevin Rose will fill-in for me on Call for Help for the very first time. Help him out with some good questions, today at 3p Eastern.

  • An LA woman who was the victim of identity theft has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft for Windows’ security flaws. She claims that the disclaimers in Microsoft’s licence agreements constitute an unfair business practice under California law, because consumers have little choice but to use Microsoft software. You go girl! Microsoft says the lawsuit misses the point. The attacks aren’t their fault. It’s the evil-doers!

  • Speaking of evil-doers, Valve acknowledges that the Half-Life 2 source code was indeed stolen. Managing Director Gabe Newell says his email was hacked, and keystroke loggers were installed at Valve HQ. And Valve and Steam have been DoS attacked for the past year. Newell asks anyone with information about the hack to email Hey it’s one thing to hack a 50 year old mother of two, but stay away from our games, dude.
  • Better start stocking up on tuna fish. New Federal sentencing guidelines will significantly increase jail time for hackers starting next month. Mitnick says it won’t make a difference. “I really can’t see people researching what the penalties are before they do something.”
  • Fairfax county, VA, has started putting the names of vehicle tax cheats online. You can even turn in your neighbors online.
  • Did you see that? New Scientist has reported the closest approach by an asteroid ever recorded. An asteroid the size of a small house whizzed by on September 27, just 88,000 kilometers away.
  • Traffic reporters say the economy must be getting better because Silicon Valley traffic is getting worse. That reminds me, I’ve got a flight to catch. I’m in NYC Monday so there probably won’t be a news summary, but I’ll be back on Tuesday. See you then.