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  1. Very good interview Leo! For anyone who downloads or streams this, the first 5-8 minutes might seem to drag a bit. Stay with it because Wendy and Leo get on a roll (less Wendy – more Leo) from there until the interview ends. BTW, in the recap Wendy misspells the URL for the mayor’s website as Leovill.com Luckily leovill.com doesn’t re-direct to any porn sites or other embarrassing content.

  2. Great interview Leo, gave a great insight into yourself, and I very much enjoyed it. You really inspire me Leo and if I can ever get over the butterfly / self doubt side of things I might get in contact of a local radio / television station and throw my hat into the ring.

  3. I agree with you Leo. You have been too goofy lately. I long for the day Norton wrestles you to the ground on live television and gives you a monster wedgie after your goofiness has derailed a segment that actually involves technology. Save the goofiness for the fluff segments that most of the loyal 5 year fans of Techtv despise. I want to be informed not entertained. You seem to also be hung up on being young and hip on the air. I cringe when you go into your Yo-Yo slang schtick. Let the 40 ounce brown bagging, gang sign flashing cast members connect to the teenagers in the audience. We need you to balance things out. I am no fan of this new TSS Unscrewed Variety Hour. I am just barely hanging in there because of you. CFH is a better show these days than TSS.

  4. Excellent Interview Leo! Wendy asked some good questions.
    I highly recommend everybody listen ALL the way through the interview, I think you will get to know Leo a bit better. 😉
    We would like to see more of the Real Leo on TV!!!! We can’t go a day without CFH & TSS almost since it started way back when.

  5. Thanks to Wendy Wallace for making the stream and files available. Indeed, they were good questions. I enjoyed the interview.
    It was nice to hear a prolonged background on one of my favorite people. I agree with you. People want a real, down-to-earth person on their technology help shows, not a pretty android reciting a script, verbatim. The fact that the shows are recorded live gives the programs more credibility and appeal to the viewer, in addition. I’ve always said the greatest attribute about TechTV is the relationship of viewer to host(s). There is a connection and sense that the viewer is inviting the host into their home. I’m glad you feel the same way, even if the entertainment portion of the shows starts overpowering the informational aspect. It is a network, after all, and one person isn’t necessarily in a position to be in charge or write the rule book. There are feedback forms and email addresses at techtv.com, for those who want to chew on someone.
    Why don’t you believe them (99)? Let me guess that you might become complacent and lose the energy to drive forward. You would relinquish a “stay hungry” mentality. It’s a common belief in people who are constantly striving for success. They are the high-achievers of the world. It’s clearly evident in someone like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Resting on their laurels isn’t in their plans. My complimentary analysis comes with a margin of error of plus or minus 100 percentage points. Keep up the good work.

  6. Really great interview. Its funny that you have a real sense of the self-deprication Chris Pirillo overexaggerated. Entertainer? YES. Educator? YES. Respected and looked up to? ABSOLUTELY! The dream of doing what you love and helping people at the same time is my own dream. Thank you, Leo, for being a living model of what that looks like.

  7. I enjoyed the interview Leo… how does one get the opportunity to interview you? I’ve always wanted to ask you to do it but didn’t think you accepted those sort of requests, then I see this one. I think I could have interviewed you better than Wendy… she did good but I could have asked even better questions. She seems like kind of a passive TechTV fan, which amounts to a little more general questions. It was good though…
    The part about you getting goofier is correct though… the Leo who sometimes posts in the debate forum is the Leo thats the coolest.

  8. I would love to listen to your interview, Leo, but the “dialup, streaming” audio files are unfriendly to dialup users. Does Wendy know that a 48 kbps / 16 kHz mp3 stereo file (aside from the weird codec settings) won’t stream on real world connections, or that the file size makes it an hour and a quarter download? Phil Spector was right…mano a mono for voice AND music! Hrrumph!!!

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